Injured Aussie: “…he looked like a f***ing Muslim terrorist…”

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Apologist Waleed Aly after the Islamic State slaughtered 130 people in Paris: “ISIL is weak.”

In three months the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for three terrorist attacks in Britain: the murder of four people outside Parliament, the murder of 22 people in Manchester and now the murder of seven people around London Bridge. Please explain?

Andrew Morrison
Andrew Morrison

Dreadfully, Australian Andrew Morrison now knows much more about Islamic terrorism after a Muslim terrorist attempted to murder him in London.

Having survived a vicious knife wound to his neck, Morrison described his life-threatening ordeal:

With a bloody bandage wrapped around his neck he held a towel up to stop the bleeding as he explained how he tried to dodge the terrorist wielding a knife.

“He got me but I dodged it, I ducked and weaved,” Mr Morrison said in the video which was posted online.

“He looked like, I hate it because, you know, I know the thing with Muslims and terrorism, but he looked like a f***ing Muslim terrorist,” Mr Morrison said.

Thanks to London police, Morrison’s attempted killer is now a former Muslim terrorist.


Andrew Morrison was stabbed in the throat by one of the London terrorists.

His response is symbolic of our wider refusal to stop saying the bloody obvious:

He looked like, I hate because, you know, I know the thing with Muslims and terrorism, but he looked like a f***ing Muslim terrorist.


The death toll has risen to seven. This really is a battle between good and evil:

A Canadian woman who was among the seven people killed has been identified by her family as Christine Archibald…

Christine Archibald had worked in a homeless shelter before moving to Europe to be with her fiance and her family has asked those who want to honour her to volunteer their time or donate to a homeless shelter and to tell them “Chrissy sent you”.

The list of injured is worse than first reported:

Of the 48 people treated in hospital for injuries 36 remain in hospital, with 21 in a critical condition.

Police have so fare arrested 12 people.

One of the dead terrorists
One of the dead terrorists

THE latest terrorist attacks in London show Britain has imported the start of a civil war.

Few police and journalists have wanted to admit this truth for fears of seeming racist. We have the same denialists ourselves.

But how can it be denied now? In March, a British-born Islamist killed five people with his car and his knife outside the British parliament.

Two weeks ago, the Islamist son of Libyan refugees murdered 22 people, many of them teenage girls, at a pop concert in Manchester.

Now at least three men have run down and stabbed people on and near London Bridge. One woman had her throat cut, and a witness reported one of the attackers, described as looking Mediterranean, shouted: “This is for Allah.”

Six people were murdered.

To say this looks like the start of a civil war will be denounced by apologists as hyperbole.

But does anyone seriously think the Islamist attacks will finally stop with yesterday’s murders?

The UK government last month admitted Britain now had an estimated 23,000 jihadists on its streets — about the size of the army reserve.

Then there are the supporters, active or passive.

A face-to-face survey of British Muslims for the BBC last year found 4 per cent openly backed suicide attacks and other acts of Islamist political violence — which amounts to 100,000 Muslims in Britain today.

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  1. Here’s a thought, Mr Morrison: Maybe he looked like a fxxxing Muslim terrorist because … well … well … well because he actually was a fxxxing Musim terrorist.

  2. Waleed Aly …
    an islam …
    a Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful Vermin of “allah’s” !!!

    Isn’t it time this subversive vermin was “annihilated” !
    Isn’t it time this islam was “annihilated” !
    Isn’t it tine this islam’s employers (10) were “incarcerated” !
    Isn’t it tine the stockholders (of 10) were “incarcerated” !

    Public records hold the details of ALL the islam appeasers who require “incarceration” …
    there is NO excuse for TREASON !!!

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