Victoria: “more work needed to understand the effects Islamophobia has had on the Muslim community”

The stupid is being institutionalized in Australia.

News first:

Egypt Attack: 4 Must-read Analyses on the Mosque Massacre That Killed Over 300

The assault on a Sufi mosque in the northern Sinai Peninsula that claimed the lives of over 300 was the deadliest in modern Egyptian history

Pakistan calls in military as Muslims riot in call for blasphemy charges against official, six dead, 200 injured
 Egypt’s Sawarka tribe are fighting Jihadis alongside President Sisi Today, Jihad terrorists blew up the Sawarka tribe’s mosque, killing 230 300. 

“On Saturday, thousands of police officers fired tear gas and rubber bullets in an unsuccessful attempt to move about 2,000 supporters of an Islamic cleric, Khadim Hussain Rizvi, who have paralyzed the capital by camping out on a main highway in a blasphemy row with the government….Mr. Rizvi has accused the country’s law minister, Zahid Hamid, of committing blasphemy…”

Have there ever been 2,000 Muslim protesters anywhere protesting against jihad terror and the alleged “hijacking” of their religion by Islamic jihad terror organizations?  (JW)

Just as in the UK and Germany, the focus is more on accustoming people to a permanent state of war than to dealing with the root causes of jihad terror.

Former police chief Ken Lay reviewed Victoria’s counter-terrorism laws and “said more work was needed to understand the effects Islamophobia has had on the Muslim community.”

Lay did not recommend any work to understand the effects of Islam’s jihad doctrine on the Muslim community.

Why not?

Because that in itself would be “Islamophobic.” In this war, understanding the enemy has been stigmatized as “bigotry.”

Next up. The Father Christmas Suicide Vest. Complete with beard & slightly pedo overtones.


2 thoughts on “Victoria: “more work needed to understand the effects Islamophobia has had on the Muslim community””

  1. Australian’s (an islam cannot be an Australian) do not want the NEED for bollards (the islams) !

    Australia’s islamophiles …
    (be they politicians bureaucrats (w)academics or the PC’d educated idiot mass)
    fix the islam problem you caused or be purged along with the islams !!!

    I’m referring in particular to
    (this lot – each and every one a traitor – there are still islams in Australia and more arriving every day) …
    The Federal political members of …
    • The Coalition
    … Liberal Party of Australia – Malcolm Turnbull … 45(MP) 20(S)
    … National Party of Australia – Barnaby Joyce … 10(MP) 3(S)
    … Liberal National Party (QLD) – none[a] … 21(MP) 5(S)
    … Country Liberals (NT) – none[b] … 0(MP) 1(S)
    • Australian Labor Party – Bill Shorten … 69(MP) 26(S)
    • Australian Greens – Richard Di Natale … 1(MP) 9(S)
    • Nick Xenophon Team – Nick Xenophon … 1(MP) 3(S)
    • Pauline Hanson’s One Nation – Pauline Hanson … 0(MP) 4(S)
    • Katter’s Australian Party – Bob Katter … 1(MP) 0(S)
    • Jacqui Lambie Network – Jacqui Lambie … 0(MP) 1(S)
    • Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party – Derryn Hinch … 0(MP) 1(S)
    • Liberal Democratic Party – David Leyonhjelm … 0(MP) 1(S)
    • Australian Conservatives – Cory Bernardi[1] … 0(MP) 1[c](S)
    … a Wikipedia entry !
    NB: have left as pre Dual citizenship event … as they are still culpable for their Treasonous crime !!!

    … if you are not an islam
    • (you cannot be an islam and also be an Australian politician … take that to the Australian High Court … Quickly Please !!! )

    … are you an islamophile
    • (ie Traitor aiding and abetting the islam invasion of Australia)
    • (you cannot be an islamophile and also be an Australian politician … go directly to jail … Quickly Please !!! )
    • (islamophile … One [especially one who is not an adherent of Islam] who loves Islam, Muslims or Islamic culture … a Wiktionary Entry)

  2. This is the malignant narcissism of the left, believing that the Universe moves around them and their sick ideology and that they affect, influence and control everything. They cannot comprehend an existence, a world, wherein some things simply have nothing to do with them. Neither can they comprehend Islam, which moves entirely of its own volition and has for at least 1,400 years. I mean, surely, because leftists are so important and the West is so evil, every terror attack can somehow be explained or blamed on our evil actions or our failures in satisfying moslem needs, huh?

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