Integrate this!

Western countries will never be able to integrate Mohammedans. The stubborn, absurd attempts at “integration” continue regardless:

Dogooderism is a mental disorder: UK – Govt pledges £50 million of OUR money to ‘integrate’ muslims, not realizing that it is they who are being integrated…..

Here, an informed German citizen tells the truth about “integration”

For Tariq Ramadan ‘integration’ meant nothing other than “we are here, we are here to stay, we will spread Islam and the sharia and there’s nothing you can do about it, kaffir….”

Vienna Schoolteacher: “What Are We Supposed to Integrate Them Into?”

A veteran schoolteacher in Vienna named Susanne Wiesinger decided to go on the record with her frank assessment of what cultural enrichment has done to Viennese schools. The fact that this report could air, even if only on internet TV, is a sign of how much the political winds have shifted in Austria.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling these videos:

In other news:

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3 thoughts on “Integrate this!”

  1. From the “One Red Pilled German” video
    @ the 1:26 minute mark
    “… But if you haven’t understood it yet, then you are simply ignorant, as always.” [sic]

    No (the “Leftoid” aiders and abetters of islam) are not simply ignorant, as always !

    These criminal enablers of islam are guilty of Treason/Sedition/Subversion !!
    These criminal Treasonous/Seditious/Subversive enablers of islam are to be rounded up and permanently “incarceratedforever !!!

  2. “Vienna Schoolteacher: “What Are We Supposed to Integrate Them Into?””

    Listening to the Austrian schoolteacher of 25 years is eye-opening.

  3. Are you enabling islam in your Western Civilisation – anywhere/anyhow !
    You are a Traitor/Seditioner/Subversive !

    You have two eventualities
    … You will be Converted/Subjugated/Murdered by the islams you enable !
    … You will be Removed/Arrested/Permanently-“incarcerated” by the non-islams you betray !
    (Traitors/Seditioners/Subversives don’t get the third option) !

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