Guess What? Reforming Jihad Is Against Islamic Law

Diana West

Former DHS official Phil Haney explains the core conflict between “reform” and jihad: According to Islamic law, it’s illegal to turn away jihad.

Turning away from jihad is “apostasy,” a capital crime according to Islamic law. The very concept of “rehabilitation,” then, according to Islam, is a form of Islamic “blasphemy.”

To understand this starkly simple concept is to understand that jihad rehab, rooted in the belief there is something wrong with Islam (jihad), is in itself blasphemous to Muslim believers, and is an act of apostasy to accept.

In Islam, apostasy = death.

What is so hard to understand about that?

Absolutely nothing. Most people, it turns out after lo, these many years, don’t want to understand it.  It’s more than frightening to them — but not the jihad, not the totalitarian Islamic system, of course. Violence, peril, repression — those are matters of inconvenience until the security state gets them right. What’s more than frightening to masses of people living in the Western world is just how simple the solution to Islam is. Stop Islamic immigration. Stop permitting Islamic nations to buy into and build institutions in our countries. Stop fighting Islamic civil wars in the perpetually warring Islamic world.

Such reasonable and even economical solutions entail a truly radical change in the fanatical worldview inculcated by Marxists and Fabians, since the latter days of the 19th century: We will destroy the world because We are the World The forbidden thought that Islam is not of our civlization, that Islam is different in an existentially threatening way, is just too much for these people, schooled in a rancid hatred for what they are, or for those they live among, to a point where Islamic barbarism and Marxist vindictivism become the perfect channels for their false utopian creeds. Puffed up with their own self-righteousness, they would rather die in neo-serflike bondage than live as free peoples.

As death cults, they deserve each other.

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  1. [Quran 10:3] Your Lord is God, who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then settled over the Throne, governing all things. There is no intercessor except after His permission. Such is God, your Lord—so serve Him. Will you not reflect?

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