Blasphemy Laws by the Back Door

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In the following video, Tommy Robinson discusses the fact that his Twitter account has been shut down. He violated Twitter’s rules against “hate speech” by tweeting about the numerous calls to violence in the Koran:

Katie Hopkins full speech to Horowitz Freedom Centre

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What Lies in Wait For Us, If We Do Not Stop Islam

From the Gates of Vienna

The essay below was published as a guest piece on the Jürgen Fritz blog. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

What Lies in Wait For Us, If We Do Not Stop Islam

A guest essay by Barbara Köster

Everyone is talking about Islamization and whether Islam is part of Germany. There are no news reports where Islam does not make at least second mention. Think that’s the high water mark? You’re way off. Read here what is still in store, as specifically as you have never heard before. From your dog to your wine cellar to your gay neighbor. Barbara Köster describes in unprecedented clarity and detail what awaits us if we do not stop Islam.


A word in your ear dear reader, in case you see Islam as no problem for you yourself. I would like to try to delineate what possibilities there are and what you will be facilitating if you support them, accept Islamization or even intentionally precipitate it. You must decide if you want to live like that.

To All House and Apartment Owners and Renters

You own real estate illegitimately. It rightfully belongs to the Muslims. The same is true of movable possessions that you have until now regarded as your own property. It is just that the time for transfer of your supposed property to its true owners has not yet arrived.

To All Female Singles

Marry as soon as possible or you will have to move in with your parents or uncles or siblings. A woman living alone is a prostitute. A property owner is required not to have any apartments available for such women. Residential communities of women and men who are not related to each other are likewise impossible in Islamic culture. Suspicion of improper sexual activity.

To All Male Singles

You, too, should marry as soon as possible. Unmarried men are not well liked In Islamic society. Marriage is a quasi-religious duty.

To All Homosexuals

You should know. The death penalty applies to you.

To All Married People

In Islamic law, only marriage between a man and a woman is valid — a man may have up to four wives. Islamic marriage is a usufruct agreement.[1] The man acquires the right to the use of his wife’s/wives’ sexual organs. So the fact of rape in marriage is not easily proved. The model of the Prophet Mohammed applies for husbands — in their marital union with their wives, they are the prophet. This is about power and authority.

For married women, the example is not Mohammed but his wives. This is about obedience. The man-woman relationship is one of super-ordination and subordination. Family ties come before marital ties. In Islam, “family” is not the isolated nuclear family, which is regarded as a Western symptom of decadence, but the extended family. While the family as a social unit is untouchable, the couple relationship is always vulnerable because of the ease with which men can achieve separation through disguised prostitution like “temporary marriage” and through the allowed practice of keeping a concubine.

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To All Fathers

In Islamic culture, childhood is not valued. Children have no rights. They are property. If you feel responsible for your children, put their well-being before yourself, possibly even play with them regularly, you are to be taken no more seriously than the children. Respect is due only to you, the father, and you must acquire it yourself. You can manage children as you wish. They must obey you blindly, as they obey God blindly. Children must obey all older and stronger persons. Even a grown man is always the son of his father and can have independent authority and dominance only over women and children.

To All Mothers

Raising children is a task of the family and therewith yours, as wife and mother. But you have only a limited right to your children. In case of a divorce, an ex-husband can leave a son of up to seven, a daughter until puberty, in your care. After that, they go to him. Their legal representative is always only the father. Organizations for the relief or aid of the family, such as shelters and kindergartens, are not necessary. They are even harmful, because they destroy the familiar network of relationships. Family is a norm that must be adhered to, and not just a concept to describe affiliation.

To Everyone With Dependents in Need of Care

Care is the responsibility of families. An Islamic community does not consider itself responsible for taking on the family’s tasks. It would be conceivable, in that sense, to transfer the wealth of welfare organizations, which have hitherto managed old age and nursing homes, to Islamic foundations for the care of the poor.

To All Girls and Women Who Like Riding a Bike

Just watch the film Wadjda.[2]

To All Dog Owners and Anyone Who Would Like a Dog

Dogs are impure and may not be kept in the house. Black dogs must be killed.

To All Vintners, Brewers, Distillers and Everyone Who Appreciates a Good Drop

Alcohol is forbidden. This includes a ban on displaying, selling and consuming. Wine cellars, breweries, distilleries, wine and spirits shops could be visited by the Kalashnikov, which will destroy the stock and ruin the proprietor. In Islamic countries, consumption of wine is punished by beatings. In Iran, the third conviction for alcohol consumption can lead to the death sentence. Destruction of all cultivated land on the Rhine and Mosel, in the Palatinate, in Baden and Franconia — to name only the larger areas in Germany — would simply be a matter of time. Steep slopes could be left to be overgrown. Terraces and plains would be suitable for building new settlements.

To All Pig Farmers and Ham Processors

In Islamic cuisine there is no Parma or San Daniel ham, no Serrano, Aragon or Pata Negra, no Westphalian Black Forest, no lard, bacon, hock or spareribs, no cutlets, no salami or any other kind of pork sausage. These foods are impure. Nothing about that will change. Your business has no future.

To All Vegetarians and Vegans

Your lifestyle is not welcome in Islamic culture. The Prophet has said that people who eat no meat for 40 days have poor character. The number “40” is not to be taken literally. It represents a comparatively long time, but not an actual long time. That would be 40 years.

To All Lotto Players and Other Gamblers as Well as Promoters

Gambling is forbidden.

To All Employees of Insurance Companies

Insurance is regarded as gambling and therefore forbidden.

To All Bank Employees

You will learn Islamic banking.

To All Female Doctors and Nurses

You may only treat and care for girls and women. Women are people who look like women and not people who feel they are women.

To All Doctors and (Male) Nurses

You may only deal with boys and men. Appearance is decisive here, too.

To All Barbers and Hair Stylists, Masseurs and Masseuses, Male and Female Physiotherapists

You may serve only customers of your own gender.

To All Psychotherapists

Your profession is comparatively exotic in Islamic culture. Psychoanalysis was not invented by a Muslim. Islam does not believe in introspection but in keeping watch for external enemies. We’ll see if you manage to thrive.

To All Church Functionaries

You are expected to be even more unobtrusive than you have been thus far.

To All Monks and Nuns

Your class is forbidden in Islam. Monasteries/cloisters are not worthy of protection. At any rate, their wealth, including the improved property, would be welcome in an Islamic foundation.

To All Female Judges

In Islam, women are not allowed to practice law. You’re fired.

To All (Male) Judges

The existing judiciary will increasingly come under pressure. Law and justice are substantial fields in Islam, which it intends to own. The goal of introducing sharia and Islamic legal knowledge, first for Muslims, and then for everyone, is never out of view.

To All Female Teachers, Pupils and Students

There is separation of the sexes in all courses. The course of study of the Islamic State, for instance, is: memorization of the Koran, reading, writing and basic arithmetic. For boys, also military training. For admission to higher schooling, being able to memorize the Koran is requisite.

To All Curators and Museum Visitors

There won’t be so much to display or see — statues are forbidden, as are pictures of people.

To All Gallery Owners and Art Dealers

Maybe you could switch to Islamic art.

To All Musicians, Singers, Concertgoers and Music Dealers

Composers such as Bach, Händel, Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart, Mahler, Schönberg are unknown to Islamic culture. Operas and symphony concerts, instruments like the organ and piano are likewise not a part of the culture. Destroying musical instruments is justified. The feminine singing voice endangers morals. Music and song are tolerated only so long as they do not provoke. The highest art form in Islam is the recitation of the Koran. It is, to an extent, the “music” of Islam.

To All Dancers and Dance Enthusiasts

Ballet is un-Islamic. Dance is forbidden. This is already a given from the ban on mixing sexes in public and also the ban on the arousing provocations that come from music and the accompanying movements. So, no more uproar over what opera balls there are. That’s all in the past.

To All Athletes and Sports Fans

Sport is pagan. Olympic Games are idol worship. (The Church Father Tertullian, was also of this view. Another example of how early Christianity lives on in Islam. The Olympic Games were in fact in honor of the ancient gods.)

To All Poets, Writers, Dramatists and Readers

Poetry is highly prized in Islamic culture, but subject to very explicit rules. Drama has no place in Islamic tradition. Despite the Egyptian Nobel Prize winner Nagîb Mahfûz, the novel is still alien and rejected by many religious authorities, because it creates artificial worlds which divert from Allah. Science fiction, in particular, is hubris and blasphemy, because only Allah knows the future. Instead of writing and reading novels, study the Koran.

To All Fashion Designers

Style for women of the former Western type will only be tolerable in a familiar context or in purely feminine society. Stop designing and offering it. Men’s clothing will change, too. Ties will disappear (if for no other reason, because of their replication of the Cross), especially those made of silk, because silk is in general taboo for men.

To All Perfumiers

Alcohol is also rejected as a basis for perfumes. Learn to make perfumes from an oil basis.

Finally, to All Men

The decadence of lacking the will to exert power over women is over.

And to All Women

Because an emancipated woman goes to Hell, it is the duty of the community to preserve her from emancipation. True emancipation is modesty. Modesty is liberation. Prohibitions and paternalism are true emancipation.

The Author

Barbara Köster, who studied sociology and political science, is regarded as an expert on Islam. Her book, The Misunderstood Koran — why Islam must be founded all over again is in its second edition.


1. The right to enjoy benefits or profits from something, such as real property, while not being the owner of it.
2. First woman-directed, woman-centric, and award-winning Saudi Arabian film (2012). About a ten-year-old girl who wants a bicycle — which is improper for a Saudi girl. She enters a contest in memorization of Koran verses and wins, but the teacher, learning that the girl wants to use the prize money to buy the bicycle, decrees that the money will be donated to the Palestinian cause. Returning home, she finds that her father has taken a second wife, despite her mother’s efforts to dissuade him, so the mother has used the money she saved for a new dress to make herself more attractive to her husband to buy Wadjda the bicycle. Wadjda wins a race against a male friend, and is last seen symbolically riding the highway into the distance.

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