“Sweden to Hungary: It Is Not OK to Use us as an Example of Failed Mass Migration”

Swedish MP announces plans to migrate to Hungary to escape Muslim migrant chaos

Kent Ekeroth told Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) that the Scandinavian country should learn from Hungary because they have “no immigration”.

“Swedish MP wants to EMIGRATE to Hungary to escape immigration”, by Paul Withers, Express, March 28, 2018:

A Swedish Member of Parliament has had enough of his country’s lax immigration policy that has seen Sweden decline into lawlessness since the massive influx of Muslim migrants. MP Kent Ekeroth of the Sweden Democrats has announced that he is about to emigrate to Hungary when his term expires.

Ekeroth stated that Hungary values “their own culture highly and the grounds on which European civilisation rests.”

Swedish government commissions, then withdraws under pressure, leaflet approving of child marriage

Why would the Swedish government issue this leaflet in the first place? Because child marriage is approved in Islam, and the Swedish government knows who the new masters of Sweden are.

“Day by day we see the great European countries and nations losing their countries: little by little, from district to district and from city to city. The situation is that those who do not halt immigration at their borders are lost: slowly but surely they are consumed.”…. (Victor Orban)

Sweden to Hungary: Stop using us as “an example of failed migration”

The truth hurts and  Swedens socialist-nihilist cretins hate the truth with a passion:

Swedish Education Minister Gustav Fridolin told the “Hungarian government and ruling Fidesz party to stop using Sweden as an example of failed mass migration policies.”

One wonders what gives Fridolin the right to order another sovereign country what to say and not to say, particularly when Swedish leaders have so desperately failed their people. Sweden has earned its reputation as a model country of what not to do with immigration. It flung its doors open to Muslim migration to the extent that Sweden was reported to be on the brink of civil war, and its own National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson pleaded on public television to “‘Help us, help us!’….while warning that Swedish police forces no longer can uphold the law and therefore must ask all good powers in the country to support them.”

Fridolin also stated that “we have our problems and challenges the same as you probably have in Hungary.” Hungary has none of the problems that Sweden has stemming from Muslim migration. It has experienced no jihad attacks since 2015, and increase in phenomena as Sweden’s violent no-go zones, which have expanded into the country’s largest mall and other once respectable districts; nor does Hungary face mass rapes of its infidel women.

It is reprehensible enough that any Western leaders could subject its own citizens to such abuse, and then be so brazenly unrepentant and arrogant as to blast another country for pointing out its atrocious irresponsibility.

“Sweden to Hungary: It Is Not OK to Use us as an Example of Failed Mass Migration”, by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, March 29, 2018:

Swedish Education Minister Gustav Fridolin visited Hungary this week telling the Hungarian government and ruling Fidesz party to stop using Sweden as an example of failed mass migration policies.

Sweden criminalizes criticism of Islam and starts fining people for “crimes of opinion”

Freedom of speech does not exist in Sweden. Sweden is turning its back on its own culture, All in the name of multiculti utopia.
Sweden Will Not Be Any Different From Great Britain

People who spread “hate” should not travel to Sweden. The ban will apply to both Muslim and Christian extremists, and to so-called right-wing extremists.

We all know that’s BS. They won’t ban Mohammedan hate preachers, but will do anything to stop truth-tellers from coming to Sweden. Just like England does with Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and more recently with  Brittany Pettibone, Lauren Southern and Martin Sellner — all  banned from entering Britain after they criticized Islam. They were called “hate predators”. The Swedish ruling class is certifiably suicidal.

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  1. I have got news for you Gustav, the entire Western World uses Sweden as the proverb and bye-word of a nation that has undergone Communist /Globalist subversion through mass migration. It is clear to everyone that the Swedish government has been importing Muslims en masse for decades to deal with the native Swedes until the final takedown.

    Sweden is a legend, Gustav. I am not just talking about the Allahu Akbar event in the Ikea where the details of the beheading were heavily censored by police and press in sympathy with the poor migrant (officially a child, I believe) who became frustrated and undone at concept of Ikea furniture assembly. Anyone who has ever assembled Ikea furniture will , I am sure sympathize. Very current is this notion of the fiendish Swedes spending their long winters designing products that will prove frustrating and infuriating to the mentally challenged – such as the poor Muslim who had to resort to beheading someone in a Swedish Ikea. But the way this event was ‘managed’ in the FakeNN went beyond the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ Western paradigm and weighed in at the level of ‘could not make this shyte up’.

    For crying out loud, Gustav, from the sorry state of the Swedish nation completely betrayed by its Communist/Globalist governing class, the term ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ has passed into English language. Your government censors the term ‘mjolk’ as a term of White Supremacist ‘hate’.


    You lecture the Swedes on how there is no such thing as Swedish ‘nation, heritage and culture’.

    The only thing that will save Sweden is ‘the Hun at the gate’ replay.

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