Yassmin Al Maggot Deported From the U.S.!

Update from Tim Blair:

Three hours after touching down in Minneapolis, she was on a plane back without her passport.

Maybe her Hizb ut-Tahrir friends can help sort this out. Travel issues aside, Abdel-Magied will shortly return to our screens to deliver another dose of tax-funded Islamic PR.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied refused entry to the US by immigration officials

Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied has been refused entry to the United States this morning by immigration officials and put back on a plane.

Ms Abdel-Magied, who was travelling to the US for a series of speaking engagements, used social media this morning to reveal she had been detained in Minneapolis.

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 Yassmin Abdel-Magied has confirmed she is being deported from the US where she was due to speak at a literature festival that supports free speech.

Abdel-Magied confirmed the news on social media to her followers in a series of tweets that she was at the US border where officials said she would be deported.

Ms Abdel-Magied was in Minneapolis where the incident occurred.

In other news:


China is acting like a thug, with bullying tactics that should make us worry even more about its influence here:

 “China has gone cold on Malcolm Turnbull’s government over recent anti-China rhetoric, reportedly refusing to grant visas to senior ministers. Prime Minister Turnbull this morning admitted there was ‘some tension’ in the Australia-China relationship after his government introduced laws to crackdown on foreign interference and espionage.”

She tweeted that she was deported after an Officer Herberg looked at her case within a few minutes.

She added: “Oh, and they still have my passport. Apparently I can’t be trusted with it until I’m in a foreign country because, as Officer Blees said, ‘planes get turned away back way too often and then…”

She was due to speak at the Pen World Voices Festival in New York where she was locked in to talk at two events. One was titled “The M Word: No Country for Young Muslim Women” on April 18, and the other was “Take back the net: Fighting online hate” on April 21.

The news comes after she fled Australia after claiming she was the nation’s most hated Muslim.

Now the former ABC TV presenter – who made headlines with a number of politically charged statements about Islam, Anzac Day and African gangs – has also recently moved into acting.

Ms Abdel-Magied fled to London last year in the wake of the controversies surrounding her after she compared Australia to an “abusive boyfriend”.

She is about to make her acting debut in the new SBS series Homecoming Queens.

Created and co-written by Michelle Law, the series looks at the lives of two young women as they deal with life after major illness.

Ms Abdel-Magied took to Instagram to share her news, describing herself as “SO excited” this month.

Last month, the former Queensland Young Australian of the Year was given a coveted free speech award by human rights group Liberty Victoria.

Ms Abdel-Magied was awarded the 2018 Young Voltaire Award for being a “role model” to young women, Muslims and migrants.

“I won an award for free speech y’all,” Ms Abdel-Magied said on Twitter at the time.

“This one is for all those young Muslims and POC (people of colour) in Aus and around the world who know their equality is conditional, but know they need to speak anyway. And for all of those who tried to silence me … Eat your hearts out.”

Ms Abdel-Magied’s career has not been without several incidents where her words courted controversy.

She had a heated exchange on ABC’s Q&A with former Tasmanian senator Jackie Lambie where she declared: “Islam to me is the most feminist religion.”

Ms Abdel-Magied also shocked Australia with her Anzac Day gaffe, where she posted on Facebook: “Lest We Forget (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine …).”

9 thoughts on “Yassmin Al Maggot Deported From the U.S.!”

  1. Her talk was “No country for young Muslim women”

    Goodness, me, there are 57 members of the OIC( Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) and she can apply to live there.

    Try Pakistan.

  2. She [Yassmin Abdel-Magied (born 3 March 1991 Khartoum)] complained that the “tightening of (US) immigration laws business is working, despite my Australian passport’’.” [sic]

    “Yassmin Abdel-Magied (born 3 March 1991 Khartoum), a former ABC presenter complained “those who say the world is borderless are those who have the right colour passports — or birthplace’’.

    What your “problem” is Yassmin Abdel-Magied (born 3 March 1991 Khartoum) is
    … You are a criminal !!!
    … You are an invader islam !!!
    … You have an islam FGM’ed vagina that you “promote” the perpetrators of (islam) !!!
    … You many times a day “receptively” raise you anus for “allah” (aka muhammad) to symbolically penetrate you and to publicly acknowledge your submission to (islam) !!!

    Ms Abdel-Magied
    … You claim to have an Australian passport !!!
    … You would have obtained this Australian passport illegally !!!
    … The processors of your australian citizenship are guilty of Treason/Sedition/Subversion against Australia !!!

    … You are NOT an Australian citizen !!!
    … You are a Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful Vicious invader islam !!!

    Any “Citizenship” received by invader islams and diversifier criminal African tribals was granted by Traitors to Australia and is therefore forfeited while the “authority” perpetrators are Removed and permanently “incarcerated” !!!
    It is also no longer possible for an islam convert to retain their Australian citizenship as an islam can only ever swear their allegiance to “allah” (aka muhammad – these days its the imams controllers who islams are submitting to) !!!

    1. Corrected +
      … You have an islam FGM’ed vagina and yet you STILLpromote” the perpetrators (islam) !!!
      (apparently you have narry a clue of what you have been deprived of) !!!

      1. Given she is from the Sudan it a good question to ask her, if she has been “circumcised”

  3. Why is this odious clown given airtime for not being allowed into the USA for applying for a tourist visa – when she knew she was going to be paid in the US for lecturing idiots about the trials and tribulations of being a muslim woman living in the West?

    Everybody else who does that – give false information about their true intentions to Immigration staff can expect the same. Yet she’s using it to her advantage seemingly implying that it happens because she’s a muslim.

    She knows damn well why it happened but hasn’t bothered to tell anyone.

    No doubt she sees herself as some kind of muslim equivalent of Anne Frank or similar.

  4. ZOGusa has Linda Sasour to serve up the halal. They are sending Yassmin back to us. Oh joy. And she already has a job in works with AuntyOz.

  5. Mustards lie. About anything. That’s what they do.

    She lied about her reason for visiting the nation, deliberately got the wrong visa, and has done it before.

    She lied about her reasons for being deported, pretending to be the victim of racism, when she was entirely responsible, and not some white Christian male scapegoat.

    ” ‘Those who say the world is borderless are those who have the right colour passports – or birthplace,’ she tweeted.

    Waleed Aly, a Muslim, suggested Ms Abdel-Magied’s deportation was symptomatic of more draconian immigration policies in the United States. ”

    The FACTS are she was “deported” for travelling there for PAID WORK on a TOURIST visa.

    Do these professional whiners with immensely greater platforms and #privilege ever stop complaining about the freedoms and liberty they enjoy care of Christian culture?

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