UK: What Could Be More Important Than To Protect Muslims From “Backlash?”

Police launch new strategy to combat hate crime and Islamophobia in Midlands

By Darren Campbell

Last week a former Metropolitan Police commander had warned of a backlash against Muslims following recent terrorist atrocities following recent terror attacks in London. …

Police in the Midlands have launched a new strategy to support victims of hate crime around the region.

Warwickshire and West Mercia Police have introduced the strategy in a bid to support victims and help improve the reporting of hate crime.

The strategy includes the setting up of a dedicated hate crime section on the forces’ websites with details of how to report crimes and support groups.

It also makes specific mention of Islamophobic hate crime for the first time, with a direct reference to the Tell MAMA campaign monitoring offences against Muslims.

The news comes on the same day that Muslims were targeted in a terror attack outside a mosque in north London.

The scene of the attack near Finsbury Park Mosque
A van was driven at worshippers near a mosque in north London (Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images)

One man has died while at least eight others were injured after a van was driven into crowds near to the Finsbury Park Mosque at around 12.20am on Monday.

The driver of the van, a 48-year-old man, was arrested at the scene. One witness claimed the man had allegedly shouted he wanted to ‘kill Muslims’ .

Last week a former Metropolitan Police commander had warned of a backlash against Muslims following recent terrorist atrocities following recent terror attacks in London.

Incidents of hate crime are underreported locally and nationally, with an estimated half of all offences not reported to police.

Speaking about the new strategy in the Warwickshire and West Mercia Police regions, Chief Superintendent Charles Hill said: “Despite a steady increase in the reporting of hate crimes in recent years we know that they are still underreported and this is why we felt it was important to set out exactly what victims can expect when they contact the police.

Police speaking to worshippers at the scene near Finsbury Park Mosque in London
Police speaking to worshippers at the scene of the attack near Finsbury Park Mosque in London(Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images)

“From the moment a victim of hate crime contacts the police they should have the confidence that they will receive the highest levels of service.

“This new policy clearly identifies the roles that officers and staff have to play at each stage of a hate crime investigation.

“Through this strategy we are aiming to ensure that we provide the highest standard of investigation, service and support to victims of hate crime.

“We’re also actively encouraging victims of hate crime to hold us to account; we’re setting high standards and we want to ensure we’re meeting them.

“We welcome the increased reporting in hate crime in the county in recent years because this shows that more victims are having the confidence to come forward and report their ordeal to police.

“However, each of these numbers represents someone who has been targeted because of who they are and this is wrong.

“Every time a victim comes forward we are better equipped to tackle offenders and deal with problems in our communities.

“It is vital that victims of hate crime and our wider communities have high levels of confidence and satisfaction in the service we provide to them. There are still a lot of victims not coming forward so there is still work for us to do.

“The world has changed a lot since our last hate crime strategy was launched; following Brexit we saw a spike in hate crime reports and concerns around Islamophobic hate crime have also grown.

“This new strategy ensures we are equipped to continue to tackle hate crime and provide support to victims.”

Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe said: “I’ve seen for myself how seriously Warwickshire Police is taking hate crime and this new strategy is the latest evidence of that.

“I hope it will give renewed confidence for more victims to come forward to receive help and support and, just as importantly, to help the police bring offenders to justice.

“I’m really keen to encourage everyone to play their part in tackling hate crime, ensuring that it is reported to the police whenever it occurs. Failing to do so only encourages offenders to think their behaviour is acceptable, when the reality is that the impact it can have on the victim and their family can be devastating.

“So whether you have been a victim yourself or have witnessed a hate crime taking place against someone else, please report it. Together we can reinforce the message that hate crime is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in Warwickshire.”

Same idiocy here in Australia:


This is what we are up against; a coalition of Liberal, ALP and Green Left has killed off a Conservative leader in Abbott who won record-breaking support of the people … except in the Middle-East, has there ever been anything less democratic than that?

The Libs are anaemic and still bleeding votes with Shorten and Turnbull sniping at the so-called Far Right vote which is increasing daily. There is no longer a divide between Left and Right. The Liberal Right has been stolen despite the people’s clear will… and the people are bloody angry.

                    Sheik Shady Al-Suleiman invited despite “offensive comments”

The above quote of Turnbull explains exactly where he is at, and exactly why he invites some of Australia’s worst un-Australian Muslims to dine with him at a celebratory Eid dinner to end Ramadan in the people’s Sydney House of Kirribilli

Entertaining token ABC and Channel 10 Muslims, among hate preachers, has angered many Australians

At least he could have opened up his own $50 million “Le Gai Soleil” joint over at point Piper, so as to avoid disgracing we fair dinkum Aussies.

This bloke needs to go before he is booted out. He can ignore the seething unrest in the Party Room for now, and ignore the Lib vote which is about as popular as a pork pie at a Passover, but not for much longer.

Following his and the disloyal Julie Bishop’s knifing of Tony Abbott, sceptical Party Conservatives told Turnbull, “You will be pulled into line if you stray off-course”. Clearly the course has been strayed from and clearly he has not been pulled into line.

Clueless Clapper, DNI Chief who resigned directly after Trump’s election

In fact he has been refreshed by the lack of criticism from his irresponsible ABC fan club and a morally broken Fairfax who today enjoyed Obama’s Intelligence Director, James Clapper, at the Press Club in an attempt to tear down a Trump Administration to the delight of the entire Press gallery.  .

But this is not about Abbott who was also warned about straying off-course. He could not withstand the ALP and far Left Greens who, along with media, followed him like blowflies to a cow pat.

His mandate was never met as he persisted with a stupid PPL that was clearly a sop to the women who he believed hated him. He had a mandate to crush the ABC and Triggs’ outrageous human rights commission. Why the appeasement of a vile Indonesia and the Stick Insect’s love affair with the UN… so much more was promised yet most remained undelivered.

This is not about who must replace Turnbull, it’s about the pressing imperative that he must go.

The above headline quote shows what he believes… that Islam has been corrupted by terrorists, when Islam is already corrupted, and no Australian PM should crawl to it with cap in hand while good people die on the streets, murdered by those loyally subservient and obedient to Islam’s instructions.

Turnbull has just said he admires and respects Islam when Islam resides at the very core of terrorism.

Turnbull, in his safe leafy waterfront joint, just doesn’t get it because he and Lucy are not personally threatened. But this year the Islamic feast of Eid will not be hosted by Turnbull in Kirribilli House at taxpayers’ expense. At least he is aware of the simmering anger over last year’s dual celebration.

Can Peter Dutton drag the Liberal Party back to where it once belonged? I don’t know.

But I do know that promises are rarely kept when it comes to political self-preservation.

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  1. The fawning sycophantic attitude of politicians to Islam is a disgrace. It is based on the perceived necessity of good relations with South East Asia rather than reality. Any Muslim at any time could suddenly become a Jihadist and with complete justification in their twisted book of death. Few politicians have a clue and few have enough spine to speak the truth. Trade is the glue that holds the crumbling world system together. Any moral or ethical concerns are consigned to the conscience free twilight zone of expediency. Meanwhile Islam, much admired by Mr Turnbull, threatens our very existence as a free society. Mr Turnbull should find a reason to resign and hand over the reins to someone who can actually get the government to function. Then he can go on a fact finding tour of the Middle East and other Muslim nations to find the real Islam. Maybe he will see the truth.

  2. UK: What Could Be More Important Than To Protect Muslims From “Backlash?” ” [sic] …
    actually – everything else !!!

    AU: What Could Be More Important Than To Protect Muslims From “Backlash?” …
    actually – everything else !!!

    Including – Protecting ALL non-islams from islam and its islams !!!
    How …
    Incarcerate the islam-aiders islam-abetters islam-appeasers islam-apologists (muhammad’s aka “allah’s” super dopey slaves) … Globally !!!
    Then …
    Purge islam (muhammad’s aka “allah’s” accursed plague infected vermin) … Globally !!!
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    Pulverise every mosque (muhammad’s aka “allah’s” crime schools) … Globally !!!
    Purge the non-islam criminal African Tribals (some are aka Sudanese) …
    here there and everywhere in Australia !!!
    (Return Australia … to be islam appeaser, islam and its islams and Criminal African tribals FREE)

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