Mandatory repatriation!

Mandatory repatriation is the best option for foreign criminals.
ALA believes our limited resources must not be wasted on aliens who commit crimes and systematically drain our public services and welfare system.

Sudanese youth crime surges in Victoria

THE number of violent burglaries committed by young Sudanese-born thugs has soared almost 400 per cent since 2014, new crime statistics reveal.

The independent crime data, requested by Liberal MP Jason Wood, shows the number of Sudanese-born criminals aged 10 to 18 who committed an aggravated burglary in Victoria surged from just 20 in 2014-15 to 98 in 2016-17.

The data also shows the number of serious assaults committed by Sudanese-born youth jumped more than 55 per cent in the same period, from 29 to 45.

The number of young Sudanese steal­ing cars more than doubled from 63 in 2014-15 to more than 150 in the year to June.



While Australian-born youths still commit the most crime, young Sudanese-born offenders are the second most represented ethnic group when it comes to aggravated burglaries, car thefts, and sexual offences in the 10 to 18 age group, despite making up a small section of the population.

Despite the sharp increase in the number of assaults committed by young Sudanese offenders, New Zealand-born youths were responsible for double the amount of serious assaults in the year to June.

This year, it was revealed that Sudanese made up 0.11 per cent of Victoria’s population, but 4.8 per cent of aggravated burglary offenders.

The latest statistics come as a federal parliamentary committee prepares to hand down its final report into the settlement outcomes of migrant groups in the community.

Government sources told the Sunday Herald Sun that the Coalition-dominated committee was expected to recommend tough new changes to the character test that could lower the threshold to deport foreign-born thugs.

The immigration minister can cancel or refuse visas to those who have received long jail sentences, have a “substantial criminal record”, or are members of groups suspected “of being involved in criminal conduct”.

Committee chair Mr Wood, who requested the latest data set, said the government could not ignore the statistics and needed to respond.

“With South Sudanese hugely over represented in violent crimes in Victoria, the protection of all those living in Melbourne and Australia must come first,” Mr Wood said.

He accused some Labor MPs of ignoring the data over fears of being labelled “racist”.

He said visa holders who commit serious crimes, such as home invasions, should forfeit their right to call Australia home. He said the government also had a role to play in providing flexible English language programs and youth and employment services.

The Sunday Herald Sun made numerous attempts to contact Sudanese community leaders about the figures. Community leaders have previously said new African communities were vulnerable to factors including dropping out of school and unemployment.

They say unemployment is as high as 50 per cent among some African ethnic groups that have settled here.

The Sunday Herald Sun understands anti-gangs law enforcement officials are watching Mr Wood’s moves on citizenship with interest.


Until you understand that conservative career politicians and the right wing media are not our friends, the antisocial Left will win and Australians will lose.

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Leftist violence, Media silence and why the Right keeps losing 
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  1. Sudanese youth crime surges in Victoria” [sic]
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