Questions for Rebecca Sommer

“I believed that these medieval views would change over time. I placed great trust in our libertarian, equitable European values, and I naively thought that every person must delight in them and take them on.”

Questions for Rebecca Sommer

Diversity Macht Frei
February 8, 2018

My post about SJW Rebecca Sommer’s recanting of her support for immigration became massively popular. Many other sites picked it up.

In a comment to the article and in a post on another WordPress blog, someone claiming to be Rebecca Sommer insists that this is “fake news”, without specifying what she means by that. I suspect she is facing some blowback in Germany because news of her interview spread much further than she thought it would, being translated into multiple languages. Now she may be seeking to make some Talmudic distinction about whether she is “planning to move to Poland”. As the original article made clear, she was quoted as saying she was thinking about emigrating for her retirement, not currently. Obviously she doesn’t look close to retirement age.

(UPDATE: looking at the text again, it says “she is planning to emigrate for her retirement” without specifying Poland. I assumed from the context that she meant emigrate to Poland but perhaps she meant somewhere else. The context was her talking to a Polish magazine, speaking of people she personally knew who were thinking of moving to Poland, and praising Poland as a potential island of stability in Europe. That makes the assumption reasonable I would say but perhaps she was thinking of somewhere else. Still, her retirement destination is surely a triviality compared to all the other things she said.)

Here is a translation of her blog post titled “Right-wing hate sites are spreading fake news about Rebecca Sommer“.

Sputnick, diversitymachtfrei, are spreading FAKE NEWS about Rebecca Sommer.  Ms. Sommer is living and working in Germany, Berlin, is managing our volunteer AG F+M [asylum aid organisation], and is also not planning to move to Poland. Ms. Sommer has engaged a lawyer and will hold these sites accountable.

First of all, dear, this isn’t a hate site; it’s a love site; full of love for the European people, their culture and the great civilisation they built. Second, the entirety of the article on this site was a translation from an article on a French site, which, in turn, was just a copy of an article from These French articles were either based on or translated from interviews you supposedly gave to organisations in Poland. Part of the interview you gave can be seen here on the site of the Polish magazine Do Rzeczy (link). It corresponds perfectly to what I wrote. There were no additions and no original editorial content of any kind, other than the title. If there are any inaccuracies, therefore, they can only be in the French or Polish originals.

What, specifically, are you claiming is “fake news”?

The article on the French site said you were planning to move to Poland for your retirement. Did you, in fact, say that to the Polish magazine? Has the Polish magazine misrepresented your words? Has this site or the French site mistranslated them?

Are there any other quotes specifically attributed to you whose accuracy you dispute?

Have you have, in fact, thought about moving to Poland to escape the consequences of diversity in Germany?

Do you believe that “it is too late for Germany”?

Do you earn a living from your refugee work or is it purely unremunerated voluntary work?

Are you concerned that what you allegedly said to the Polish magazine, or subsequent reports of it, could have an impact on your livelihood?

If you believe that the mass influx of “refugees” is harming and even destroying your own country, how can you morally justify continuing to facilitate it through your own work?

Did you assume that things you said in an interview to a Polish organisation would not spread outside of Poland?

Since there have been many reports of female aid workers having sex with “refugees”, can you confirm whether you have ever personally had sexual relations with an “asylum seeker” or “refugee”?

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  1. I find it so cute that leftists all over the planet believe that everyone wants their free bubble up and rainbow stew.

  2. is an islamophile cultural marxist/multiculturalist exceptionally Stupid German Whore practising her newly realised skills !!!
    (“an Islamic term referring to precautionary dissimulation or denial of religious belief and practice in the face of persecution.“) [sic] [wikipedia – taqiya]
    (“dissimulation by silence or omission.) [sic] [wikipedia – taqiya]

    After all
    … “She still heads an organization, arbeitsgruppefluchtundmenschenrechte, that [STILL]
    assists refugees” [sic] [from a Comments on GoV]
    … and these organisations are always very well funded by the government of the hosting country
    which (explains) how she affords to volunteer her time to assisting the invasion and conquest of Germany by islams and criminal African tribal slaves !!!

    (NB: only arabs can be [true] islams – everyone else can only ever be [slave] islams)

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