Sydney: with bollards against Islamic terror

That’s what Islam does to our country. But you won’t find words like Muslims, Islam, jihad  or terror in this article from the Sydney Moonbat Herald. We’re already in an advanced state of dhimmitude.

The installation of concrete barriers in Martin Place comes after a series of fatal attacks where cars drove onto footpaths and hit pedestrians around the world.


Concrete barriers have been installed in part of Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD, in the first part of a plan to install barricades along the length of the pedestrian mall.

Workers began placing the long, narrow concrete blocks between Phillip Street and Elizabeth Street on Friday, a length of Martin Place which is next to the Lindt Cafe.

Some steel bollards already exist in the area, however they are limited to part of the pedestrian walkway where it dips to meet the road.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for the City of Sydney said the temporary barriers were “to block vehicle access in response to security concerns”, however there had not been a specific threat made.

“As part of our ongoing work to review and strengthen security in public spaces, the city is currently installing concrete barricades in Martin Place, between Phillip and Elizabeth streets,” the spokeswoman said.

“This is not in response to any specific threat. Barricades or bollards will be rolled out to other stages in Martin Place over the coming weeks after further consultation with NSW Police and emergency services.

“The city is continuing to work with NSW Police on reviewing public places of mass gathering, on City of Sydney land, to determine if additional bollards or barricades are required.”


Concrete bollards have been installed in Martin Place, near the Lindt Cafe. Photo: Janie Barrett

When asked why the first stage of the roll-out focused near the Lindt Cafe, the spokeswoman said: “Security measures have been reviewed at Martin Place as it is a significant crowded place in the city.”

The council is considering “more permanent” measures to replace the barricades, including steel bollards, “garden beds or other landscaping features”.

Concrete bollards have been installed in Sydney's Martin Place in response to security concerns.Concrete bollards have been installed in Sydney’s Martin Place in response to security concerns. Photo: Janie Barrett


The installation comes after a series of fatal attacks around the world where cars and trucks were driven onto footpaths, killing pedestrians.

A recent series of incidents began in the French city of Nice in 2016, where a truck was driven down the Promenade des Anglais during Bastille Day celebrations, killing 86 people.

London has had three incidents this year – on Westminster Bridge, where four were killed and dozens injured; on London Bridge, where eight were killed including two Australian women; and at Finsbury Park, where a van was driven into a crowd of people near a mosque.

In January, a car was driven down Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall and hit dozens of people, leaving six dead, including children.

Temporary concrete blocks have also been installed in Melbourne’s Federation Square and Bourke Street Mall, in a similar effort to boost security.

A NSW Police spokesman reinforced that no specific threats had been made to Martin Place.

“The New South Wales police force works with a variety of government bodies, owners and operators providing advice on security measures,” he said.

“A significant amount of work has been undertaken around vehicle mitigation strategies, including studies of world’s best practice which have been shared with all the relevant partners.

“Ultimately, the advice from police involves balancing the management of risk against the need for the public to enjoy access to public spaces.”

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  1. Sydney: with bollards against Islamic terror” [sic]

    Well Well Well …
    Lookie here …
    Australia’s criminal and treasonous authorities vainly trying to make it look like they are doing something about the vile putrid malevolent deceitful vicious islam plague THEY have inflicted upon Australians !!!

    Treating the symptoms …(islam criminal behaviour) !
    Treating NOT the cause … (the mere presence ofislam) !
    Thus … Placing non-islam Australians at deaths door !

    Get rid of our islam-appeasing “authorities” !
    Get rid of their islam-appeasing “bureaucrats” !
    Get rid of those islam-appeasing suicidal self-hating “leftoids” !
    Burn every qur’an !
    Pulverise every mosque!

    Then there is absolutely NO CAUSE for bollards … anywhere !

    Just a thought …
    Why install bollards against a criminal group they constantly tell us is peaceful !
    Yet everyone can plainly see that it is islam and its islams that is the problem !

    Bollards ….
    Kind of negates the islam is a religion of peace crap being spewed at non-islam Australians !

    Why not just clear the Australia of islam and its islams !!!

    Apparently our islam-appeasing authorities masters’ command is … NO !!!

    So the first step in clearing islam from Australia …
    is clear the islam-appeasing authorities and their masters !!!

    1. Islam is peaceful – cars, nails, scimitars, machetes and other things are hate-filled and act autonomously. Inferior peoples have been casting themselves onto said things for 1400 years in order to show Muslims how upset they (the kuffirs) are to understand and abhor the fact that they are inferior.

  2. A new term for the Macquarie Dictionary: Bollarded. The concretin price we pay for tolerating Islam.

    1. … and dullards are those who obstinately refuse to acknowledge the evil that is Islam.

  3. This is what Sydney has become; a war zone.
    Pity our fathers and grandfathers who sacrificed so that Australia would be free.
    I’m lucky I was briefed early in life on Arab and Muslim barbarity by people who experienced it first hand.

  4. More islam (muhammad’s aka “allah’s” aka “the god’s” … vile putrid malevolent deceitful vicious vermin)
    inventers of everything !
    (Every islam [past/present/future] is extremely guilty of idolatry towards muhammad !)

    islam … it is claimed by islams and islamophiles (islam slaves) … is a peaceful religion.
    (Now that IS a joke … isn’t it Joyce !)
    Tell that to the “wrong type” of islam and the image in your mirror !

    allahu akbar” than a dung beetle’s rolled ball !
    The only difference is the dung beetle’s rolled ball … smells less !!!!!

    islams war-cry is mistranslated in the Western media as “God is great.”
    The actual meaning is “allah is greater,” (falsely) meaning “allah” Is Greater Than Your God or Your Government.

    Clear and clean the earth of islam and its plague-infested vermin islams …
    Deus Vult

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