The new  Modus Operandi among those sworn to protect us is to deny responsibility, blame the media for reporting Sudanese gang crime, to fake statistics  & feed the ABC with fake news.

Police examine the scene following a group incident
Police examine the scene following a group incident

Judith Sloan is right to say “state governments, ­assisted by the senior police managers, have made it an art form to delay and fudge crime statistics”.

She’s also right to highlight Victoria’s real statistics:

Between January 2014 and December 2016, the number of offenders born in Sudan increased by 28 per cent, and for those aged 14 and 15, the ­increase was 83 per cent. For 16 and 17-year-olds, the number of ­offenders rose by 76 per cent.

This compares with only a slight increase in the number of ­offenders born in Australia — by 2 per cent. There was actually a fall in the number of Australia-born offenders aged ­between 10 and 24 years of age.

In other news:

US doctor bashed at the Australian Open reveals his horrific injuries

Dr Edmund Pribikin was walking through Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Gardens with his son Edik on Wednesday night when he was bashed by a ‘gang’ of

We can also look at the figures for those born in India and Vietnam. Again, the figures point to much smaller increases than those for the Sudan-born group. In fact, for those aged under 17, there were hardly any offenders who were born in either India or Vietnam.

Of course, because the number of young people born in Sudan, South Sudan and Somalia, and who live in Victoria, is relatively small, the overall number of ­offenders is relatively low. But this is why the rate of crime becomes the key measure: the number of ­offenders as a ratio of the numbers in the population. This is where the figures become really scary.

Young people born in these countries are 60 times more likely to commit crimes than the average for the youth population.

Non-gang gangs are also active in Sweden:

In a country of 10m people, more than 320 shootings and dozens of bombings were reported in 2017, along with more than 110 murders and 7,226 rapes — a 10% increase on 2016. More than 36% of young Swedish women say they feel unsafe at night. The authorities have admitted they are unable to investigate rape cases immediately because the resources are focused on gang crime. “We are forced to choose between two evils,” the police said …

For a long time the Swedish establishment played down the decay of immigrant-dominated suburbs, but it can no longer ignore the explosion of violence. Stefan Lofven, the Social Democrat prime minister, said last week that he was ready to deploy the militaryto “stamp out” organised crime. The next day another bomb went off in Malmo, this time in front of a private property.

(Via Andrew R.)


An American physician, who was allegedly bashed alongside his 17-year-old son by a group of teenagers as they left the Australian Open, has described Melbourne as a “magical city” despite needing titanium plates inserted into his face as a result of the attack.

Place your bets, people.

UPDATE II. Victorian police are seeking young women of African appearance following non-gang attacks:

A 24-year-old woman in the lift at a Southbank building was assaulted by the group when she tried to get onto her floor around 3.30am on New Year’s Day.

Police believe the same group attacked two other women in the lift about 2am the next morning.

[Victorian police commissioner Graham] Ashton said the summer period had been a busy time for youth offending, with groups brought together through social media.


The “Gane of youths” who beat the American man and his son after the tennis are they nameless and faceless? Police are on the look out for them, but how do we know what they look like because the information is suppressed.

Australia has been taken over.

The boys in blue have been replaced by the green team, e.g police and journalists conspiring to uninform the people. They can’t even write an honest description without fear of being branded a word that ends in ‘ist’, ‘tory’ or ‘phobic’. So instead they lie to the general public, it’s the story of our lives.

“But how do we know what they look like because the information is suppressed”

Absence of a description proves what authorities are so desperate to hide.
If they were white, we would know about it..


Why are we putting blame on non existing gangs from s*** hole countries, when as these figures confirm the real threat are christians and buddhists from the UK and Vietnam. Did anyone at the ALPBC study math before before their Arts/Eco/Law/Green/Media Course? As a footnote are the crime figures from Middle East origins conspicouusly absent ?

Damage Control By Fake News & Statistics:

Proportion of crimes involving Sudanese overestimated: Victorian Crime Statistics Agency

RELATED STORY: Victorian Opposition proposes bail and sentencing changes
The proportion of crimes allegedly committed by offenders from Sudan in Victoria has been overestimated by a federal parliamentary committee, Victoria’s crime statistics agency has said.

African youth crime has been the topic of heated public debate since the beginning of the year, when Federal Minister Greg Hunt claimed “African gang crime” was “out of control” in the state.

His comments came after a number of high-profile incidents blamed on groups of young African men, including the trashing of an Airbnb property in Werribee and the repeated destruction of a community centre in Tarneit.

Since then, the issue has been discussed at length, with statistics cited across the media, including the ABC, that 807 Sudanese people were alleged to have committed a crime in 2016, making up 1.4 per cent of the unique offender population.

Victoria’s Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) has now released a “statistical clarification”, saying while the 807 figure was correct, the number only represented 1 per cent of the unique offender population.

The VCA noted that the error was originally produced by the Commonwealth Joint Committee on Migration’s Inquiry into Migrant Settlement Outcomes in December 2017.

“Whilst the whole numbers in this paragraph of the report are correct and align with the evidence provided by the Crime Statistics Agency, the proportions were calculated by the authors of the report and are not correct,” the agency’s statement said.

“Regretfully, some of the proportions quoted in … the report have been reproduced in a number of media reports in recent times and may have been misleading.”

The CSA also noted the statistics were “now quite out of date” and the same statistics for the most recent reference period, ending on September 2017, showed more alleged criminals were from the UK or Ireland than Sudan.

People born in Sudan make up just 0.1 per cent of Victoria’s total population, or about 6,000 people.

Crimes committed, year ending September 2017

Country of birth Offenders Proportion of offender population
Australia 59,048 71.7 per cent
New Zealand 1,826 2.2 per cent
India 1,155 1.4 per cent
UK and Ireland 1,063 1.3 per cent
Vietnam 920 1.1 per cent
Sudan 846 1.0 per cent

Source: CSA

Victorian crime ‘a national discussion’

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews again defended the state’s handling of crime on ABC Radio Melbourne this morning.

“Are we letting perceptions of Victoria be defined by Peter Dutton, are we?” he said, referencing Mr Dutton’s comments that people in Victoria were afraid to go out for dinner.

“It’s the oldest trick in the book, make the most outrageous comments you can, have people deny them because they’re not borne out by the facts, and then run around saying people have got their head in the sand,” he said.

He said African leaders had acknowledged that a number of young people had “lost their way and doing some very bad things”.

“That’s why not only do police need to be resourced properly — and they are,” he said.

“But we also need to look not to excuse this behaviour but to try and explain it, and that’s why there is work to be done around employment, making sure that kids are at school … parents have got a role to play in this and community leaders do too.”

The state’s total crime rate last year fell by about 6 per cent, the biggest drop in 12 years.

Victorian Opposition spokesman for police Ed O’Donohue said he stood by both the federal and state Coalitions’ concern about crime in Victoria.

“To the victims of crime who have suffered at the hands of some of these youths, they are not exaggerating the assault they’ve experienced, the home invasions they’ve experienced,” he said.

“The fact that this issue is of national interest I think just reinforces the point we have a major problem in Victoria with lawlessness, with crime, particularly with a cohort with hardened youth that have no respect for authority and no fear of consequences.”

The Opposition has made law and order one of its key platforms ahead of the Victorian state election later this year.


  1. On the Mail web site linked to there is not a word about the gang of teenagers being Sudanese and comments are disabled.

  2. Who Let The Thugs In !!!
    Australia’s Treasonous criminal islamophile cultural marxist PC’d “authorities” did !!!

    (anders-behring-breiviks-complete-manifesto-2083-a-european-declaration-of-independence … Section 3.2 – Page 780)

    3.2 Charges against all cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites of Europe (+ Australia) (category A and B traitors)

    A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury.” … John Stuart Mill

    Individual criminal responsibility:

    A person who planned, instigated, ordered, committed or otherwise aided and abetted in the planning, preparation or execution of a crime referred to in the following articles shall be held individually responsible for the crime.

    The official position of any accused person, whether as Head of State or Government or as a responsible Government official, shall not relieve such person of criminal responsibility or mitigate punishment.

    … continued in Section 3.2 on Page 780

    … solution – sniper control
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    1. Amanda Vanstone, Immigration Minister in the Howard Liberal government, in particular let the Sudanese in thus joining Malcom Fraser, as Prime Minister of the previous Liberal government who let Lebanese Muslims in as the two people responsible for Australia’s situation regarding imported criminals.

    2. It is NEVER a single islamophile cultural marxist/multiculturalist infiltrator.
      (they travel in “coward” packs – like islams and criminal African tribal savages do)

      It is ALWAYS islamophile cultural marxist/multiculturalist authorities party policy
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      Vandstone and Fraser are/were just the @ the time chosen treasonous mouthpiece of the islamophile cultural marxist/multiculturalist infiltrators !

  3. Seems like our political class are not accountable to anyone, neither are the police.
    I found the media fluff pieces on the American doctor and his son who were bashed to within an inch of their lives in Melbourne to be pathetic in the extreme. Claimed the doctor said that “this could happen anywhere”, how much they loved Melbourne etc and that they would definitely come back again for another visit. I know if I was bashed like he was, the experience would certainly colour my opinion of the city, the country and the law and order problem therein.

  4. You would have to be a complete moron or the Victoria Government and Police Force to try and explain this away by any other means than what it really is. BLACK AFRICAN GANGS.
    Kick the buggers out of the country and stop BULLSHITTING US!

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