In the past Sweden was well known for its beauty, its tolerance and its excellent social welfare systems. But things have changed and since recent years something’s happening in Sweden, something not right to put it mildly.

Last week five bombings rocked the country: Three in Malmö one in Norrköping and a police station’s entrance was destroyed by a bomb in Helsingborg. This could be a ‘normal’ week for a war-torn country like Afghanistan, but not for a European liberal democracy like Sweden.

But unfortunately there’s more. The number of deadly shootings in Sweden is surging according to Stockholm’s police. Since the Nineties the numbers have gone up from eight shootings to thirty a year. Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet even called it “bloody summer” this year, after 31 people were killed by shootings during the summer months.

The summer months are also the time of Sweden’s open-air concerts. Wonderful events that people once could safely visit. But since a few years, and probably longer, something has changed. Since 2014 young girls, some only 12-years-old, were sexually harassed or raped during festivals like “We are STHLM” in Stockholm. But sources say the incidents started already in the year 2000 and were taking place at other festivals at least since 2006. But information was withheld from the public due to concern for the reputation of the events.

But Sweden’s problems with sexual harassments, rapes and violence against women are not limited to festivals. For example Sweden has with Denmark the highest number of sexual harassments in Europe. The Gatestone Institute even called Sweden the “rape capital of the West” in 2015. According to the institute:

Sweden is now number two on the global list of rape countries. According to a survey from 2010, Sweden, with 53.2 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants, is surpassed only by tiny Lesotho in Southern Africa, with 91.6 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants.

But even when you don’t look at the numbers it’s clear something terrible is going on. Almost on a daily basis there are sexual assaults or (gang) rape cases. Some gang rapes are live streamed on social media, a woman in a wheelchair was raped and a lot of childrenare victim of rape as well. One report even says that especially children are victim of this horrible crime.

So what happened to Sweden? Why is a country with mostly wonderful and tolerant people totally moving in the wrong direction towards destruction? The answer for a large part lies in its immigration policy.

Since 1975 Sweden’s migration policy radically changed. Until then Sweden only admitted migrants from neighbouring countries like Finland or Norway. But the Swedish parliament, then ruled by the left-wing social democrats, decided in 1975 that the country should become more ‘multicultural’.

From then on Sweden offered shelter to anyone in the world, which meant that the majority of migrants since the late 1970s came from developing countries in the Middle East and Africa. In the 1980s Sweden accepted Iranians, Eritreans, Somalis and Kurds for various conflict related reasons. In the 1990s Sweden accepted more than 100,000 people (mostly Bosnians) from war-torn former Yugoslavia.

The migrant crisis that started in 2015, combined with Sweden’s migration history and endless family reunifications, caused a rapid demographic shift. Sweden’s population radically changed: in the year 1900 a number of 0.7 per cent of people living in Sweden were foreign born and most were from neighbouring countries. In 2010 14.3 per cent of people were foreign born, with 64.6 per cent born outside the European Union.

When we look at the regions of origin of Sweden’s migrants most of them come from the Middle East, Africa and former Yugoslavia. Therefore it’s not a surprise that most of them are probably Muslims. Reliable sources say 6 per cent of Sweden’s inhabitants were Muslim in 2014. This number is now higher due to the migrant crisis and Sweden’s open door migration policy. Most Muslims are concentrated in the suburbs of the larger cities in the country, like Stockholm and Malmö.

Especially Malmö is a crime-ridden city and some consider it the most dangerous city of Western Europe, based on a crime index. Migrant gangs, sometimes called ‘gangs of youths’ dominate the suburbs of Malmö and commit gang related crimes like shootingsand bombings. And it’s the same in Stockholm, where 95 per cent of gang criminals have a foreign background. Other research says that migrants are responsible for 90 per cent of shootings.

Of course everything could be a coincidence, as the Swedish government wants us to believe, but the chances are bigger that also the increase in bombings in Sweden is related to migrants and migrant gangs. It’s reasonable to suggest that most gang criminals in Sweden have a foreign background and that bombings are frequently used to scare other gangs or the police. For example the bombing of a police station in Helsingborg can be considered a ‘terrorist attack’ and ‘an attack of Sweden’s democracy’ according to an expert. The three bombings in Malmö can also be seen as strategical gang violence as two apartment buildings and a car were bombed. It’s not hard to imagine that these properties were linked to opponents within the world of organised crime. But politically correct Sweden will tell you nothing about it. There’s actually some evidence that for example the use of grenades is clearly a migrant phenomenon with grenades being imported from the Balkans.

We move on to Sweden’s ‘sex crime crisis’. At several open-air festivals there were sexual assaults and according to reports non-Western migrants were clearly involved. The phenomenon of surrounding girls at festivals and sexually assaulting them seems to be a migrant problem for over 10 years. But the media and the police seem to have covered upthe attacks. But the problem is extremely serious because Sweden’s largest festival will be ‘women only’ next year. That’s a shame for a tolerant and free society like Sweden.

With Sweden’s rapes and gang rapes we face the same problems. The facts of the rape epidemic are simply denied by the media and according to them, the increase has something to do with broadening the definition of rape and have nothing with an increase in (migrant) rapes. But the definition of rape was broadened in 2005 and the number of sexual assaults (covering all sex crimes) is still growing rapidly. Reports focused on nationality say that 9 in 10 gang rapists have a foreign background and that 72 per cent of rapes are committed by non-Swedish citizens. Recently a Swedish lawyer confirmed some of these statistics she said:

“The rape reports are increasing and at my desk and I have many rapes and group violence. The majority of the suspects I meet in these cases have a foreign background.”

Like shootings, bombings and sexual assaults, rape in Sweden has a strong connection with immigration. The rape numbers in Sweden have exploded since the influx of migrants from the Middle East and Africa in the 1970s and that’s not a coincidence. But like Germany the politicians responsible for the migration crisis and its effects in Sweden, will rather censor the media than admit or solve the problem.

We can say that Sweden was once an example for a lot of countries. It was peaceful, tolerant and had very high living standards. But the facts now show that its migration problems are totally out of control. Add the problems of no-go zones, the expensive welfare state, riots and terrorism to our story and you can see that Sweden is rapidly heading towards a status as a failed state. It’s undeniable that most of Sweden’s problems are related to its migration policies and that mass Islamic migration is to blame for the destruction of the peaceful and tolerant Swedish culture.