Katie Hopkins’ Warning to America

Esteemed countermoonbat Katie Hopkins brings us up to date regarding the ghastly situation in Europe under Islamic invasion, and issues a dire warning to America:

Once progressives succeed at making Europeans a minority in Western Europe, the ethnic cleansing will go into overdrive. Refer to South Africa to see what lies ahead.

Small wonder European governments don’t acknowledge the natural right to bear arms. The murder of Europe will keep getting uglier.  (Moonbattery)

White Genocide Project:

Angela Merkel and the EU’s Budget and Human Rights Commissioner say European funding must be linked to the number of migrants member-states take from Africa and Asia.

Merkel’s Germany: EU Funds to Be Linked to Accepting Third World Migrants

German leader Angela Merkel has called for European Union funding to be based on nations’ willingness to take in third world migrants.

Speaking ahead of a Brussels summit with other leaders of EU nations, the German Chancellor said fighting for “shared European values” should be at the heart of the bloc’s spending decisions.

“Solidarity cannot be a one-way street,” she insisted in the Bundestag. (But the import of African savages most certainly is a one way street.)

Austria’s Kurz Slams Merkel for Linking EU Funding to Migrant Quotas

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has opposed German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s proposal to link European Union funding to migrant quotas, arguing for stronger borders instead of migrant redistribution.

The Austrian leader slammed Mrs Merkel, saying that while in principle he understands the conditions for European Union aid, “I would just ask, not only to constantly focus on refugees,” Die Welt reports.

Kurz argued that the main focus of the EU should be to strengthen the external borders of the political bloc to stop illegal mass migration, rather than just look at redistributing migrants once they enter.

Muslim Leader: Islamic State Jihadists Leaving Middle East for Philippines

A Philippine soldier picks up the headband of a militant, adorned with the logo used by the Islamic State group, as they end their operation in Butig Town, Lanao Del Sur on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao on March 1, 2016. At least six people have been killed and more than 20,000 displaced during a week of fighting between Islamic militants and security forces in the southern Philippines, authorities said February 26. Three soldiers and three militants were confirmed killed in the clashes, which involved followers of a slain Indonesian leader of a Southeast Asian militant group, the military said. AFP PHOTO / MARK NAVALES / AFP / MARK NAVALES (Photo credit should read MARK NAVALES/AFP/Getty Images)

Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL)-linked foreign fighters from Indonesia, Malaysia, and other predominantly Muslim countries are traveling to Christian-majority Philippines to join the terrorist group’s Southeast Asia wing.

The Middle East, home to the original ISIS “caliphate,” has become inhospitable for the group following the liberation of Raqqa, Syria, and Mosul, Iraq, at the hands of U.S.-backed troops and local forces.

“Based on our own intelligence information, foreign fighters who were displaced from the Middle East continued to enter into our porous borders and may be planning to take two southern cities — Iligan and Cotabato,” Ebrahim Murad, the chief of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), told Reuters.

Murad’s Muslim organization is a separatist group that helped the Filipino government fight against ISIS-affiliated fighters in the region after reaching a peace pact with Manila in exchange for autonomy that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration implemented.

Mustards of Oz

Brazen troublemaker is central figure in ‘bruise cruise’ rumble

The young man at the centre of a shocking late night cruise ship brawl which led to his family and friends being kicked off the boat can be identified.

The fake news Daily Mail calls this dog a “teenager”, go figure!

Family and friends thrown off the Carnival Legend cruise ship can be identified
Michael Zakhour was man seen at the centre of the brawl captured on video
Zakhour, family members and friends were kicked off the vessel on Friday

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3 thoughts on “Katie Hopkins’ Warning to America”

  1. The EU lost its mandate for failing the main objectives why the European People have appointed it – namely unifying, protecting, promoting Europe. The UN have likewise broken their mission: bringing all nations close together in peace and security on the foundation of the Human Rights. Both the UN and the EU have become a cartel of nations, lobbies and financial entities aiming at reaching a global Plutocratic dictatorship of Luciferian nature. The European People have been betrayed but not without severe faults and responsibilities. In fact their epocal naivety is not due to innocence but blindness, corruption and ideological association with detrinental philosophies leading to nihilism and degeneration. What is taking place is a progressive loss of sovreignty, indipencence, safety and prosperity which will undoubtedly lead to the end of the combined Judeo-Christian and Hellenistic Western Civilisation. Ultimately, however, it will be however a bath of Truth, as the Lie and Lawlessness will not last forever. What enemy doesn’t understand of the genuine substance of such civilisation is that its combined fabric ( Judeo-Christianity and Hellenism) is not just Christendom and Secularism, but a spiritual and intellectual way of life aiming at reaching Justice and Truth for the entire humanity… and therefore under the protection and sovreignty of God himself. Nobody will be able to stop the advent of the Kingdom of God. Therefore the “Brotherhood of the Global Cake” will miserably fail as the nature of their values’ system and model of government is evil and degenerate in spite of its facade of competence and orthodoxy.
    Each entity and individual involved in such degenerate global cartel is accountable before God and humanity and make no mistake that hell is their ultimate destination.
    True Judeo-Christianity in particular is not based on the good will of the Constantinianism of Christendom but on the promises of God. Christendom could be, as still can be, persecuted and even defeated, but Christianity is wider and stable reality leading to the fulfillment of the Word and Promises of God. All loss inflicted on Christian countries in the course of time are therefore reversible, as lives will be restored and land recovered. The Kingdom of God will set all individuals, nations and people were they are supposed to be by the Sovreign Justice and Mercy of God. No evil cartel and human power will be able to stop God in doing what is going to do, as the worse enemy behind the global crisis is in fact just the most successful bunch of losers.

    1. Yeah, but god wont’ save you.

      All liberals are lying subjective excuse-making hypocrites, opposed to objective facts logic and truth.

      Lying is the most basic form of (at least, attempted) theft – it’s the theft of the Truth; which is why lying (aka fraud, slander, libel and perjury) is a crime, and all offensive liars are criminals. And it doesn’t matter if one’s lies and threats aren’t credible, as even only attempted crimes are still crimes!

      All libertine “liberals” are criminals, and all habitual criminals are libertine “liberals” – at least for the duration of their crimes; unless and until they repent of and confess to them and turn themselves in.

      Libertines are delinquent towards their responsibility to others to not attack them first. This makes them, by default, criminally negligent, as they have chosen in advance to attack others first by lying.

      Criminality is idolatry: a pre-programmed habitual response to the potential surprise of being caught for either or both mistakes and crimes. If one commits a mistake of causes a crime, the logical response is to lie and pretend to be stupid – to play dumb – in both cases. In the case of beingmistaken, it will be true, and in the case of the crime, pretending the crime wasn’t a pre-planned crime but only an accidental mistake is the ticket out of it, because criminality requires the accusers to prove one’s mens-rea (guilty mind) willfully-chosen / free-will choice of advance criminal intent. But this pre-programmed habit IS evidence of one being in a self-chosen and permanent state of criminality, which means that once one has chosen to become a criminal, one will always (or at least, by far, mostly always) remain a criminal.

      Liberalism is pretty simple, actually: All criminals want to substitute emotion (pity for themselves, anger at their victims) for reason, because they can’t objectively, reasonably justify the selfish, subjective reasons for their crimes. Hypocrisy is like that.

      Criminals, always knowing they have already attacked or have at least attempted to attack first, suddenly want it all to STOP before their victims can counter-attack or continue to counter-attack them second.

      And the only way to pretend to justify that, is to reverse cause and effect, by pretending they are the real victims, by blaming their victims as the real criminals. If and when that fails, they have to pretend there are no crimes, criminals, nor innocent victims, the causes and effects of life (if they even exist at all) are far too complex for anyone to ever be able to understand them at all ever, and so we all do it, too! Whee.

      Welcome to libertine insanity (aka “libtardation” and “leftopathy”) 101!

      They pretend that “Life is too complex for anyone to ever really be able to understand cause-and-effect” (thus proudly claiming to be non-compus-mentis) “so, since all ‘facts’ are really only opinions anyway, my entirely fact-free, subjective opinion (i.e: that your stuff is really my stuff) is the diversely opposite equal to your silly objective ‘facts!’ Whee!”

      Thus they bottom line is that it’s always easier to VIRTUE-SIGNAL one’s PITY for all criminals as “FELLOW VICTIMS” than it is to risk one’s life showing righteous ANGER by accusing them of their crimes!

      Their orientation towards fooling everyone else all the time also turns them into calculating gangsters.
      Contrary to the usual liberal university excuses for their crimes, there are no “group-think” instincts!

      So people will always rate the risks in a crowd of bucking the system in play, and will usually decide TO GO ALONG (with the criminals’ lies, that they are really only helpless fellow victims, and not raging criminals) TO GET ALONG (with all the other potentially dangerous, lying criminals).

      Thus they also pretend that the only real crime is to accuse a “fellow victim” of being a “criminal” simply because they tried to commit some “crimes” against you or innocent other people! That’s “hateful!”

      Welcome to islam!

  2. As a certain infamous character (not me) recently penned it:

    “There’s a war on, for your mind. In this war, no man is neutral. You are either a soldier, or you are territory to be conquered.

    People like to think they have ideas, but this is really only true for a select few. In most cases, people don’t have ideas, ideas have people. Minds are territory which ideas control. Ideas which control great swaths of territory thrive and conquer new lands, while ideas that lose all their territory cease to exist.

    Ideas thusly struggle to survive, to crush their rivals, and to gain new ground. When cornered and in imminent threat of extinction, they fight harder than ever.

    But ideas do not compete on a level playing field. Truth and lies battle not as equals, but as David and Goliath, respectively. The truth must travel a narrow and often predictable path through a gauntlet of its enemies who cast projectiles of doubt and distraction in perpetuity. Lies meanwhile enjoy the freedom to change form and tactics at will.

    The truth can, and often does, make the bearer quite uncomfortable. Lies enjoy the anesthetizing features of a blood parasite’s bite.

    While lies must ultimately fail due to their inability to accurately interpret reality, this does not make victory inevitable for the truth. Lies can destroy the mind of the bearer, salting the earth, and leaving no ground for truth to hold.

    This is the threat of the leftist menace in America today. The Democrat plan for America is to open the borders, neuter the police, subsidize sloth at the expense of production, borrow without limit, disarm the law abiding, criminalize self defense, glorify homosexuality, sterilize women, and murder the unborn. It’s not a policy disagreement, it’s literally a plan to destroy our race and nation. Anyone who isn’t fighting that as a literal threat to our survival, is an accomplice to our demise, and anyone who is will earn for himself the most ruthless and hostile enemies imaginable.

    None of this is in effort to prevent people from being offended. It is an effort to prevent people from being convinced. They are attempting to eradicate our ideas from the world, and they will put a bullet through every last mind containing those ideas if need be to accomplish the goal. You cannot avoid the conflict. You can either fight to prevail, or you can be a helpless victim of the enemy onslaught.

    Either way, let there be no confusion. It is not a mere matter of preference. Either we win and set matters right, or we lose and mankind dies with us.”

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