“We remain stuck in the John Lennon response to terrorism. They blow us up, we sing Imagine”

Paul Weston: Islamic Terror in Manchester

“Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd may pretend that Britain is unbowed, but the depth of their denial and their blatant lies are driven only by their fear of Islam. The only reason they claim Islam is a religion of peace is because they fear Islam. The only reason Muslim gang rapes were covered up for decades is because our traitor class fears Islam. The only reason that violent and supremacist screeds within the Koran and the Hadiths are never placed under public scrutiny is because our traitor class fears Islam.”

CNN’s insufferable Christiane Ammanpour relies on Maajid Nawaz from the very dodgy Quillam Foundation, hoping for more gibberish about “lone wolves”:

Quilliam’s Founder – Maajid Nawaz discusses the heartbreaking Manchester terrorist attack, the illusion of the ‘Lone Wolf’ categorisation, and what are the next steps.

Quilliam is the world’s first counter-extremism organisation set up to address the unique challenges of citizenship, identity, and belonging in a globalised world.


British journalist, author, and political commentator Douglas Murray has spoken out against what he calls the “John Lennon response to terrorism.”

“They bomb us, we sing ‘Imagine,’” he said during a monologue on the British political program ‘Daily Politics.’

“Our politicians still refuse to accurately identify the sources of the problem, and polite society remains silent or dumb,” says Murray.

“We need to think far more deeply about this. Eastern Europe doesn’t have an Islamic terrorism problem because it doesn’t have much Islam.”

“Are we ever going to draw any lessons from this?” he continued. “Apparently not. For the time being the game is to be as inoffensive as possible.”

4 thoughts on ““We remain stuck in the John Lennon response to terrorism. They blow us up, we sing Imagine””

  1. According to a Breitbart article:
    “Many feel this ballad is a touching hymn that gives voice to man’s yearning for a better world. They are wrong. “Imagine” is a cloying, boggy, sonic swamp of numb-skulled sentiments that sound like they were recycled from a bong-fueled, 2 a.m. bull session between a couple of pampered, credulous UC Berkeley lit majors. It’s the national anthem of the hopey/changey crowd — all at once pretentious, smug, tiresome and intellectually bankrupt”.

    “The first lines are: “Imagine there’s no heaven/it’s easy if you try.”
    No, it isn’t, because if there’s no heaven then there’s no hell, and we know that there’s a hell because when this song is playing we’re in it”.

    Totally agree!

    1. It’s called wishful thinking, a common result of excessive drug use and way too much money. I detest “Imagine”. Nice enough tune, but “imagining” does nothing to change reality. Brietbart nails it!

  2. I think that the UK’s response to Islam’s violence goes deeper than fear. They are helplessly enmeshed in Islam, especially beholden to Saudi Arabia. They won’t do anything to offend Muslims because they will offend Saudi Arabia in the process. Of course this is insanity as the final result will be the Muslim republic of Britain. Yet Ms May continues the farce that violent Islam is somehow unrelated to Islam itself. By the time the truth comes out, it will be too late. It most likely is too late now. Still, the UK will enjoy a little more prosperity for a few more years until it slowly sinks into oblivion.

  3. Ye men of England: this is your last chance! Off yer arse, on yer feed, to the polling place June 8 with a pen tuned for Britain First.

    You must settle on one party; one opposition to Islam party and vote for its slate in every riding. You must turn the Tories, LibTards & Socialists out of Parliament. Leave no Muslim or Dhimmi sitting!!!

    Vote as if yer future depends on it, ‘cuz it does.

    Your government must be purged of those unwilling and unable to purge the nation of enemy combatants. All Muslims must be sent home. No exceptions.

    You must send a message: a clear message. A loud message. “Will you live and let live, in peace, without threat or attack, or will you go, entirely and immediately, to Hell and meet Allah. Your choice; choose wisely, your choice is final.

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