Adolph Erdogan tells EU to open up or ELSE….

New shock threat – and Brussels hits back

TURKISH president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has told Brussels to open up or it would end its 50-year attempt to join the European Union.

He said the European Union must open new chapters in Turkey’s accession process, otherwise Ankara had nothing to discuss with the bloc and would say “goodbye”.His comments came after European Commissioner Johannes Hahn, who oversees EU membership bids, said Turkey under Erdogan had turned its back on joining the bloc.


Turkey PM Erdogan tells EU to open up or ELSE in new shock threat

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“From now on there is no option other than opening the chapters you have not yet opened. If you do not open [them], goodbye,” Erdogan said at a ceremony to mark his return to the ruling AK Party.However EU ministers were left unimpressed by Erdogan’s posturing. In view of the Turkish president’s increasingly autocratic tendencies and violations of the rule of law, Brussels said it saw no prospect of EU membership for Turkey.Turkey’s correspondent to the EU Parliament, Kati Piri was left furious by Erdogan’s ultimatum. She called on the EU countries to be harsher towards Turkey.She said: “If Turkey were really interested in joining, Ankara would have had to show that. The opening of new negotiating chapters with Turkey is absolutely not up for debate.”The EU can not be blackmailed by any country on the issue of membership, not even by Turkey. Anyone wishing to join the EU must meet the criteria. I do not see that at all in Turkey. Therefore the negotiations should be terminated.”Meeting the Russian President today, Erdogan also told Vladimir Putin that he wanted Russian trade restrictions on Turkey lifted rapidly.


Erdogan also said he would tell Mr Putin that he wanted Russian trade restrictions on Turkey lifted

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