Tommy Robinson VS Piers Morgan


The twat is totally clueless and Piers Morgan is just dumb. He babbles stupidly about “Islam’s holy book”, suggests the bible is more violent and the world is full of “peaceful Muslims whose faith has been hijacked”. Anyone that ignorant cannot be taken seriously.
Piers Morgan tried to close down the debate by hurling insults and not allowing Tommy to speak. But Tommy shuts him down with facts.

Don’t listen to the media, to hear the REAL story of Tommy Robinson and how the state tried to silence him many times for speaking the truth, buy his number one best selling book here. 

Finsbury Park Mosque links to radical Islamic terrorism

June 19, 2017
Ian Horswill, News Corp Australia Network

… In a sermon he spoke about the need for Jihad: “Allah likes those who believe in Him who kill those who do not believe in Him. Allah likes that. So if you Muslims don’t like that because you hate the blood, there is something wrong with you.”

The mosque became a meeting point for militant Islam’s most notorious figures. Zacarias Moussaoui, 9/11’s alleged 20th hijacker, and shoe bomber Richard Reid, were among those to attend the mosque. …

Finsbury Mosque Terror: What They’re NOT Telling You (Paul Joseph Watson)

Muslim parliamentarians use the single attack to try and destroy Magna Carta, and rule of law

Clearly what the UK MP meant is, that reporting accurately what Muslims believe, preach, do and is motivated by, must be stopped at all costs.

what the mayor of Cologne said.

“Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of dissent.”


More about Tommy Robinson from the Rebel Media:

Our own Tommy Robinson has been warning for years that the British people are under attack, and if their Establishment does nothing — or worse, if the Establishment denounces, arrests and harasses anyone who even speaks out — the country will reach the breaking point.

Yesterday someone snapped.

When Muslims were leaving London’s Finsbury Park mosque after Ramadan, a 47-year-old white man named Darren Osborne drove his van into a group of civilians. He killed one and injured ten. Of course, it was wrong that Osborne decided to fight terrorism with terrorism, and that is indeed what his act was.

(That particular mosque has been a terrorist recruiting mosque for years. It’s inaccurate to think of it as a house of worship; comparing it to a Hells’ Angels clubhouse is more accurate.)

Now remember, after the Manchester concert bombing, lefties said, as they always do:

Keep on acting as if nothing has changed.

But there was none of that today.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan always says that Muslim terrorist attacks are, “part and parcel of living in a big city.” Of course, he rarely uses the word “terrorist,” and rarer still “Muslim terrorist”. But he sure used the word terrorist last night — and certainly didn’t call for people to accept it.

It’s a double standard. Which is why this vigilante snapped.

I’m not excusing it. I’m explaining it.

And warning of more to come.

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  1. I would believe T R who tells it like it is rather than some neoliberal apologist who doesn’t have a clue. All T R is saying is that Fins Mo has been well known in the past for promoting hate preachers. Evidently Darren Osborne thought so too . Why else would you drive from Cardiff to London to attack the followers of the prophet?

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