Give up your guns, they said…

Your Government Hates You

By Micaiah/XYZ

Recently, it has emerged that there were not one, but four lily-livered police officers waiting outside that school in Florida during the shooting. They waited outside, listening as the school shooter tore up the building until cops from a neighboring county arrived, entered, and took the shooter alive without any further harm to either party.

‘Give up your guns’, they said. ‘If we ban guns, there won’t be any more shootings’, they said. ‘That’s how we stopped everyone from doing drugs’, they said. ‘Besides, the police will protect you’, they said.

These people gave up their guns; that school was a gun free zone under the 1990 Gun Free School Zones Act. The shooter had made gun threats before. He openly spoke of his desire to do a school shooting. He was reported to the local and federal authorities repeatedly. Local and federal law enforcement had every legal power to take his firearms, prohibit him from firearm ownership for life, spy on his every movement, and lock him up for making credible mass murder threats. But they didn’t do that. Maybe they were too busy illegally spying on Trump. Then, to cap it all off, the individuals whose job description is to kill school shooters did a whole bunch of nothing instead. This isn’t a failure of law enforcement. A failure is when you land on your head in an Olympic ski jump competition. Not bothering to get out of bed on the day is something else entirely.

On the basis of publically available information, only one individual has had become unemployed over this fiasco. At the time, it was believed that he was the only one to sit outside the school with his pistol, allowing the murder spree to continue unabated. Given that the other three appear to still be employed at the time of writing, it seems that he didn’t lose his job because he didn’t do it, but because the media found out.


Scott Israel is a far left politician in a sheriff’s uniform. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office is one of this nation’s largest, and needs a cop, not a political hack, at the helm. Israel must go.”

Scott Israel.

CNN held an event after the shooting called ‘107 minutes of hate against the NRA’. At that event, the top cop in the county, Scott Israel, argued strongly for more gun control. He said that ‘an 18 year old kid should NEVER have a rifle’, and that the country was in urgent need of more firearm regulations. He said this knowing that the existing gun laws were sufficient to prevent this specific tragedy, but they weren’t enforced. He said this knowing that four of his people could have brought the indiscriminate slaughter to an end much sooner but did not. He won’t stop bad people from having guns, his people won’t protect the public from bad people with guns, and his solution is to stop everyone other than criminals from having guns.

The take home message of all this is that cops are not in the business of protecting you. The cops are in the business of preserving the established order, and right now, the established order is a progressive Marxist one in which you don’t matter. There have been zero reports of dozens of heads rolling at the FBI. No one has been charged with criminal dereliction of duty, no one has lost their job, no one has lost their future government pension. This tragedy will happen again. It will happen again for the same reason it happened this time; criminal negligence on the part of the authorities, and CNN ‘journalists’ will cry a river over the need for more gun control, again.

P.S. When it’s a Mosque under potential threat, Broward County police encourage them to arm themselves to protect against mass shooters. As they always say, if lefties didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have standards at all.

P.P.S. CNN denied scripting the questions that the survivors asked at the town hall. CNN insisted that they would never do that and have never done so in the past.

: “The first priority on an active school shooting is to stop the killing. You don’t wait for the SWAT team, you don’t hide behind a car. If you’re armed, whether as a school resource officer or first patrol officer, you go after and engage the shooter.”

Sherriff Israel is a democrat plant, as you can see here….

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  1. As an infamous character (not me) recently penned it:

    “There’s a war on, for your mind. In this war, no man is neutral. You are either a soldier, or you are territory to be conquered.

    People like to think they have ideas, but this is really only true for a select few. In most cases, people don’t have ideas, ideas have people. Minds are territory which ideas control. Ideas which control great swaths of territory thrive and conquer new lands, while ideas that lose all their territory cease to exist.

    Ideas thusly struggle to survive, to crush their rivals, and to gain new ground. When cornered and in imminent threat of extinction, they fight harder than ever.

    But ideas do not compete on a level playing field. Truth and lies battle not as equals, but as David and Goliath, respectively. The truth must travel a narrow and often predictable path through a gauntlet of its enemies who cast projectiles of doubt and distraction in perpetuity. Lies meanwhile enjoy the freedom to change form and tactics at will.

    The truth can, and often does, make the bearer quite uncomfortable. Lies enjoy the anesthetizing features of a blood parasite’s bite.

    While lies must ultimately fail due to their inability to accurately interpret reality, this does not make victory inevitable for the truth. Lies can destroy the mind of the bearer, salting the earth, and leaving no ground for truth to hold.

    This is the threat of the leftist menace in America today. The Democrat plan for America is to open the borders, neuter the police, subsidize sloth at the expense of production, borrow without limit, disarm the law abiding, criminalize self defense, glorify homosexuality, sterilize women, and murder the unborn. It’s not a policy disagreement, it’s literally a plan to destroy our race and nation. Anyone who isn’t fighting that as a literal threat to our survival, is an accomplice to our demise, and anyone who is will earn for himself the most ruthless and hostile enemies imaginable.

    None of this is in effort to prevent people from being offended. It is an effort to prevent people from being convinced. They are attempting to eradicate our ideas from the world, and they will put a bullet through every last mind containing those ideas if need be to accomplish the goal. You cannot avoid the conflict. You can either fight to prevail, or you can be a helpless victim of the enemy onslaught.

    Either way, let there be no confusion. It is not a mere matter of preference. Either we win and set matters right, or we lose and mankind dies with us.”

  2. SCROTUS Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone:

    Published: June 28, 2005

    WASHINGTON, June 27 – The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation.

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