Katie Hopkins: “Arm up and fight back”

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BIRD OF PREY Ruthless Bulgarian migrant hunter buys himself a HELICOPTER GUNSHIP to help round up refugees because ‘they are all potential jihadists’

A NOTORIOUS “migrant hunter” who described rounding up refugees as a “sport” has sparked panic after buying himself a helicopter gunship.

Dinko Valev, 29, has already amassed a private arsenal of military-spec vehicles, leading human rights activists to worry his vigilante actions are being supported by the Bulgarian government.

Katie Hopkins: “Arm up and fight back”

Paul Weston: Can democracy save Great Britain?

3 thoughts on “Katie Hopkins: “Arm up and fight back””

  1. Democracy is no help to Britain. Muslims will outnumber the non-Muslim population in 30-40 years. They will vote themselves in and democracy out.

    1. Democracy is only mob-rule – and worse these days, mob-rule by idiots who hire used-car-salesmen to do their thinking for them.

      Give muslims democracy and they WILL vote – for more islam!

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