Anus Williams needs to be axed. At once.

Call for Invasion Day rally organiser Tarneen Onus-Williams to be sacked from government body

Call for Invasion Day activist to be sacked

THERE are calls for an Aboriginal activist to be axed from a government-funded body after she said Australia should be burnt to the ground.

Why wasn’t she axed right away?

Meanwhile, the group behind the Invasion Day march has called for “Australia to be abolished”.

In a vile social media post, the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance group has backed the comments of its member Tarneen Onus-Williams and released its own expletive-laden statement, saying “f— your flag, your anthem and precious national day”. (More below the fold.)


Davidson, armed with a baseball bat, enters the store

Security footage depicting a savage attack on a female Aldi worker was shown in Wollongong court yesterday. The victim spent five days in hospital with facial fractures and cranial bleeding after Mervyn Davidson smashed her in the head with a baseball bat.

He needs to go away for a long, long time. Or be put up against a wall for a very short time. Either way would be good.

But take a look at what happened immediately after the attack, when ice-crazed Davidson was attempting to obtain money from the till. Video at this link.

One man quickly intervenes, using a shopping cart to ram the attacker. With Davidson distracted and off balance, another customer runs at him, grabbing him from behind.

This rapid manoeuvre allows the first man to abandon his cart and get some solid hits in. A third shopper then rushes to join the fray. Between the three of them, they successfully restrain Davidson until police arrive.

These gentlemen are heroes, and quick-thinking, resourceful heroes at that. Congratulations to them.


Tarneen Onus-Williams said she hoped Australia “f—— burns to the ground’’. Source: Channel 7

“Yes, some people use that language but it’s nothing compared to the way Aboriginal people have been treated,” she told the Herald Sun.

“People who celebrate Australia Day are celebrating the genocide of aboriginal people, waving Australian flags in our faces. It’s disgusting.’’



The WAR group today backed her comments, saying it would not rest until “we burn this entire rotten settler colony called Australia … to the f—— ground”.

“Until every corrupt and illegal institution of white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist settler colonial power forced upon us is no more,” it read.

Opposition MP Tim Smith said Ms Onus-Williams’ comments should disqualify her from further representing the Koorie Youth Council.

Tens of thousands of protesters attended Melbourne’s Invasion Day rally last Friday. Picture: David Caird

“Denigrating Australia is no way to improve Aboriginal disadvantage and further the cause of reconciliation and Daniel Andrews should show some backbone and sack her,” he said.

The Koorie Youth Council has received $1.7 million in government funding since 2012 from both Liberal and Labor governments.

On Sunday, it stressed Ms Onus-Williams had a volunteer role for the council and she was not representing it at the Invasion Day rally.

It added that they do not share her views. The Koorie Youth Council statement said it did not organise the rally but it did make a number of social media posts promoting it.

Premier Daniel Andrews said Ms Onus-Williams’ comments were “wrong and shameful”, but membership was a matter for the youth council.

Indigenous leader Warren Mundine who at first said the Koorie Youth Council should be defended for Ms Onus-Williams’ comment, applauded its decision to back away from her stance. But he said WAR was an extremist “hate group” of oxygen thieves.

“Shows the true motive of extremist left: hatred of Australia,” he said.


5 thoughts on “Anus Williams needs to be axed. At once.”

  1. ” “Until every corrupt and illegal institution of white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist settler colonial power forced upon us is no more,

    If she had a serious accident would she choose ‘bush medicine’ or treatment at a modern hospital?

    She is part aboriginal. Like so many others, a nobody who has had no purpose in life until she discovered one when she found she could join the aboriginal grievance industry and celebrate being part (1/4?) black. And get all the benefits that that entitles her to – while still enjoying all the rights other Australians have. And she even has a job – something that around 6% of Australian adults do not have.

    But why doesn’t she celebrate being white as well? Why be so ‘racist’ when more than half of her genetics is non-aboriginal?

    All she does is prove to black and white that ignorance has no bounds.

  2. Australia is a young nation and deserves a national day. Jan 26 is the day. Deal with it Tarneen.

  3. From the KB articles of [XYZ]

    Leftism Really is a Mental Disorder
    By David Hilton – January 30, 2018

    (with recommended treatment being the same as for a Traitor/Seditioner/Subversive)
    The higher-status the leftist is, the more likely they are to be a full-blown evil psychopath.

    “I love Hillary Music” & her beau Bill

    And now we know it’s not just a meme. The utopian revolutionaries really are damaged. They’re wounded people, let down or traumatised by family or society at a critical point in their lives, and they’ve devoted themselves to burning the world down in revenge.

    And that’s exactly what they’re doing.

    What a Traitor/Seditioner/Subversive looks like

    Leftism is a collective psychopathology. Like individual disorders such as narcissism and sociopathy, it originates from a break in the psyche – a trauma so unpleasant that it has become repressed, and requires the carrier of the condition to suppress reality in order to function. It is this suppression of reality, and the bitterness and resentment it creates, which leads to atrocity.

    And if the left are anything, they are atrocious.

    … leftists are weak and ineffective as individuals. They are low-agency people. Put them in a bureaucratic machine or a howling mob, however, and they are suddenly animated. Their mental condition requires them to seek the power of the collective in order to feel powerful.

    1. The latest cultural marxist/multiculturalist “PC” scam now being perpetrated … medical Marxism beginning 01 MARCH 2018
      (and these “victims” will soon have no one willing to treat them … and they will suffer natural attrition along with the cultural marxist/multiculturalist … at long suffering last)

      Brought to my attention by the Subscriber Weekly from Cory Bernardi and the Australian Conservatives !

      Dear {subscriber}
      The tyranny of safe spaces and political correctness is creeping into almost every aspect of our lives. It seems everyone is oppressed, bullied, victimised, abused or somehow owed an apology from the few of us that want to stand on our own two feet.

      This week alone we have seen government-funded aboriginal activists demanding Australia be burnt to the ground and the Foreign Affairs department campaign for Islamic dress for the rest of us.

      Universities now provide “safe spaces” for almost everyone except those who might actually pay taxes or repay their HELP debt. Businesses are bullied down the same path and we even have some professional associations getting in on the act.

      The unstoppable victimhood juggernaut leaves no element of society untouched.

      One subscriber drew my attention to the latest indulgence of perpetual grievance. The nursing and midwifery board, from 1 March this year, will insist their members acknowledge “white privilege” on demand.

      That’s right, if during your birth procedure you feel culturally vulnerable (or even if you don’t) you can insist that your midwife acknowledge their white privilege.

      Now, that might be a problem if your midwife doesn’t actually identify as a white person, even if she is one. After all, everyone can now be whatever they want and the rest of us have to appease these self-indulgent fantasists.

      It is time we called this destructive nonsense out for exactly what it is.

      It’s no surprise that the guidelines for acknowledging white privilege also reference “colonialism” and emanate from a government- funded organisation.

      Successive governments have embraced the PC agenda whether it be “safe schools”, cultural appropriation, identity politics or soldier sex changes at taxpayer expense.

      The activists get away with it because too many politicians you elect to represent your interests are captured by the idiocy of identity politics. In some cases they wilfully let these outbreaks go unchecked in the hope that they will pass unnoticed by mainstream Australia.

      I regret identity politics isn’t going away and will only get worse unless we speak truth to insanity – and this nursing & midwifery code of conduct is just plain crazy.

      Let’s consider a few enduring truths.

      Having a baby hasn’t really changed over generations.

      It can be painful, difficult, sometimes dangerous but it is entirely necessary for our species to continue.

      It’s the same process for every woman regardless of race, creed or colour. Through time immemorial, others have been there to assist in bringing new life into the world and no-one had to acknowledge white privilege …until March 2018.

      That’s when the new rules and regulations of the midwifery association kick into gear, forcing the committed midwife into a chamber of political correctness.

      The reader who brought this to my attention succinctly summed up this new medical Marxism in three points.

      1. Nurses must acknowledge white privilege and voice this acknowledgment if asked – which is compelled speech.

      2. There is no objective measure of whether an interaction with a patient was “culturally safe”. If the patient feels slighted, (and they are of a minority), then the nurse is guilty.

      3. “Cultural Safety” is now deemed as important as clinical safety, the highest of priorities. As such, transgressions can be expected to be treated harshly.

      Welcome to the brave new world of nursing where catering to others’ self-declared victimhood and catering to their emotional whims and fantasies is as important as fixing their physical ailments.

      If we really want to fix what’s wrong with elements of our society we would stop indulging this garbage.

      We live in the greatest country on earth. Irrespective of our ancestry, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexuality we are united by living under one flag and by being Australian.

      Indulging the politics of identity or the cult of PC “cultural awareness” means we prioritise one group of people over another.

      I don’t accept that as the best path forward for our nation and we need to call this destructive and pernicious cancer out whenever we can.

      We can start with keeping some common sense when it comes to delivering new babies.

      Until next week,
      Cory Bernardi

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