Who’s paying Piers Morgan to be a Mohammedan agitprop?

In a a long, lengthy piece blaming Pamela Geller for President Trump’s retweets (thankyouverymuch), the Islamic religious police at the Huffington Post are demanding Twitter remove her accounts:

We know who Britain First is: they are patriots.
But do you know who Piers Morgan is? Piers Morgan was sacked as the editor of the Daily Mirror as the newspaper’s board made an unreserved apology for publishing fake pictures of British troops torturing Iraqi prisoners.
NO LONGER IGNORED: After Trumps retweet, the Establishment can no longer ignore the far-right

“Far-right” is the language of the enemy. We must not allow the far left to dictate the terminology. These people are concerned citizens. Patriots. They are not “far right”

PRESIDENT TRUMP caused an international row today by retweeting three tweets by Britain First’s deputy leader, Jayda Fransen.–POLITICALITE.COM
Jayda Fransen, of south-east London, was the little-known deputy leader of Britain First until inflammatory messages she posted online were picked up by the US President.

Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet):

White, British teen planned terror attack on Justin Bieber concert for “Allah”.

Tell me again about how Islam is a race, idiots.

If you’re angrier over a few retweets than 411 injured and dead victims of Islamic terror in the UK this year alone, you need to take a long look in the mirror.

Muslim Women’s Leader Says Trump Defamed Islam, Calls Tweets ‘Reprehensible’

Holla! Its Daisy… again! The tilt of Abdul Rauf, the healer, the slick imam who wanted to build the Ground Zero mosque. Just goes to show that these creatures are deeply embedded in the system, ready to strike whenever there is resistance to the Islamic expansion program.

The leaders of an Islamic women’s initiative lambasted President Donald Trump Wednesday for retweeting a video of an Islamic extremist destroying…—DAILYCALLER.COM

In other news:

Mosque gives University of Cincinnati $1,000,000 to teach more about Islam
A local mosque is donating $1 million to the University of Cincinnati to increase understanding of the Islamic religion amid concerns about Islamophobia. – Geller Report
Milo Yiannopoulos says Muslims should all be deported from Australia
  • Right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos says Muslims should be ‘expelled’
  • Yiannopoulos made the remark to Sydney Muslim businesswoman Emma Eros
  • He told her anyone who identified as Muslim should go back to the Middle East


2 thoughts on “Who’s paying Piers Morgan to be a Mohammedan agitprop?”

  1. About Milo Yiannopoulos …
    (Who says …
    Send them [all islams] back to the Middle East
    … and never a truer word has been spoken)

    The [traitor] Greens have also tried to have him [Milo] banned from speaking next week at Parliament House as a guest of Liberal Democrats senator David Leyonjhelm.

    Of Course …
    Green Party Members and their Associated criminal slimes
    TRAITOR islamophiles
    TRAITOR cultural marxist
    TRAITOR PC indoctrinated (mind controlled symbiosed twits)
    TRAITOR islamophile cultural marxist PC’d mind controlled dolts … all in one easily transportable package !
    (or mainly just plain cowards
    … but above all they are TRAITORS
    … for which incarceration cometh)
    as it is for all the Traitor Australian Authorities
    • aiding and abeting islam !!!
    • aiding and abetting criminal African Tribals !!!

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