Muselmaniacs threaten ANZAC DAY Parades


The blessings of mass immigration from the Middle East will be evident on Anzac Day.

Were you warned this would be Australia after the multiculturalists had worked their magic?:

Police yesterday inspected again the various barriers to be used following the latest Paris terror attack — in which a policeman was shot dead and two others wounded — and force command is confident they would protect the public during vehicle-born attacks.

Police have also declared the footy blockbuster between Essendon and Collingwood at the MCG a “high-risk match” and each gate at the ground will have police and resources boosted to deal with expected crowds of more than 80,000.

In one of the biggest police Anzac Day police operations, counter-terrorism, uniformed, undercover, heavily armed officers and special operations cops will flood the city where 60,000 people are expected.

Sydney’s Anzac Day march on alert for ‘lone wolf’ terrorist attack


  • Terror experts have warned the danger of ‘lone wolf’ attack is high on Anzac Day
  • Thousands of people are expected to line streets of Sydney for dawn service
  • Police are on high alert after terrorists used trucks in horrific attacks in Europe 

Terror experts have warned the danger of a ‘lone wolf’ extremist driving a truck into Anzac Day crowds is high – as ISIS urges its fanatics to launch an attack similar to the one on London’s Westminster Bridge recently.

Police are taking extra precautions as thousands are expected to line the streets of Sydney, from Martin Place to Hyde Park, at dawn on April 25 to commemorate Australia’s fallen soldiers.

As well as extra officers on duty, there will be several road closures in places as well as bollards in use to ensure there is limited access for vehicles to access the CBD.

Although authorities say there has been no specific threat about an attack on Anzac Day, ISIS has been urging followers to carry on ‘lone wolf’ attacks on commuters, queuing pensioners, children playing in the park and even market vendors.

Terror experts have warned the chance of a 'lone wolf' driving a truck into Anzac Day crowds (Sydney service in 2016 pictured) is likely

The terror group’s ‘Rumiyah’ magazine used the chilling examples as it urged its followers around the world to target non-believers in a 38-page booklet published in different languages.

And after the horrific atrocities in Nice, Berlin, London and more – where exremists ploughed vehicles through helpless crowds of pedestrians – the threat of terror has never been higher, experts say, and police are taking no chances.

‘In the last year or so, as that tactic has been used, we’re more responsive to it – so we do look at vehicle mitigation strategies – that’s really a fancy word for trying to block vehicle access to places of mass gatherings,’ NSW Police’s Anzac Day operational commander, Superintendent Mark Walton, told the Daily Telegraph.

‘Obviously the Anzac march route, the Cenotaph gathering, the Anzac memorial gathering fit that profile.

Police are taking extra precautions to avoid an attack of the same nature in Sydney

Europe endured three separate attacks last year where 'lone wolves' ploughed vehicles through crowds (pictured is aftermath at Christmas market in Berlin, on December 19)

Police have remained tight-lipped on what specific measures will be put in place to prevent such an attack, but say they are well prepared and on high-alert.

Operation Callaway – a high-visibility policing strategy involving officers from a range of specialist units including riot squad and PolAir – will be in full force come Tuesday.

But Deakin University terrorism expert Dr Greg Barton told the Daily Telegraph there was little that could be done to prepare for a spontaneous attack.

‘Of course, come 2017, we’re now more than ever worried about lone wolf attacks – and that means some guy might wake up in the morning and literally decide he’s going to drive his car into the crowd,’ Dr Barton told the newspaper.

Police have remained tight-lipped on what specific measures will be put in place to prevent such an attack happening (pictured is devastation after truck hit crowd in Nice, France)

Terror experts claim there is only so much police could do to prepare for a spontaneous lone wolf attack (memorial to victims of Berlin terror attack pictured)

On the eve of Anzac Day last year, police thwarted a 16-year-old boy’s plans to commit a terror attack on a remembrance service in Sydney the next day.

The teen used an encrypted message app to attempt to obtain a gun and when that failed, a bomb manual.

He pleaded guilty to planning a terrorist attack last month and is awaiting sentencing.

The country’s terrorism threat level remains at ‘probable’.

Veterans travelling to Gallipoli for Anzac Day have also been warned that terrorists may target the commemorations this year.

The Australian federal government updated travel advice to Turkey after receiving information of a ‘high threat of a terrorist attack’ targeting the event on April 25.

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  1. Visitors to Anzac Cove this Anzac Day will be undertaking an authentic experience of commemoration won’t they, feeling something of what the men on the day in 1915 would have felt within.

  2. Wonderful. This is what millions of people gave their lives for? To hand over our countries to people worse than we fought in both world wars? And still our pollies tell us that it’s not Islam. Tell that to the peoples subjugated, oppressed and the families of those murdered. The average person has been sold a con job by those who should know better. It’s time to be alert AND alarmed.

  3. So we build barriers and toughen our security at events. Surely better to protect the country’s borders.

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