3 thoughts on “PAUL JOSEPH WATSON takes down Open Borders advocate leftist George Clooney”

  1. I still cannot fathom why people who make a living creating entertaining others imagine that it gives them a special insight into humanity and the answer to all our problems. It is the Western industrial and commercial world that makes them rich. They then seek to destroy that world. Looney Clooney? No, he’s showing some smarts. Hypocrite? For sure. I felt perfectly safe in the English countryside. Not so much Southampton. I avoided London. Britannia rues the waves – of Muslim migrants.

  2. So Looney Clooney has pulled the pin on Europe. If I had his money I would do the same and say move to NZ. Well away from Europe and the rest of the worlds shiiteholes, stable government, low population, mostly white Anglo Saxon or as close as you can get, little or no Muslims and an abundance of land.

  3. What do ya expect …
    Clooney marries a Wrong Type of islam butt lifter !!!

    So now …
    HE would also be a Wrong Type islam butt lifter !!!
    (as if ya hadn’t worked that one out already)

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