Caving in and covering up….

Changing the language to cover up the disaster of Muslim immigration:

Translating NSWPol NewSpeak

Since NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller is unable to use clear language, allow us to provide, as a community service, a translation of terms Commissioner Fuller used when describing the new ‘Fixated Persons Unit’.

“Fixated Person” = Orthodox Muslim
“Concerning behaviour” = Studying the example of Mohamed
“Mental illness” = Willingness to follow the example of Mohamed
“Lone wolf extremist” = Muslim acting on instructions of Mohamed

For more information why we are concerned about Islam, visit the QSA website:…/up-to-50-wouldbe-extremists-assesse…

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Up to 50 would-be extremists assessed by new police ‘fixated persons’ unit
Up to 50 Australians with mental illness or concerning behaviour are being assessed for a new police unit targeting would-be lone wolf extremists before…


Just following the footsteps of ‘The Prophet’

Mohammed famously married Aisha when she was six.
Last year a 14-year-old Melbourne girl was forced to marry a man more than double her age in a ceremony at a Noble Park mosque.…/01c84b898173902056e8d86f84a52…

Child bride cases ‘tip of the iceberg’
REPORTED cases of schoolgirls being forced into marriage are just the tip of the iceberg, experts say.

5 thoughts on “Caving in and covering up….”

  1. The mental deficiencies are shared by the authorities who do everything except confront the real issues. Drag it all out in the open, let the open sewer that is Islam be exposed for what it is. At least the man in the street will be under no illusions as to what confronts him in Lakemba and Broadmeadows. But that would be an affront to Muslims, so we continue to shield them from scrutiny and excuse the violence that is the hallmark of their religious ideology. History will have one judgement to make on the Western world: “How could they be so stupid?”

  2. I note the two “teens” who killed the Pakistani service station attendant in Queanbeyan and smeared the letters Isis with his blood have now threatened to rape and kill the prison wardens and their families.
    I think there is more to this story than we are being told. Does anyone have more information?
    Was the Pakistani an apostate?

    1. It sounds, to me, like he was an apostate from Islam. The Islamic mafia was out to get him for leaving the crime organization. There is only one way out of the Islamic ideology…like the Mafia…death.

  3. Changing the language to cover up the disaster of Muslim immigration:” [sic] … Yeah really sick !!!

    How to get rid of the islams (“allah’s” vermin) in Australia …. First

    “incarcerate” islam appeasers …
    Wherever and Whoever
    A Must Do !!! … Then

    Purge the islams … Globally !!!
    Burn the Qur’an … Globally !!!
    Pulverise the Mosques … Globally !!!
    … Finally
    Purge the non-islam criminal African Tribals (some are aka Sudanese)
    (Return Australia … to be islam appeaser, islam and Criminal African tribal FREE)

    1. There are only two uses for the Qur’an!
      Lighting fires.
      Wiping ones backside.

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