Hizbutniks threaten war with Oz

There are those who shriek we should ban this group, because they are honest and outspoken. This would be foolish. We should regard the Hizbbuts as a blessing, because they are straightforward about Islamic intentions & stick to their belief as per Qur’an, sira & hadith.

‘A clash is inevitable’: Australian leader of Islamist extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir says there will be a WAR with Islam – and compares the West to a prisoner who won’t reform
  • Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Wassim Doureihi says there will be a clash with Islam
  • He wants Muslims to demand ‘wholesale change’ for global Sharia law caliphate
  • The extremist told a Sydney conference Western civilisation was like a prisoner 

An Islamist extremist group the Australian government is refusing to ban has declared there will be a war between Islam and the West.

Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Wassim Doureihi, who wants a global Islamic caliphate based on Sharia law, has urged Muslims to take up arms against Western civilisation.

Quran 9:29

Fight those who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day and who do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth [fight] until they give the jizyah with willing submission while feeling subdued.

‘The change that Muslims must demand and humanity so desperately seeks is nothing less than wholesale, systemic change,’ he said.

Leader of Islamist extremist group says ‘a clash is inevitable’

Wassim Doureihi has previously repeatedly refused to condemn ISIS in an ABC-TV interview

The extremist, who who previously repeatedly refused to condemn ISIS in a TV interview, likened the West to a criminal who needed to  be confronted.

Not submitting to Islam makes us “criminals”.

‘The West will not evolve like a reformed prisoner seeking to remedy its past,’ he said.

‘Its existence is dependent upon the perpetuation of its crimes and the privileges it has long inherited, which is why we must confront another truth that a clash is inevitable between the existing world order and its proposed alternative.’

His comments, made at a recent Hizb ut-Tahrir conference in Sydney, were posted this week on the Facebook page of fellow leader Uthman Badar, who in March confirmed he supported the death penalty for ex-Muslims and jihadist activity.

Hizb ut-Tahrir's Wassim Doureihi says there will be a clash with Islam against the world order

Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman confirms support for killing ex-Muslims

Both Hizb ut-Tahrir leaders addressed the forum at Campsie, in the city’s west, asking if Australia could be setting up concentration camps for Muslims.

This is pure projection. Those familiar with Mohammedan doctrine are will aware of what awaits us if we allow this cancer to grow.

Mr Doureihi is the same man who in 2014 repeatedly refused to condemn Islamic State despite being asked more than a dozen times to do so by ABC Lateline presenter Emma Alberici.

In May, Attorney-General George Brandis announced the Australian government would not be banning Hizb ut-Tahrir even though it is illegal in Germany and The Netherlands and a range of Muslim-majority nations including Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and even Saudi Arabia.

Attorney-General George Brandis is refusing to ban Islamist extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir 

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3 thoughts on “Hizbutniks threaten war with Oz”

  1. There are those who shriek we should ban this group, because they are honest and outspoken.” [sic]

    Now here is the perfect concept …
    Incarcerate islam appeasers (muhammad’s aka “allah’s” dopey slaves) … Globally !!!
    Then …
    Purge islams (muhammad’s aka “allah’s” vermin) … Globally !!!
    Purge islam (“muhammad’s aka allah’s” accursed plague) … Globally !!!
    Burn every Qur’an (muhammad’s aka “allah’s” crime manual) … Globally !!!
    Pulverise every mosque (muhammad’s aka “allah’s” crime schools) … Globally !!!
    Purge the non-islam criminal African Tribals (some are aka Sudanese) … here there and everywhere in Australia !!!
    (Return Australia … to be islam appeaser, islam and Criminal African tribals FREE)

  2. There is a war with Islam already. Islam is winning. It does not need to kill and maim, although the inherent blood lust in the Koran inspires some to do so. We are losing because we deal only with the consequences, not the causes. Islam will win eventually because it is allowed to by passive governments, who prefer to accommodate and adapt instead of resist. That worked so well against Hitler’s Germany, did it not?

  3. In addition, in some ways it would be better if Muslims rose up and attacked us. The real Muslim agenda would be exposed and our leaders would be forced to defend us. We have a decent enough military. Of course the real solution is to rid ourselves of those whose ideology is the antithesis of our way of life.

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