If anything, he was a hero and a patriot. The real war criminals are the enablers of the global jihad and the invasion of Europe by Mohammedan savages.

"I am not a war criminal."
“I am not a war criminal.”

The danger is that he’s become an instant martyr because, yes, it does make you ask what drove him:

A former Bosnian Croatian war lord has died … after drinking poison moments after his appeal against a 20-year sentence was turned down…

Slobodan Praljak drank from a small bottle and yelled “I am not a war criminal!” during the UN verdict… for his involvement in a campaign to drive Muslims out of Bosnia in the 1990s…

Dramatic courtroom footage earlier today showed Praljak standing up before tipping his head back and swallowing a glass of something as he told the judge: “I have taken poison. I am not a war criminal. I oppose this conviction.”

4 thoughts on ““I AM NOT A WAR CRIMINAL””

  1. As usual …
    inverted justice …
    But what would you expect from the same “criminals” who assisted and abetted the islams during that Bosnian Croatian war !

    Sadly … Lieutenant General Praljak’s only crime was that he didn’t “win against” the islamophile cultural marxist trying him for “crimes” against them (islams AMAZINGLY assisted by NATO & US) … !!!

    That Lieutenant General Slobodan Praljak (2 January 1945 – 29 November 2017) rest in the Peace Glory and admiration he so deserves and is so entitled !!!

    1. I’m aware of that. Still, he was a Christian and patriot. The Croats squabbles with the Serbs are secondary when it comes to jihad.

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