Syria: who Needs This War?

Funny how the white helmets in news videos allegedly treating so called victims have no protective gear but seem unaffected

Too funny how only children and not adults are shown affected by this so-called ‘chemical attack’!

Attacking Syria is the moral thing to do because we care about the children. Unless it’s Saudi Arabia slaughtering Yemeni children, in which case we’ll happily provide the bombs:

No trace of chemical weapons at alleged attack site in Douma – Russian military

UN Sources Say Syrian Rebels — Not Assad — Used Sarin Gas

Assad invites chemical weapons inspectors to investigate suspected attack in Syria

French President Emmanuel Macron said France has proof the Syrian government was behind the suspected chemical attack last week in Douma, but…  doesn’t present any evidence.

Ibrahim Al-Amin, editor of pro-Hizbullah Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar, warns that if France takes part in an attack on Syria, French soldiers may be targeted. 

Our track record of intervening in Syria because morally we think we should, without a proper strategy, without working out a long-term plan, is bad.

War correspondent: We found no signs of a chemical attack in Duma –

Peter Ford on BBC Radio Scotland (who obviously didn’t get the memo on keeping him out) outing the ‘monitors’ of the alleged attacks. The interviewer tried for about ten seconds to talk him down but Fmr. Ambassador Peter Ford ploughed on and dropped several truth bombs. Fortunately it was live.

Top UN Inspector: Assad Not Responsible For Chemical Weapons Attack

In other news:

“Tel Aviv and Haifa will be destroyed”

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s representative at the Quds force cleric Ali Shirazi was quoted by Fars as saying. “Iran can destroy Israel.”

Germany: Muslim migrant shouting “Allahu akbar” stabs man, throws beer bottles at bystanders, smashes windows

In response to the SBS: Stop blaming white men for everything

 The left constantly tries to vilify white men in order to justify the violence of other minority groups. It happens all over the world and it has to stop.

2 thoughts on “Syria: who Needs This War?”

  1. Well just as we all believed, a load of propaganda against Russia again. The only just war in the middle east is Israel defending herself. And Iran is using Assad and Syria as a platform to attack Israel. The sooner Iran is taken out the better. Anyone remember Iran before 1979? A beautiful country with beautiful people.

  2. This is a replay of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction.

    ZOGusa never gets any new ideas. Their political theatre needs a script doctor, in the worst way. The cameras are rolling for the next blockbuster in the Middle East, they have an ultimatum from Vlad, their FAKENN is running the atrocity propaganda on all channels. And the script is a rerun. It’s not as though they put their finger on the button and get Satandom on Earth over there in Hollywood and talk to their collaborators over at DreamWorks or Pixar for crying out loud.

    Even if they do manage to get this in the can, it’s going to tank at the box office. The minions are not buying it.

    On a brighter note Tommy Robinson is back from vacation with his kids and he has plans to get his show on the road. Brace yourself Manchester, he’s coming your way.
    Tommy Robinson: Breaking – we’re back with a bang

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