Britain is Now a Genuine Police State


Paul Weston

There are a number of court cases taking place in Britain which are subject to reporting restrictions. A good percentage of these — and we really don’t know how many, which I think is rather the idea — relate to Muslim gang-rape trials. Tommy was under a 13-month suspended sentence for previously reporting on a gang-rape trial subject to reporting restrictions. In other words, if he broke the law again he would then serve the jail time as per the initial sentence.

The police made no mention of reporting restrictions or contempt of court; they arrested him for “breaching the peace” which would seem to be a total fabrication and therefore unlawful. His immediate hearing and sentencing suggests this was a planned action by the police (and our lovely government) in order to shut him down.

Arrested for reporting on a Paki ‘grooming gang’ is “breaching the peace”…..

The judge in Tommy Robinson’s case, Denise Marson, pulled a nasty trick on our boy.  She threw him in jail for 13 months, and banned anyone in the UK from talking about it.

The Baron from the Gates of Vienna is wondering:  what kind of cooperation will YouTube give to the totalitarian UK? How long will this stay up?

UK MEP says Tommy Robinson arrest “politically motivated” amid massive protest in London over his arrest

Lots of video material thanks to Vlad Tepes below the fold….

Here is some of the media that was banned and forced down in a very surprising ruling banning coverage if Tommy Robinson’s arrest.

More news:

The proposed Italian coalition government under prime minister-designate Giuseppe Conte has gained more than an absolute majority of support in the Senate, and an even larger margin in the lower house. Meanwhile, the Lega and the 5-Star Movement have chosen Paolo Savona as economy minister. Mr. Savona is known to be a staunch Euro-skeptic and is very anti-German.

In other news, almost 1,500 migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean over the course of just two days by the Italian coast guard and various migrant-rescue NGOs.

More Information on Tommy — Another Demo TODAY at Speaker’s Corner

Information from Facebook, including Tommy Robinson’s address, and how people can help him:

Due to the reporting restrictions set down by the judge I am unable to report on anything said or done in the court room other than Tommy was given 13 months for Contempt of Court and immediately taken to prison.

Tommy’s solicitor is meeting Tommy on Tuesday to discuss what next steps can be taken, if any. She was deliberately misled by the police, who informed her on the phone that he was being released, and when she asked for confirmation that he would be released and that there was no need for her to travel to Leeds they informed her that was correct. The police immediately took Tommy to the court and appointed a Court Solicitor, who was useless.

Below are details to contact Tommy if you wish to send messages of support, money for postage stamps, phone calls and food/toiletries are always appreciated. Tommy is okay so far.

A2084CG Stephen Lennon
HMP Hull Prison
Hedon Rd,

You can also use this service to email Tommy, and for small amounts of money you can use this secure service.

If you wish to help Tommy’s legal fund you can do so by going to

Please feel free to share this information with others, and pages/groups and any other stories out there regarding Tommy where he is or isn’t are FAKE.

A report from today’s demo outside 10 Downing Street:

About 1,000 supporters turned up. The police were not expecting it. We managed to block Whitehall traffic both ways for a couple of hours with traffic piling back.

The police were unprepared, and when they did turn up were treated to chants of “scum, scum”. There was one moment when it looked as if they were moving in on the crowd, but the moment passed and the crowd marched up Whitehall, past the Houses of Parliament and into a nearby park where there were speeches by Raheem Kassam, Gerard Batten, Janice Atkinson MEP and a few others. Then the crowd dispersed quietly.

Another demo has been planned for 1pm to 4pm tomorrow (Sunday) at Speaker’s Corner. Anne Marie Waters is due to speak.

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  1. Enormous shame! The only positive note is that we see the face of many traitors and Trojan horses. The time for Tommy to leave to a safe location has come! Tommy is more on a secular side and therefore he is not aware of the spiritual nature of the war in progress.
    Not last years… but now Tommy could move to the U.S. where there is plenty to do a more global scale.

  2. Who ordered Tommy Robinson’s arrest …

    As I have commented previously HRH (the current resident of Buckingham Palace) is the tip of the hierarchy in the UK

    So for me this made interesting reading
    Britain and islam
    In all the agonising about Islamism, and what to do about it, it would be a mistake to forget a very useful fact: that Britain has a special relationship with Islam and has done for centuries. The friendship with Islam is unique.

    Spain was home to Andalusia, a Muslim empire for 700 years. The Germans, Poles and Austrians saw off Turkish Muslim invaders in the Siege of Vienna in 1529 and then again at the Battle of Vienna in 1683. The French lived in the shadow of 732 and the Battle of Poitiers. Britain alone, cut off from Catholic Europe, forged a relationship with Muslims built on trade, the rule of law, mutual respect and an exchange of ideas and cultures. It would be a terrible shame to forget this friendship now.

    It was Queen Elizabeth I who did more than anyone to cultivate this relationship [ie. Queen Elizabeth I was guilty of Treason/Sedition/Subversion]. During the Reformation, what might be considered the first Brexit, England was isolated by Europe’s Catholic monarchs and, in 1570, Elizabeth was excommunicated by Pope Pius V. The Protestant Queen refused to bow to European intimidation so she found new and willing allies in the Muslim Ottomans, then a 400-year-old empire with territories in the Balkans, North Africa, central Asia and the Middle East.

    Sultan Murad III wrote to Queen Elizabeth, issuing a new law for his subjects, that if ‘her agents and merchants shall come from the domain of Anletar by sea with their barks and with their ships, let no one interfere’. This imperial edict, the rule of law, facilitated British trade in Ottoman trades and ports.

    Ottoman protection of British ships and commercial envoys helped England thrive despite the boycott by European powers. The consolidation of Protestantism, free trade, and free inquiry in England that led to the Enlightenment had something to do with the Ottoman-Elizabethan pact. By the end of her reign, English traders, diplomats, adventurers, and others lived or travelled through places such as Istanbul, Damascus, Fallujah, Aleppo, Raqqa, Algiers, Baghdad and Tripoli. The Queen was said to like Moroccan sugar so much that her teeth became quite black with decay.

    The merchants who left England, writes the historian Jerry Brotton, transformed Elizabethan homes. The wealthy filled their houses with Turkish carpets, silk quilts and embroidered tapestries. The language of 16th-century England was filled with Arabic: ‘sugar’ from sukkar, ‘crimson’ from kirmiz, ‘tulip’ from tulband. The English fascination with Islam and Muslims did not end with the Elizabethans. In 1650, a Greek-Turk named Pasqua Rosee opened the first coffee house in the City of London. It was pious Muslims from Yemen who spread the drinking of coffee within the Ottoman Empire, to help believers stay awake at night for worship of Allah. In Arabic, qahwah, or kehve in Turkish, became ‘coffee’ in English. Samuel Pepys visited the coffee house in 1660 and wrote ‘the first time that ever I was there, and I found much pleasure in it’.

    During the Victorian era, hundreds of thousands of Muslims served in the British armed forces. During the Crimean war, Ottoman Muslims fought together with the British against the Russians. It was in Constantinople that Florence Nightingale invented the art of nursing. Queen Victoria’s government was proud to remind the Ottoman sultan that she was an empress of more Muslims than he. Britain’s first purpose-built mosque was in 1889 in Woking, Surrey.

    <b<Most importantly, it was Queen Victoria’s patronage of and closeness to Munshi Abdul Karim that shows a warmth at the highest levels of British society towards Muslims. As part of the royal household, this pious Indian taught her Urdu, the poetry of Rumi, and gave her spiritual comfort. The 2017 feature film Victoria and Abdul captured some of the depth of that relationship.

    Too often, too, we forget that half a million Muslims fought with Britain in the first world war and died in the trenches for God, King and Empire. That generation held these values worthy of the ultimate sacrifice.

    In the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, almost four million Muslims from the Empire and then the Commonwealth have made Britain our home. The freedom to worship and thrive here in Britain is unmatched by any other country. It was this freedom that drew my Muslim parents to this country. The raison d’être of Islamic civilisations and the shariah for a thousand years was to provide five things: security, worship, preservation of the family, nourishment of the intellect and protection of property. These are called maqasid, or the higher objectives of the shariah. Britain provides these in multitudes for every Muslim today. There is no French tradition of laicité or hostility to Islam in modern British history.

    Today’s Islamist fanatics, who see conspiracies here and long for a shariah state, are mad. This country is fully Quran–compliant. The Christian ethos that shaped Britain is a cause for celebration, not rejection. Today, ‘Islamophobia’ is a terrible oxymoron which allows many British Muslims to wallow in unwarranted victimhood. There is no phobia against Islam, simply against terrorism.

    Rich in history, tradition, trade, the rule of law, education, and parliamentary democracy, this island still has much to offer to the world of Islam — if we can strengthen and not abandon our old friendship.

    1. Perhaps this will explain the insidious and repulsive islam situation in the UK !!!
      It did for me !!!

      These English German “Royals” definitely do not have English best interests at heart
      Nazi’s and islam (historically) go together !!!
      (explains (cute and lovable 😉 ) Harry’s Nazi fancy dress costume … fopar (? no))

      Wake-up England !!!

    2. oops …
      Harry (15 September 1984) … Henry Charles Albert David Wales Windsor Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld.

  3. They have known the JewK is a police state in Ireland since the Battle of the Boyne 1688 A.D. Good to see that everyone now gets it.

    With the establishment of the Corporation of the City of London and the rise of The Empire of the City – the Revolution was set to roll and on its back rode the mighty British Empire.

    The nations that were welded into the JewK by the War of the Succession just want to be nations again – England, Scotland, Cymry and Ireland.

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