Australian government sponsors taxpayer-funded “modest fashion” exhibit featuring Islamic clothing

The Australian political elites are here trying to prepare Australians for the future they envision for them.

“‘Australians show their arms and legs when they wear a bikini’: Outrage as taxpayers fund a ‘modesty’ fashion exhibition promoting Islamic clothing – calling the controversial burqini ‘ground-breaking,’” by Kate Darvall, Daily Mail Australia, January 29, 2018:

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has been slammed for its decision to sponsor the ‘modest fashion’ industry including the hijab and burqa.

DFAT promoted an Australian-made Islamic clothing exhibition this month, describing the invention of the burqini swimsuit as ‘ground-breaking’.

Yes, if  burqinis are “ground-breaking”. Do they come with a free shovel?

The taxpayer-funded department described the Islamic clothing market as ‘booming’ in Australia.

No such thing. DFAT jerks do that because Muslims get them to make these dumb statements because not to do it would be “racist”, right?

DFAT’s promotion of the industry sparked outrage from the Australian public.

Taking to Twitter in response this week, one man asked: ‘Why are you supporting the oppression of girls and women?’…

In its promotion, DFAT praised the ‘booming’ modest fashion market saying it ‘ beautifully showcased Australia’s contemporary and inclusive society’.

‘The rise of the ‘hijabista’ presents valuable opportunities for Australia. Apart from the obvious economic benefits, the emerging modest fashion market can help advance Australia’s public diplomacy objectives,’ DFAT said….

Not to worry. The  Turncoat Gubmint will create a new tax for that and for the costs of the beauty pageant.

By the way, the reason this is ground breaking is due to the graves being dug for the following:

1. Women that bring dishonor to the family, as in wearing something not approved by a sharia compliant committee instructing the public as to what is allowable or not.

2. Western civilization, especially starting in Australia.

3. Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, or anyone else, that resists dhimmi status.

4. Any muslim that is not radical enough for the jihad crowd.

2 thoughts on “Australian government sponsors taxpayer-funded “modest fashion” exhibit featuring Islamic clothing”

  1. The idea that ALL cultural mumbojumbo is the same is ridiculous.. Headbags are retarded.

  2. There is nothing wrong with modest attire, but Australians will want to make our fashion statement here. Islam does not have a monopoly on dignified and modest dress for women and men.

    The tent, the sack have never been the basis of European dress. I do not see tent and sack inspired fashions catching on here anytime soon.

    The idea that Australians must adopt Islamic dress in order to dress modestly is more political correctness and Islamification from the culture war being waged against this country by its political elite.

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