Trump & “Islamophobia” makes Mohammedans beat their wives

Mohammedans beat their wifes only because of Trump & “Islamophobia”, believe it or not. If it wasn’t for that, they would all live in harmony and the women shelters wouldn’t be overflowing:

…the uptick in women seeking out her shelter over the past year is no coincidence. The year the Trump administration took office was likely the worst ever for anti-Muslim incidents in the country, according to a recent report by the Council on American-Islamic Relations. ..

Sheltering Muslim Domestic Violence Survivors

With Islamophobia at historic levels, a Muslim social services provider finds that women who flee to shelters often confront new abuses from non-Muslim survivors and staff members.
But wait for it:
“For many of these women, if you ask them what sustained them through all these years of abuse, they will tell you it is their faith,” says Niaz. “So if that is the one thing they hold onto, and [that faith] is being looked down upon or criticized, it makes them so much more vulnerable.”

Adored by many, French-Muslim singer hits sour note with Facebook posts

Popular French singer turns out to be a twisted Mohammedan wreck.

A favorite on France’s ‘The Voice’ and seen as symbol for coexistence, Mennel Ibtissem found to be peddling conspiracy theories about terror attacks

“Scotland isn’t ready for a brown Muslim Paki”

In this video clip, Sarwar shows us why it is in fact entirely rational and moral to be prejudiced against people like him. It’s a safe bet that whenever these people achieve any kind of power, they will use it to advance their tribal/religious interests. In practice, that means suppressing your freedom, pathologising your natural defensive instincts and instituting racial/religious privilege for themselves.

By artfully playing the victim card here, Sarwar is preparing the ground for his next attempt at the leadership.

SCOTTISH Labour have promised to take “swift action” against a senior Labour councillor who told Anas Sarwar that Scotland wasn’t ready for a “brown, Muslim Paki” leader.

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