Vehicle Jihad in Melbourne

“Man of Middle Eastern appearance”

Multiple pedestrians hit by a vehicle in Melbourne | Sky News Australia

A car has struck at least 19  pedestrians in central Melbourne. The vehicle ran a red light just after 4.30pm on Thursday and left at least six people on the ground, witnesses have told 3AW. Police said the driver has been arrested. ‘As it (the car) approached this intersection … it just mowed everybody down, people were flying everywhere,’ witness Sue told 3AW. The incident on Flinders Street between Elizabeth and Swanston streets has brought parts of the city to a standstill four days out from Christmas. Police have asked the public to stay away from the area. With AAP

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6 thoughts on “Vehicle Jihad in Melbourne”

  1. Who is the murderer really? The muslim mashing his car into infidels on the sidewalk or the politicians who insist that muslimes must live among us?

  2. The Melbourne police say “the act was deliberate” but they “don’t know the motivation.”
    Are they really that stupid?

  3. 32 year old Australian (…….citizen……of Afghan descent), known to police, with mental health issues.
    Just wait for tomorrow’s feelgood stories about Muslims rendering assistance, fearing a backlash etc.

    1. True & as pathetic as the public relations snow job will sound it is entirely predictable. Scarier still are the indentured left muppets who will continue to run interference for Islam .

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