The New Normal Is Too Horrible To Contemplate

American Muslim Fighter Vows To Raise ISIS flag over White House, calls on U.S. Muslims to buy guns and carry out terror attacks 

London’s Police Commissioner says rape gangs have “been part of our society for centuries”

Hillary Clinton shares tweet saying it’s “totally crazy” to suggest FBI is anti-Trump 

We are already living under the sharia:

This is what is meant by “working with Muslim communities” – the imams refusing us permission to enforce our laws. Our leaders regularly ask the permission of the imams. It’s called  Islamic state.

Mosques take legal action against council for banning halal meat

Lancashire County Council’s new contract requires schools to serve meat from non-halal suppliers. But it has been put on hold over the Muslim community’s…

Police investigate assault on Little Lonsdale Street

Why don’t these creeps mention that it is AFRICANS who assault, bash & rob Aussies who go about their day to day business?
Melbourne Embona Robbery Taskforce detectives are investigating a serious assault in the CBD last week.
Shocking moment a group of Africans   bash a woman and steal a car
Police are hunting four men “of African appearance …”

Londonistan  Police ‘Could Be Sitting on a Rotherham Style Sexual Grooming Gang Situation’

The Metropolitan Police force “could be sitting on a Rotherham-style sexual grooming gang situation”, a London Assembly Member has claimed.

The UK looks more and more like a failed state. A country that doesn’t protect her children against foreign invaders is an abject failure.

The Metropolitan Police force “could be sitting on a Rotherham-style sexual grooming gang situation”, a London Assembly Member has claimed.

The accusation, from UKIP group leader Peter Whittle, comes as a report by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services reveals that Scotland Yard failed to properly handle 90 per cent of recent child protection cases.

Earlier this month, the Met’s most senior officer responded to concerns by claiming grooming gangs had been part of British society for “centuries”.

According to The Times, the UK’s largest police force is now worse at helping and protecting children at risk of sexual exploitation and rape than it was a year ago.


Bono. Professional parasite. Sucker for the Obamessiah, Hates Trump.

U2 frontman Bono bashed President Donald Trump in a lengthy Rolling Stone cover story this week, lamenting Trump’s criticism of the press and said the election of the real estate mogul and the current political climate “is surely the bleakest era since Nixon.”
“In the Western world, in our lifetime, there has never been a moment, until very recently, when fairness and equality was not improving,” the Irish r

America was not built on “fairness & equality”. It was built on rugged individualism & the pursuit of happiness, punk.

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The only way to deal with savages is to eliminate them:
Hamas leader to U.S.: We will shut down your embassy
Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar says the group will shut down the U.S. embassy in Israel once it “liberates Palestine”.

We have the so called ideology of peace to thank for this can bet the pollies that imported the dregs of the world into our once carefree nation are safe with their private security guards

We’re being told yesterday’s unprecedented security measures in the city aren’t just a one-off. Those trucks as well as bollards will be our new normal, and on New Years Eve, we can expect more barricades than ever before.–7 News Sydney

WATCH: American burka woman says Christmas offends Muslims and it’s “Islamophobia” to celebrate it
She explains why they believ the West is evil, because it is based entirely on Christianity which is against Islam.She says they believe in Shari’a and the…

Prakash one step closer to Aussie justice

WTF is “Aussie justice?” I’d rather have these savages in a Turkish jail then in an Australian 4-star facility where a bunch of SJW look after his wellbeing.

MELBOURNE-born terrorist Neil Prakash is a step closer to facing justice in Australia after a Turkish court last night agreed to seek a report into his potential extradition.

4 thoughts on “The New Normal Is Too Horrible To Contemplate”

  1. The New Normal…”
    • islamophiles – shot on sight as legitimate military targets
    (all cultural marxists – be they …
    politicians – any current politician treason !
    bureaucrats – any current bureaucrat treason !
    (w)academics – not necessarily tenured treason !
    pc’d dolts – who demonstrated treason !
    • islams – shot on sight as legitimate military targets.
    criminal African tribals – shot on sight as legitimate military targets.)
    Now THIS is the new normal that everyone will have !!!

    All have always had the opportunity to be their best …
    however – they have all decided to be either islamophiles islams or petty common African tribal criminals – the dregs of humanity.
    You can take the African tribal away from crime !
    But you can’t take the criminal out of the African tribal !
    (an unfortunate truth that Australian “authorities” are taking advantage of for their diversity [kill whitey] scheme)

  2. Strip any migrant offender of citizenship and send them back from where they came. Maybe they will appreciate the nation that gave them sanctuary a little more. If the parents object, give them a ticket home too. There should be no avenue of appeal. Lawyers make enough out of our rorted system as it is.

    1. Monty,

      Concur, but go one step further and sent the whole family packing back to the shithole they crawled out of.

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