Milo on the Buttrose channel

Get the popcorn – Milo gets attacked by a bunch of dumb females & a token girlie-man:

Jessica Rowe really makes an a$$ of herself with her “hate” BS. The left hates us. So do the Mohammedans. We are not haters, we are lovers.

The leftists on Chanel 7s “Sunrise” tried it on also and Milo humiliated David Koch so badly that “Kochie” cut the ‘interview’ short with a snort and a “I rest my case!” (Whatever that meant as his arguments were utter demolished.)

The harpies (and their token Gamma male) on “Studio 10” (Chanel 10) tried accusing Milo of “spreading hate”. Funny that; I don’t think it was Milo’s supporters who were rioting outside the venues he speaks at, burning cars, smashing windows and assaulting anyone who crosses their path.

The mainstream media here is ‘on-the-nose’ and Aussies are waking up to their bullsh*t. Milo’s sessions are sold-out everywhere and the leftists are losing their minds.

One thought on “Milo on the Buttrose channel”

  1. But … but … but “HATE!”

    That’s the sum of their “arguments:” mere emotive projection.

    Slander: “We don’t like your facts so you’re being “hateful!””

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