Malmö, Sweden: ‘One dead, multiple shot’ as ‘gunman’ goes on rampage

Could it be that the “gunman” was in fact a Muselman?

ONE man has been shot dead with another in a life-threatening condition after a gunman opened fire in Sweden.

BREAKING: Multiple people shot in Malmö, Sweden, reports of at least one dead.

Armed police swept onto the scene and cordoned off the area as they tried to piece together what happened.

Cops said the fatality is a man aged 20 and did not comment on the identity of the second victim.

It is unclear if the gunman remains at large.

Police arrived to find a car damaged by gunfire abandoned in the street, and have upped police patrols.

Britain’s Hate Speech Police

Paul Joseph Watson

Everyone is free to download this video and post it to their own account if they wish, as long as it is not edited in any way (including the title) and not m…
Swedish Government Report Says Putting the Word “Refugees” in Quotation Marks is “Hate” Also questioning age of “child refugees” is “hate,” despite Sweden’s own medical agency admitting 3/4s of “child” migrants were adults. Sweden is toast. 

One thought on “Malmö, Sweden: ‘One dead, multiple shot’ as ‘gunman’ goes on rampage”

  1. ….And gunning down innocent Swedish citizens is also “Hate”.
    Or perhaps this is the wrong kind of “Hate”,so therefore no crime committed?

    I’d best not comment on this latest atrocity,since I may be accused of “Hate”.

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