Its not about Australia Day. Its about denying our right to exist on our own soil

Revolting.  Degenerates who do this are not only defecating on our heritage, they are also denying the birthright of our children. Despicable.

Captain Cook statue vandalised in Melbourne ahead of Australia Day

Pink paint is poured over a statue of Captain Cook in St Kilda, in what is believed to be a protest against Australia Day.

Captain Cook statue vandalised

Remy Varga,  The Australian

A statue of Captain James Cook and a sculpture commemorating explorers Burke and Wills’ journey to Australia’s interior have been defaced in Melbourne’s CBD on the eve of Australia Day.

Tensions surrounding the date of Australia Day have escalated in the lead up to January 26, with some indigenous groups claiming the date represents a day of invasion and dispossession.

Pale pink paint was dumped on Captain Cook’s head and shoulders at St Kilda on Thursday, with the words “no pride” and the Aboriginal flag painted beneath his feet. The Burke Wills sculpture was vandalised with green paint and the word “stolen” daubed on it.

A recent poll found 70 per cent of Australians do not want the date of Australia Day changed, and that 11 per cent believed the date should be moved.

Both the Coalition and Labor have rejected calls to change the date from January 26, while the Greens have been actively campaigning for the date to be changed.

Protesters Degenerates  vandalise Captain Cook statue ahead of Australia Day

One James Cook is worth more than a million ferals who besmirch our heritage.

Vandals have defaced a statue of Captain Cook in Melbourne’s south-east…
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Which invasion are we protesting?

Rowan Dean, The Daily Telegraph January 25, 2018

Tomorrow is Invasion Day, or so they keep telling us. So enjoy it. After all, Australia has a rich history of having been invaded many times in spectacular fashion. Here is a brief look at some of our most memorable invasions.

Muslims say Australia has no right to exist because they are “Invaders”

Palestinian Muslims call to change, “Australia Day” to “Invasion Day”.…
Retarded, inbred Mohammedans accusing the natives of having invaded Australia.
Oh the hilarity of it.
Who will rid us of this trash?

Pauline Hanson proposes criminal immigrants AND families be deported

“One Nation’s Pauline Hanson says families of immigrants who break the law should be deported along with those committing the crimes.”

The political firebrand’s plan aims to ‘stabilise the country’s population while working to weed out criminal migrants’, by making their families ineligible for…
Peter Dutton claims foreigners are getting light sentences
The Home Affairs Minister said ‘soft pedaling’ was becoming an all too familiar…

The First Fleet still matters — and January 26 is a day to acknowledge that

Nearly 40 per cent of Australians don’t know the reason we celebrate Australia Day on January 26. That’s not good enough.

The Greens are dividing the nation as they constantly try to do.

A Current Affair

The Australia Day debate is dividing the nation. Political figures including Mark Latham, Jacinta Price and Richard Di Natale have all had their say on whether the day should be moved. But we want to hear what you think, should the date be changed?


Police, leaders fear Australia Day violence

MELBOURNE’S African com­munity leaders will join police on patrol at public events where right-wing groups plan to party on Australia Day, amid fears celebrations could be marred by racial violence.

Well isn’t that amazing? The very same African “leaders”  who sat idly by while Sudanese and Somalian youth went on an out of control crimewave, have all of sudden decided that they should get off their arses and go and monitor pro-Australians celebrating Australia Day.

MELBOURNE’S African com­munity leaders will join police on patrol at public events where right-wing groups plan to party on Australia Day, amid fears celebrations could be marred by racial violence.


It comes as Sudanese and Somali leaders who publicly backed a joint police and community taskforce to address youth crime have copped a barrage of vile hate mail and death threats.

Some local councils will have boosted security at public events, with Victoria Police warning abuse is criminal and will not be tolerated.


African community leaders Ahmed Hassan, Kot Monoah and Richard Deng say they will not be intimidated by racists. Picture: Jay Town
Ahmed Hassan, the youngest to go public with police at the announcement of a taskforce this month, said it was time to send a message to racists.

“I’m not going to let the community cop it,” Mr Hassan said. “We will not be intimidated.”

Police are investigating after Mr Hassan and other community leaders received threatening phone calls and harassment over social media.

South Sudanese Community Association chairman Kot Monoah said patrols would focus on the St Kilda foreshore.

“What we don’t want is innocent people being victimised,” Mr Monoah said.

“It could be young people hanging out at the beach and they are set upon by right-wing extremists who want to flex their muscles.”

Police and African community leaders will be on patrol at St Kilda beach on Australia Day. Picture: David Crosling
Volunteers would also look to curb anti-social behaviour by African youths.

“Their behaviour itself could attract the wrong attention, which can cause harm,” Mr Monoah said.

He said leaders would not be deterred by harassment as they worked on solutions to tackle youth crime.

“I know Australia is welcoming — it is a nation built by many races,” Mr Monoah said.

“My message to (offenders) is … the world is about coexistence, appreciating our differences, working together on problems — if youth issues are a problem, bring your solutions to the table.”


Ahmed Hassan, Kot Monoah and Richard Deng will go on patrol with police. Picture: Jay Town

Controversial so-called “patriot” groups have gatherings planned amid ongoing debate over youth crime and calls to change the date of Australia Day.

Police spokeswoman Danielle Fleeton said police were aware African-Australians had been subjected to threats and she called on the public to report “hate” crimes.

“Victoria Police takes racism very seriously and will not tolerate any act of violence that is targeted at a person due to their ethnicity, religion or race,” Ms Fleeton said.

“We are working closely with those affected to ensure that they receive the appropriate support required.”

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  1. Such vandalism (actually treason sedition and subversion) … and it’s of course the islamophile political cutlural marxist/multiculturalist PC’d mind controlled dolts doing what their masters “suggest” (intimating hyptism) for them to do !

    In hind sight – Australia day should be celebrated with joy and happiness by our indigenous peoples as a surety that they will not be the victims of islam genocide
    … once the islam islamophile political cultural marxist/multiculturalist aiders and abetters of the invader islams and the diversifier criminal African tribal savages are “incarcerated” !!!
    … even the islamophile feministas should be celebrating Australia Day – the islams would NEVER allow you to remain so inclined !

    Muslims – they are “Invaders” who would eradicate the lot of us (we are aka as the civilised and humanitarian unbelievers of islam) !!!

    Pauline Hanson proposes criminal immigrants AND families be deported – Pauline should ensure also this goes along with the (ASAP) expulsion of the
    • islamophile political cutlural marxist/multiculturalist
    • invader islams
    criminal African tribal savages

    islams – if you continue to raise your butt holes to receive allah – the putrid” how can you not continue to be possessors of a poisoned mind spirit and soul !!!

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