Are Western Governments Enemies of the People?

War between Israel and Iran is inevitable, and there is one person to blame: Barack Obama 

Clare Lopez on Hamas & the MuBro’s

‘Demographic Gerrymandering’? Pro-Migration Scottish Government Considers Giving Migrants the Vote

‘Demographic Gerrymandering’ – Pro-migration Scottish Government considers giving migrants the vote, leading to concerns ‘progressives’ could plant asylum seekers in marginal constituencies to rig elections.

That’s clearly an act of treason. Using unassimilable Paki looters & moochers to tilt the balance of power is the most perfidious act of treason in modern day politics.

Scotland may become the first British nation to hand refugees and asylum seekers the vote, leading to concerns of election-rigging by pro-migration parties.

Cartoon of the Day:

Iran: Mullah Regime Killed 50 Protesters So Far

Protests that have rocked Iran have reached the ninth consecutive day on Friday amid rising calls for more demonstrations under the slogan “The Friday of Anger for our Martyrs” referring to the 50 protesters who were killed so far by Iranian security forces, according to the opposition.


Even Cypriot Muslims Fear Islamization by Turkey…
Erdogan: Opposition Journalists are ‘Gardeners of Terrorism’…
Pull my other leg. The cops can’t find the thugs who attacked citizens who only wanted to go and see Milo? In the meantime, the copper’s are harassing the patriots who were attacked. 
By endorsing refugee programs, funnelling money into Mosques, blatantly covering up terrorism, ignoring the African crime problem & targeting only right-wing activists for raids & criminal charges, is the government representing Australian people or trying to exterminate them? 

Victoria police have revealed confronting photos of men rioting outside one of Milo Yiannopoulos’ conferences during his controversial visit to Australia in December.

Thirteen men are wanted over the violent altercation, which erupted in Melbourne after the secret Kensington location was leaked by Yiannopoulos’ critics.

Left-wing protesters descended onto Stubbs Avenue, in the city’s north-west, on the afternoon of December 4 ahead of the right-wing firebrand’s speech.


5 thoughts on “Are Western Governments Enemies of the People?”

  1. Are Western Governments Enemies of the People?” [sic]
    YES !!! … YOU (aka an Australian) – better believe it !!!

    YES !!! … YOU (aka an Australian) – incarcerate your islamophile cultural marxist politicians, their bureaucrats, those (w)academics and all other “leftoids” (being the mass of the PC’d suicidal self-hating dolts) who are enablers of the islam invaders and the criminal African tribal diversifiers !
    YES !!! … YOU (aka an Australian) – stop & expel the islam invaders.
    YES !!! … YOU (aka an Australian) – stop & expel the criminal African tribal diversifiers.

    Because the current Australian “authorities” will only give you more islam invaders (who will only convert subjugate murder you) and more criminal African tribal diversifiers (genocide white people – it is not racist or bigoted or islamophobic to be aware and prevent and prohibit a known criminal adversary from their know criminal aim) … (period)

  2. A rhetorical …
    Incorrect reference to islamophiles islams and criminal African tribals as men – they are males of various criminal groups !!!

    • designates a person of a human stature with Masculinity !
    • A man defines a male human.
    • The term man is usually reserved for an adult male

    No islamophile islam or criminal African tribal can be termed a man … they are male !
    Male – designates the gender of a species of a member of a criminal group

    Similar situation as for man/male
    exists for woman/female

    African gang crime wave spirals out of control in Melbourne, but Sudanese community leader claims it’s all just political ‘scaremongering’” [sic]

    and which islamophile cultural marxist Australian “authority let this piece of shit (and its mates) in …
    African community leader (who sets the lowest standard for the rest of them) Kot Monoah (aka criminal African tribal savage)
    Get him and his savage tribe out of here and don’t leave their Australian “authority enablers behind !!!

    1. Offensive African community leader Kot Monoah (Pictured in the above linked article) said …
      more needs to be done by federal politicians to find peaceful solutions

      How about these African tribals STOP their savage criminal behaviour and this LYING DECEITFUL OFFENSIVE “Community Leader” (ha ha – a joke right) Monoah take responsibility for its and its DISGUSTING criminal African tribal associates unacceptable behaviour – AND ALSO GET THE HELL OUT OF AUSTRALIA (real quick) !


    (Do you really have to ask, Sheik?)!

    Because they choose to interpret all emotions as varying levels of pain, and their own fears as external attacks, psychopaths don’t want to think about causes and effects or problems and solutions, they just want it all to end, usually by causing the worst-case scenario possible!

    Remember when corporate propagandists like Fast Eddy Bernays encouraged all the women to enter the workforce, demanding equality; saying it was “unfair” and that men were enslaving them?!

    That one scam garnered the business community double the number of available workers in their collective labour pool, and at half the former wages.

    (“So what if suddenly Westerners had to have less children because all the potential mothers were at work with dad in stead of at home raising them? Divide and conquer always works out in the end for everyone, doesn’t it?”)!

    So well did it work for them that, as usual, they are again failing upwards: the lack of replaceable labour to keep their pension pyramid schemes afloat, means they now again “have to” import huge numbers of cheap-labour muslims from their 3rd-world slave-pens to replace us, again doubling the number of workers while halving our wages. Rinse and REPEAT endlessly!

    And their pet politicians and media who slander and shame us into Submitting to our replacement, who work on us from our own culture’s Christian mistake – that PITY is always Good, and ANGER is always Bad – get promised big fat pension augments on their masters’ director boards as rewards for their faithful service after they retire.

    Replacing their largest and most easily-cut cost – worker’s salaries – is what’s really behind the globalist corporazi oil-banksters “pity the migrants, you hatefully bigoted racists!” scam. Always follow the money. And of course the socialist labour union dupes, being in a symbiotic relationship with the globalists, support their own suicide, as of course do their mindless SJW minions.

    The real reason the islamic threat is being ignored in public, is this not-so-nascent “Globalization” Agenda21 movement, which is clearly treason to ALL sovereign national people’s governments. It’s a plutocratic kleptocracy to be run by all those corporazis who never want to pay any taxes to anyone, anywhere, ever; by the global communazi labour guys who want free movement and the same lowest common denominator wages for their 3rd-world slaves, and of course by the moslems who want their one-world islamic ummah, to be run by their theocratic caliphate government. It’s a triple-threat.

    Against all these evil forces, we have only the Truth … while only they currently control both the fear and the greed – the stick and carrot of the threat of having their careers protested by angry mobs of swarthy criminals (like happened at recent Trump rallies) or their own families targeted for beheadings and their homes incinerated by jihad – or taking oil-money bribes to keep their pensions.

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