Trumps tweeting is worse than Islamic terrorism…. (or something)

Hugh Fitzgerald: The Latest Days of Rage In Pakistan 

Ahmadis are not regarded as Muslims either by non-Ahmadi Muslims, nor by the Pakistan government. They are forbidden to call themselves Muslims; their passports and all official documents list them as non-Muslims; they cannot vote in Muslim-only elections.

Anti-Trump protesters to stage demo at US Embassy in London after global backlash over Britain First retweets

Mr Trump’s retweets caused a massive backlash with politicians including Prime Minister Theresa May saying it was “wrong” to share the tweets from a “hateful” group that “peddles lies”.

Islamists Muslims Urge Lone Wolves in Europe, Australia and the U.S. to ‘Burn Children With Oil’
Calls by an Islamic State-linked group for so-called lone wolves to murder Western children are going viral in Islamist chat rooms. (Breitbart)
Who is flooding our countries with Muslims so they can outbreed & eliminate us?

A video of Muslims throwing people of a rooftop is now considered ‘Anti-Muslim’

Tommy Robinson:
 ‘The PM Watches a Man Getting Thrown off a Roof by Islamists and She’s Talking About the Far Right?’
I dearly wish that President Trump had tweeted this man and not Britain First. But what’s done is done. Here is Tommy Robinson talking about the fall out from the powers that be.  Anti-Islamisation campaigner Tommy Robinson has slammed British Prime Minister Theresa May for her attack on President …Read More…

Trump’s anti-Muslim retweets causing schoolyard bullying

Videos the president shared help normalize hate, leading to more bullying of Muslim students.

Londonistan:  Muslim Mayor Calls for Trump Ban After Retweets, Church of England Demands Apology from President

Somebody better wake up, soon:

Islamic State threat to UK:

“We will destroy your country”

These are real threats exactly what Trump is tweeting

Trump cancels UK visit after PM May criticizes his retweets of videos showing Muslims being violent
Good. If she refuses to accept reality, leave her to her fantasies. Pretty soon the multiculti roof will cave in on her anyway, and she will realize Trump was calling attention to a real problem.
‘You’d Think We Were Going to War!’

Breitbart London editor in chief Raheem Kassam hit back at the BBC’s rolling coverage of United States President’s Twitter account Thursday, remarking the response to recent Tweets was more akin to preparations for war than mere social media.

Criticising the massive, “breathless coverage” of Wednesday’s retweets by the President of a series of videos purporting to show Islamist outrages, Kassam told BBC anchor Jane Hill that ” the whole media and political establishment [has gone into] hysterical overdrive, over Tweets.”

Hammering the point home, Kassam continued: “An emergency debate in Parliament — are we so scared of these fringe organisations these days that we have to have an emergency debate in Parliament, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Prime Minister, the Home Secretary. These are things you do in a time of war, not over a couple of Tweets.”

Drawing out the link between the inflated coverage of the Presidential Twitter account and Britain’s crutial relationship with the United States in the post-Brexit world, Kassam said: “The British political establishment, I guarantee you, are calculatedly using this to drive a wedge, because they don’t want Brexit to happen.

“Theresa May, don’t forget, was a remainer, and this is an intentional way of trying to halt that.”

Guardian Blames Pamela Geller for President Trump’s Retweets

The left was unhinged, but now they are stark raving. We are talking nuts.

Earlier this week, the Guardian ran a wholly fictitious story about a bot conspiracy that I was running from some underground bunker or some such insanity. Now this.

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I ran the video Donald Trump retweeted back on May 14, therefore I am instrumental in the “racist-islamophobic-anti-Muslim-bigotization” of President Trump.

Trudeau labels legit terrorism questions as ‘Islamophobia’
There’s an old joke in political circles that says a racist is what you call someone who is winning an argument against a leftist.
Muslim population in Britain TRIPLE by 2050, study says

This is based on birth rate alone – and doesn’t even include immigration!

A report entitled Europe’s Growing Muslim Population said the percentage of Muslims making up the total population of Britain could rise from 6.3 to 16.7…
Trumps twittering

Responding to the BBC following the British government in pouring scorn on President Trump for retweeting videos of Muslim attacks, Kassam said: “You made a misstatement there. You call it inflammatory — two out of the three of those tweets we know are factual things that happened and the world needs to know about them.

“By the way, the Britain Firsts of the world wouldn’t exist if the mainstream media did their jobs in covering this stuff, in covering homosexuals getting thrown off buildings… all of your colleagues need to be across these things. That Christians in the Middle East are so heavily persecuted.

“Yet every day we hear a story about President Trump’s Tweets, but we don’t hear a story every day about real problems in that region due to radical Islam.

“We are scared of offending Muslims, but most Muslims aren’t radical Islamists, they want this dealt with the same way… What I care about is how much airtime we’re spending talking about tweets, but ignoring serious issues

“Not just radical Islam, by the way, but how manufacturing across the United Kingdom is down, we’re not talking about our fisheries, we’re talking about tweets.”

Moving on to London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan’s massive criticism of President Trump’s Twitter, Kassam said: “How many times can you keep going over this? How many front pages, how many commentary pieces, how many statements in parliament, how many Mayors of London coming out, Sadiq Khan saying he’s not welcome in the United Kingdom? Sadiq Khan does not speak for the United Kingdom.”