Pat Condell: The Curse of Cultural Marxism

It used to be good to be liberal. The Founding Fathers were liberals and created America on liberal principles. But then the concept of liberalism became corrupted. People who thought of themselves as liberal fell prey to the disease called cultural Marxism. Nowadays, “liberal” is used as a synonym for “progressive” — and as Pat Condell explains, being progressive is not good at all:



One thought on “Pat Condell: The Curse of Cultural Marxism”

  1. Liberal comes from the French Revolution – liberty, equality and fraternity. Marxism and the Communist Revolution is the global, totalitarian phase of the Revolution inaugurated 1789.

    It is actually one revolution brought to us by our (((sponsors))), I mean owners. Because it is the central bank (plank 1 of Marxism) that owns the government as an asset of its corporate structure.

    Marxism takes the Revolution 1789 a bit further. Liberty becomes the chaos of no rulz which as the precondition necessitates total rulz governing every aspect of life. Equality is not like ‘the law is no respecter of persons’. It becomes – everyone must be smashed down to the lowest r. common denominator. Fraternity becomes loss of the freedom of association and the individual right to decide association.

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