Possible Hizbutt Ban; Imam Convicted For Arranged Child-Marriage

Hizb ut-Tahrir could be listed as a terrorist organisation after it claimed Muslims weren’t to blame for Melbourne’s ISIS attack

Hizb ut-Tahrir could soon be known as a terrorist group

Why single out the Hizbut’s? That would be unfair. All of Islam is a terrorist group; the Hizbut’s are just upfront about it. Its almost as if the Turncoat gov’t wants to suppress the truth.

Extremist Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir could soon be listed as a terrorist organisation under a law reform following its comments Muslims weren’t to blame for Melbourne’s deadly siege.
In other news:
Ibrahim Omerdic has been convicted for marrying a child bride to a much older man under laws prohibiting forced marriage in Melbourne, Australia.

The 14-year-old was married to an unnamed man more than twenty years her senior in exchange for a $1,480 dowry at the Bosnian Islamic Society and Noble Park Mosque, the Herald Sun reports.

video of the ceremony shows the cleric instructing the girl that, “as a wife, you have a duty to obey your husband”. The groom, meanwhile, is advised of his obligation to provide the minor with a “sexual education”.

Omerdic seems to appreciate the substantial age difference between the groom and his bride, beginning the undercover proceedings by observing that the bride is “very young”.

Omerdic claimed the ceremony was not a real wedding and he only carried it out so the couple could be seen in public together, and that he had therefore done nothing wrong.

However, police discovered a Certificate of Islamic Marriage during their investigation. Magistrate Phillip Goldberg said he it was clear that Omerdic had taken steps to conceal the illegal wedding from the authorities, and he was “satisfied the prosecution has proved all elements of the charge”.

The girl’s “husband” has also pleaded guilty to forcing the girl to marry him, as part of a plea deal which saw two other charges, including one for sexual assault, dropped.

The Victorian Board of Imams disowned Omerdic in a brief statement: “As Australian Muslims we are required to observe and respect the laws of Australia.”

The Islamic Council of Victoria said that “marriage at a younger age is permitted in other countries and cultures”, but conceded that “this is not a justification for marriage below the legal age or child marriages here in Australia”.


“That is the most reprehensible aspect of the Hizb ut-Tahrir response to the recent atrocities — the sheer coldness and callousness of disregarding the victims and deeming the culprits invisible in a bid to portray all Muslims as the true victims and the Western world as the aggressors.”  – Chris Kenny

As more non-Muslims are beginning to understand, Muslims are obliged to follow the Sunnah (example) of Muhammad, as this example is regarded as quite literally, “perfect” and relevant in all places and for all time.  The Sunnah of Muhammad is derived from the Hadith (stories that record the traditions of Muhammad) and the Sira (biography of Muhammad’s life).

There is a section in the Sira  (as translated from the original Arabic by Professor A. Guillaume) called “Expedition of Abdulla B Jahsh and the coming down of ‘They will ask you about the sacred month'”.

This part of the Sira demonstrates that, by portraying all Muslims as the true victims and the Western world as the aggressors, Hizb ut-Tahrir is following the example of Muhammad:

In a nutshell, a raiding party sent out by Muhammad attacked a caravan of the Quraysh on the final day of the sacred month.  This was a month during which all tribes had agreed there would be no fighting.

Many Quraysh were killed and two prisoners who were brought back to Muhammad accused him of attacking during the sacred month – something all Arabs, including Muhammad, would have regarded as a terribly dishonourable thing to do.

Acknowledging this, Muhammad told the raiding party “I did not order you to fight in the sacred month” and he refused to take anything from the two captives.  But, as Professor Guillaume recounts, Muhammad soon had a revelation in which he was told to say to critics of his men attacking in the sacred month: “War therein is a serious matter but keeping people from the way of God and disbelieving in him and in the sacred Mosque and driving out his people therefrom is more serious with God” … “And they will not cease to fight you until they turn you back from your religion if they can i.e. they are going to do more heinous acts than that contumaciously.”

From this point on, Muhammad and his followers would claim that it was theywho were the victims and that the aggressors are those who do not submit and convert.  

This “logic”, if it can be called that, accounts for Hizb ut-Tahrir portraying all Muslims as victims of Westerners who are aggressors simply because they are non-believers.

Western interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, East Timor, Syria or Somalia and the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian dispute may add to their fervour and but, in the eyes of Hizb ut-Tahrir at least, victimhood only requires others to reject their Islamic beliefs.