The sins of the fathers

By Adam Piggott/XYZ

A common feature of underdeveloped and clannish societies are feuds that can go on for hundreds of years across many generations, with nobody still living really understanding what they are fighting about. Western civilization, and particularly English cannon law, put a stop to this destructive practice by ennobling the radical idea that sons should not be responsible for the sins of their fathers.

This core tenet of the success of our civilization has become endangered in recent years with the systematic rise of identity politics through cultural Marxism, socialism, and progressivism. Because you are white you are supposedly guilty of having ‘privilege’ and thus you must atone, not for your sins, but for the unproven and undocumented sins of your fathers.

This is an extremely dangerous development and one which is rife with unintended consequences for even the most well intentioned.

In the above meme, the woman speaking is aboriginal activist Tarneen Onus-Williams, (cultural appropriation of prog hyphenated name), who organised and spoke at an “Invasion Day rally” that took place in Melbourne on Australia Day. In her speech she called for Australia to be “burned to the ground” which she and her fellow members of WAR, The Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance, meant literally:

“WAR will not rest until we burn this entire rotten settler colony called Australia, illegally and violently imposed on stolen Aboriginal land at the expense of the blood of countless thousands, to the f. king ground,” the indigenous rights group wrote on its Facebook page.

Check out the lovely baby in the pram…

“F. k your flag, your anthem and your precious national day … Abolish Australia, not just Australia Day.”

“WAR does not recognise Australian citizenship or the national legal system and wants to return the continent to the rule of “Aboriginal law”.

As abhorrent and incoherent as these views are, and how traitorous the individuals saying them, I don’t entirely blame them for arriving at this point in their lives. While they obviously need to take a lot of responsibility for such drivel, some of the responsibility for this has to lie with those who have had an active and not so active hand in fermenting the hate of the white man over the last 40 years.

This fault lies squarely at the feet of governments, social workers, the ABC and many other news organisations, bureaucrats, and social planners who have sold aborigines the lie that they are hard done by through no fault of their own and that they have entitled historical grievances.

But the first literal step that ordinary Australians took in aiding this betrayal of our Western values was in 2000 when an estimated 300,000 virtue signalers walked across the Sydney Harbor bridge on what became known as ‘national sorry day’. It was cemented a few years later when then prime minister Kevin Rudd made a formal apology to aborigines on behalf of all Australians, an apology that should never have been made.

If you say sorry for something that you yourself have not done then you are declaring that you are responsible for the supposed sins of your fathers. As far as race relations go, no bigger can of worms can ever be opened. The virtue signalers assumed that their grand gesture would prove their own goodness over their backward forefathers, when in reality it merely opened the gates for an unending and ever increasing tide of racial disharmony.

There was no national racial disharmony of consequence before these events took place. The disharmony and hatred started as a result of those very same events.

Ten years after the formal national apology by the Australian parliament we now have aboriginal activists openly plotting to destroy that same parliament and everything that goes with it. And in the process we have lost a critical component of Western civilization; that the sins of the fathers shall not be borne by their sons.

Our future sons will have to deal with this mess, a mess that we created out of a narcissistic desire to be seen to be good. For nothing good comes from the disassociation of your cultural heritage and the abandonment of crucial principles that bind a nation and its people together; the desire to live together, the desire to be free to live one’s life as one chooses, and the freedom to act without judgement from one’s fellow citizens about historical events over which we had no power or agency.

Australia was a nation of people that lived in relative harmony. But the seeds of its demise have been sown and the burden will be borne by untold future generations.


Richard B Riddick

Australia day gives rise to significant BBQ and social media chat on the subject of Australia’s indigenous people. Adding metaphorical fire to this particular incident was Tarneen Onus-Williams yelling “F**k Australia, hope it burns to the ground” during an Invasion Day rally in Melbourne. Needless to say this is a statement that wouldn’t gather popular support from Australia’s true sons and daughters. Despite the feelings of fury that arose in me as I read the Quadrant article on Tarneen and her various taxpayer funded activities, I am often loathe to participate in Facebook political discussions, however I couldn’t leave a particular “share” unresponded to.

Below is the post:

Who’s oppressing whom?

By Guest

WAR in their own words, are “a collective of young Aboriginal people committed to the cause of decolonization and the philosophy of Aboriginal nationalism – resistance and revival”.

Putting aside that the post is the best example of Leftist intersectionality possible with all their various minority/victim causes well represented, I think it’s time to inject facts into this particular conversation.

Firstly, let us talk about the “almighty dollar” comment. If White Australia is so obsessed with dollars and ruthlessly capitalistic in their interactions with the indigenous people, I’d imagine we would be able to find some statistics showing an exploitative relationship.

“An estimated $33.4 billion of Australian, State and Territory government expenditure was spent on services provided to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians in 2015-16, according to the 2017 Indigenous Expenditure Report…. Per head of total population, expenditure (targeted and mainstream) equated to $44,886 per Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian, around twice the rate for non-Indigenous Australians ($22 356) and similar to ratios previously reported back to 2008-09. Around two-thirds of the higher per person expenditure for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians is accounted for by greater intensity of service use (reflecting greater need and younger age profile), with the remaining one-third accounted for by the higher cost of providing services (such as in remote locations).”

Hmmm, so government expenditure is actually double the per capita rate for non-indigenous, so if that is oppression (as a fiscal hawk) I’d be more than happy for us to roll back this particular element of “white supremacy”.

So what about social welfare and cash transfers? You’d imagine based on the rhetoric of the WAR that Australia is quite stingy when it comes to it’s welfare entitlements for the Indigenous, but you would be wrong again. Australia not only ensures that all of its citizens have access to welfare but literally has a second system for indigenous people only.

Two things stand out to me instantly, the presence of a master/doctorate payment under the Abstudy system and the whole additional host of incidental payments that Abstudy allows. The master/doctorate payment of $1,038.80 a fortnight is no joke, I believe it’s the most generous single social security payment in Australia, and it does strike me as a little unfair that it isn’t available to all Australians. But anyway I digress, I think I have established that the system Australia has doesn’t discriminate against Indigenous people, in fact there are several facets that are in fact more generous to Indigenous people or discriminate against non-Indigenous.

What about health services? I think we have all seen the Deadly Choices advertisements for the Aboriginal-only health/programs and services.

I personally don’t actually mind this, as governments should be able to identify areas of the community and administer relevant aid as required. However it does annoy me when it seems that help that is allocated based on criteria other than need. For instance, the Commonwealth Home Support Programme provides in-home services for persons deemed eligible by the government, helping elderly and frail people essentially. The eligibility is as follows:

“65 years or older, or 50 years or older and identify as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person, or 50 years or older and on a low income, homeless or at risk of homelessness.”

Notice, for most Australians, unless they are deemed at risk socio-economically speaking (low income, homeless etc) they have to struggle through until they reach 65 years of age. If they are at risk, they can access it from 50. There is no such delayed entry for Indigenous people, who are eligible at 50 regardless of their means or income.

What about employment? Normally discrimination is illegal in Australia, “thankfully” the government carved out an exception to allow discrimination that aids indigenous and is against non-indigenous.

“A position identified for people of a particular racial background, such as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people, can be lawful if it is taken for the sole purpose of advancement of a certain racial or ethnic group to ensure those individuals’ equal enjoyment of human rights.”

We have all seen the ads in the paper that specify the position is only for Indigenous people, but it could be worth perusing the Indigenous Employment Australia website to see the jobs that are not available for non-indigenous applications.

So in closing, I’d like to offer some unsolicited advice to the WAR collective:

Cease your madness.

Not just because there isn’t a system of oppression in Australia, but because their antics may even summon from the Australian consciousness the “hatred” they believe is already present.

WAR has expressed support for and participated in the burning of the Australian flag on several occasions.

That’s their right, I suppose. But would they be happy for me to burn their flag? I doubt it very much. In fact, I believe if I did so I would be subject of hate crime legislation relatively quickly.

So I ask myself, are WAR and Tarneen capable of acknowledging their own hypocrisy? Will they review the facts of their people’s oppression? Are they capable of negotiation or compromise? Do they even want to be citizens of this nation?

Because if not, I would be happy for Australian taxpayers to stop funding them, and they can burn all the flags they want, just not on my tax dollar and preferably not in the streets of Australian cities on our national day.

Thought for the Day: I do not know or profess to having the answer

Old Cliffie

In yesterday’s Daily Mail AU edition, the report on kids running amok in Mt. Isa is typical of their reports. They do not mention that these kids are Aboriginal, but just look at the photos:

Screenshot from DailyMail.

The parents of these kids take no responsibility; my god they cannot even care for themselves. Most likely they are somewhere bombed out of their brains on booze, drugs or sniffing petrol or glue.

Many years ago I was in Darwin and sitting in a car in a main street. I watched a family of Aboriginals coming out of a bottle shop, Dad with a flagon in each hand, mum the same, as well as older child. The younger kids, three of them, just had just one flagon each.

Later in the day we drove down the street and women were passed out on the centre grass strip with the kids running amok.

I do not know or profess to having the answer.

Our morally superior forebears in the 19th and early 20th centuries had the answer – benign assimilation or perish. The insane Marxist policies we have now (not only in Oz) which suggest all cultures are equal has led to this imbroglio. One can only hope that sense shall return in the future, but demographics suggest otherwise and a global South Africa awaits us.

4 thoughts on “The sins of the fathers”

  1. Another feature of Anglo-Saxon / Norman law which was instrumental in circuit breaking clan tit for tats, the insanity of which was held up for ridicule on one episode of the Simpsons) is that the law substituted the impersonal Crown, as Rex or Regina, for the victim as the entity against which the offence was taken to have been committed.

    This concept was and still is revolutionary.

    It is not perfect of course as combined with the assumption of innocence on the part of the accused and reasonable doubt it can often leave victims rightfully feeling that justice has not been served upon the perpetrators but victim impact statements can go some way towards ameliorating this, bleeding heart judges permitting.

  2. PART I:

    “Diversity” IS racism!

    Let’s assume (because it’s true) that each “race” or ethnic breed of human is simply the result of different families growing up in different geographical areas, where different traits were needed to survive: in the hot lands where food was plentiful, being lazy, impulsive, and promiscuous was the key to survival. Laziness was a bonus because of over-heating, and patience was needed both for fishing and for hunting (which mostly involved falling asleep near the local watering-hole, and waiting for animals to come down for a drink anyway). Impulsiveness was needed for when on occasion a snake or panther would drop out of the trees to eat one – since fighting wasn’t an option, running away and hoping they’d eat the slower members of one’s family (even if one’s own offspring had to be abandoned without further thought) was the only logical survival response. And since those problems existed, but so did copious amounts of food, being promiscuous and winning the survival game by creating and abandoning offspring was the way to win with quantity over quality.

    Compare that to the cold lands, where food (and natural animal enemies) were scarce – in such a place, being lazy, impulsive, and promiscuous wouldn’t work, and would in fact get one killed off pretty quick. There, one needed to plan ahead, save up food, and limit the number of mouths to feed.

    So today, pretending these different sorts of families are all the same, and so should all be brought together into one big happy lump, to breed out the differences, (because it would be mean not to) will have only one result: the larger, lazier, more impulsive and promiscuous family will dilute the smaller, smarter one into nonexistence – which result seems to be the libertine criminals’ intended plan anyway.

    (Because smart slaves are BAD slaves)!

    But if the self-styled master “Elites” were them selves a bit smarter and less short-sighted, they’d realize that only the smarter families had been forced by their own survival circumstances to learn how to manipulate their own environments, rather than have their environments continue to rule them. Only they are capable of adapting to new conditions and stresses, of scrupulously learning to understand how to repair old things and invent new things.

    Only they are naturally endowed with the potential foresight to be capable of managing their estates on this planet.

    Diluting and destroying their own brethren in order to have only dumb servile slaves left – is quite dumb, too.


  3. PART II:

    Political Science – For Real!

    Politics is binary: the party of rational Fear (Conservatives) vs the party of delinquent Hope (Libertines).

    The easiest way to Submit to one’s own fear AS an external threats, in stead of as a helpful internal warning (aka thinking) is to ignore it. Barring that, shoot the messenger and “fight” the Fear AS another form of Pain!

    That’s what defines “Psycho-Paths” (which is literally translated from the Greek as “Mind” or “Thought-Killers”)!

    So delinquent criminally negligent libertines pretend Hope is a Plan, ignoring details and covertly giving in to their fears BY ignoring them, and so also masochistically pretending to “control” their own fears, BY causing those very same, worst-case scenario problems which cause the damages and pains they fear the most – automatically, if only tacitly and ‘subconsciously’ (implicitly) Submitting in their cowardice to the notion that SINCE something could go wrong, SO it WILL go wrong, and in fact since it IS going wrong RIGHT NOW, they have to either instantly compromise with or Submit to it – in stead of, you know, have to go through that painful “thinking” process stuff, to actually try to avoid or prevent the damage and pain. They pretend to think that since fear causes additional pain, they will shrewdly, realistically simply cancel that additional pain (compromise with reality) caused by the fear, by allowing the pain to happen! Submit to the will of allah!

    And naturally, the libertines pretend the rational Conservatives are “fear-mongers” who start wars just to cause more fear, while it’s also patently obvious that they are the ones who do so, and only “project” their slanders)!

    Further, these two divergent and opposing political “cultures” (social educations) have evolved “traditionally” from the different families of peoples who evolved in the South and East, and the North and West, respectively!

    Those who have been forced to survive by adapting traits of lazy, impulsive and promiscuous behaviours, natually embrace Hope as a Plan, (and why not, when food is plentiful, and over-thinking things limits the impulse to run away from present dangers, and the survival game of out-breeding one’s natural enemies is unhindered by lack of food) while those who had to survive by adopting forwards-thinking and sacrificing today for tomorrow, have had to naturally pay heed to and learn from their own Fears (which is also known as “thinking” and planning ahead)!

    Not that those who came up with the fatalistic and subjectivist, us-vs-them and might-makes-right tribal cultures cannot also learn from the more enlightened, objectively cooperative cultures developed by the smarter families.


  4. If and when shit goes wrong, and someone brave steps up to take control, it’s then easy for some jealous little victimology-spewing extortionists to pretend that the smart brave guy was always in power, so whatever went wrong long before he came along to fix it, was really always only his own fault all along anyway!

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