UK’s counterterror top dog: “Islamist” and “far right” “extremists” should have their children taken away

Is this clown paid to act stupid? Is he  prepared to do away with himself?

Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Mark Rowley answers questions outside New Scotland Yard in Londonistan
Britain is facing serious far-right terrorism threat, UK’s top officer

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain faces a new and significant threat from organized far-right terrorism, the UK’s most senior counter-terrorism officer said on Monday as he revealed police had foiled four plots by right-wing extremists in the last year.

“The right-wing terrorist threat is more significant and more challenging than perhaps public debate gives it credit for,” Mark Rowley, London’s Assistant Commissioner, told reporters.

Reality check: Since 2000 there’s only been about 3 attacks from the ‘far-right’!   A nation in denial! A nation that has sold its Soul.

It gets worse:

This is chilling, because what the British government usually means by “far right extremists” are those who are trying to resist that government’s policies of appeasement and accommodation of Islamic supremacists. Those who do not want to see a Britain under Sharia are “far right extremists” (including me). The idea that there is some “far right” threat in Britain that is equivalent to the jihad threat is a propaganda fiction, a tool of Mark Rowley, Theresa May and their cohorts that is used to enable them to harass and persecute opponents of jihad terror more effectively. “Far right extremists” in Britain are not trying to bring down the government and replace it with an authoritarian and violent system of their own. They are not part of a global network of terrorists that has committed terror attacks all over the world. They have not called for the murder of British civilians.

Mark Rowley ought to be made to resign in disgrace for this nasty bit of moral equivalence, and denigration of patriotic Britons. Instead, he will retire laden with honors.

“Islamist and Far Right extremists should be treated like paedophiles and have their children taken away, says Britain’s top counter-terror officer,” by Chris Greenwood, Daily Mail, February 26, 2018:

Violent Islamists should be treated like paedophiles and have their children taken away from them, Britain’s top counter terrorist officer said last night.

Mark Rowley called for police, social workers and family court judges to step in and protect the vulnerable families of twisted extremists.

The Scotland Yard chief officer said terrorist propaganda and sexual abuse were ‘equally wicked’ forces for children.

But, he warned, extremists were often left to care for impressionable youngsters despite convictions for violence and spreading hate.

In a keynote speech, Mr Rowley also warned against underestimating the threat of the Far Right as he revealed four plots were foiled last year.

Delivering a comprehensive assessment of the enduring terrorist threat on the eve of his retirement, the top police officer:

Called for the British Islamic State killers dubbed ‘The Beatles’ to face justice, adding: ‘Locking them up and throwing away the key would be a good idea.’

Urged web giants to do more to stop terrorists plotting attacks, spreading vile propaganda and hiding behind the anonymity of the dark web.
Branded Far Right and Islamist extremists a ‘toxic combination’ who feed off each other to spread hatred and division.

Painted a stark picture of the challenge facing police and MI5, with more than 600 ongoing investigations into at least 3,000 suspects.

Mr Rowley is stepping down from the Metropolitan Police just months after leading the nation’s response to five catastrophic terrorist attacks.

The Assistant Commissioner paid tribute to his emergency service colleagues and members of the public who acted with ‘compassion, determination and heroism’.

But he warned that the threat of Islamist terrorism was here to stay despite IS’s loss of huge swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria.

Speaking ahead of a valedictory speech to the Policy Exchange think-tank, he said terrorist arrests increased by a third last year.

Mr Rowley criticised pro-Islamist groups, including Cage, and admitted the authorities have sometimes been too ‘tolerant of intolerance’.

He warned that firebrand Islamists and a resurgent Far Right often want to sow the same division, fear and mistrust.

Mr Rowley compared the danger the children of some Islamists face to that of paedophiles, saying more could be done to protect them.

He said around 100 children have been safeguarded since the start of the conflict but the system must be improved.

‘The police, social services and the courts have a lot of experience of safeguarding work and taking cases through the family courts where there are paedophile parents,’ he said.

‘If we have got parents showing propaganda material does that pose a risk to children that should be treated in the same way as parents of paedophiles? It is the level of risk.

‘If you know parents are interested in sex with children, or if you know parents believe that people of their faith or their belief should hate everybody else and corrupt children for it, for me those are equally wicked environments to expose children to.’

Turning to the fate of ‘The Beatles’, Mr Rowley said they must be put on public trial but declined to say in which country….

Mr Rowley said: ‘The people that have done the most gravest things overseas, the ones that do not fight to the death, we would all like to see them never able to do anyone any harm ever again.

‘Locking them up and throwing the key away would be a great idea, it depends on the jurisdiction’s legal framework, whether there is evidence to meet everyone’s assumptions.’ Mr Rowley said the ability of extremists and terrorists to ‘ply their trade through the internet’ remains a matter of ‘grave concern’….

Mr Rowley called on the public to join the struggle against terrorism, saying there are a ‘million things’ people can do to counter extremist views.

‘It is about being tolerant and united members of society, not falling for some of the nonsense with which others try to create fear and discord’ he said….

5 thoughts on “UK’s counterterror top dog: “Islamist” and “far right” “extremists” should have their children taken away”

  1. New tactics are needed for the Culture Wars. Bill Warner explains in Warner Moment: the Near Enemy

    The quote is from Sun Tzu – the near enemy is against us.

    The SPLC is going after Bill Warner through organisations like Master Card, Pay Pal, Facebook, YouTube etc. He is on their ‘Hate List’ because of opposition to Islam. His facts and analysis can not be refuted so the SPLC, Google and the Silicon Valley billionaires are pulling out their tricks.

    The Near Enemy are the apologists for Islam.

  2. I thank God that my great grandfather had the wisdom to leave England & Canuckistan!!!

    The wise men fled. What’s left is damned fools incapable of rational cognition. Britain is doomed.

    The remaining intelligent Brits need to select one anti-Islam party, abandon the rest and push the one to the hilt in every election cycle.

    If and when Brits regain control, secure their borders and remove the invaders & occupiers, then they must concentrate on reversal of Socialism.

    1. Exactly! Like in Canada, the right-wing parties must unite under one leader and one platform, or else be diluted into irrelevance.
      Not that ‘right-wingers” (anti-communist individualists) actually exist. And the leftist parties (who always hold the majority of cretins) must not be allowed to unite, because until now, only their divisiveness and internal incohesion have prevented them from totally dominating the world. So far.

      1. What do you do when the “right-wing parties” are just fronts for large establishment parties and in the business to catch those who disagree with their policies? We suspect the Australian Conservatives to do just that.

  3. This guys needs to be certified as a mindless PC moron of the highest order. If he has kids of his own they should be looking at getting him committed as his lift doesn’t go all the way to the top floor. What a disgrace no wonder no one has any respect for the British police anymore they are too busy locking up everyone who disagrees with their leftist appeasement attitudes.

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