Ramadan begins, massive fire rips through several buildings in Muslim infested Molenbeek area of Brussels

Massive fire rips through several buildings in Molenbeek, Brussels, Belgium:

Bomb-making class gone awry? Another one of those “gas leaks” that have become so common in Europe and the U.K. in recent years? Some other form of diversity and cultural enrichment? No telling. It could be an accident. It could be jihad. That’s the exhilarating aspect of Ramadan!

In other news:

UK PM May warns Turkey’s Erdogan not to lose sight of democratic values 

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan meets with Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May at 10 Downing Street in London, Britain May 15, 2018.

I’m sure he is taking the advice of that barren infidel twat seriously.

Pal-Arabs have free will and the capacity to reason. So why do Western media treat them like children or savages entitled to violent tantrums?

Israelis dropped leaflets to thousands telling them not to go to the border yest & try to breach it. Hamas on the other hand encouraged it. They use their own people as  photo ops & spend  aid$$$ on terrorism rather than buy food for them.

Israel has good reason to celebrate: 70 years of independence, a dynamic economy, an innovative tech industry, a vibrant public square, a globally influential culture, demographics that are the envy of the West, burgeoning alliances with former enemies, and now American recognition of its capital. Leave it to the New York Times to frame the anniversary as a moment of “peril” and a “nightmare taking shape.”

PalestinianAP Photo/Adel Hana


Hamas has organised 1000s of violent jihadists in Gaza to rush the security fence. They have knives, guns, Molotovs etc.

In defense from the violent riots, Israel security called approximately 51 of the many thousands involved.

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‘Moderate’ Muslim Brotherhood Declares US ‘An Enemy State of the Arab World’ After Trump Jerusalem Embassy Announcement 

Here’s a translation of the Muslim Brotherhood’s statement.

Enough is enough:

Trump: “We have a catch-and-release program, too.

It’s called, we catch them and we release them in the country they came from. We’re getting them out or we’re putting them in prison.”

Donald Trump,  elected President in an uncontested and fair election, has been threatened with murder week after week by those who we once looked up to.  Musicians, comedians, and celebrities are all getting in on the trend as well, bringing to life their own twisted fantasies about committing what would amount to the most egregious act of domestic democratic terrorism in recent memory.

Judicial Watch Lead Investigator: ‘It’s Time For Trump’s Team to Fight Like Hell Because Mueller’s Witch Hunt is a Slow-Motion Political Coup’

Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs expressed his frustration and anger over the never ending Russia witch hunt.

2 thoughts on “Ramadan begins, massive fire rips through several buildings in Muslim infested Molenbeek area of Brussels”

  1. “Pal-Arabs have free will and the capacity to reason. So why do Western media treat them like children or savages entitled to violent tantrums?”

    Do they really have the capacity though? They’re already behind the 8 ball with hundreds of years of inbreeding producing not the brightest people in the world. They see themselves as tribal members primarily. So their ability to operate as a free thinking individual is already severely compromised.

    Couple that with a primitive , barbaric philosophy that pits them against the rest of humanity in an existential struggle – and it’s easy to see how the ability to think freely and with originality vanishes in favour of the group mind. It leaves them following without question the dictates of their bloodthirsty mullahs who in turn are even more eagerly following their bloodthirsty pseudo-religion.

    That’s not to excuse any of them.

  2. A thought …
    How about those islams (responsible for the the actions in their hearts demanded by their Controllers) be held monetarily accountable and legally responsible for the retribution for their acts of vandalism and assaults and murders in the West !!!
    … every islamophile removed and permanently “incarcerated !!!
    … “war” damage must be covered by islam majority countries !!!
    … every islam is to be “removed” from every Western country !!!

    You know … You damaged that property – eg. car-b-q’s !!!
    You know … You assaulted that person(s) – eg. rape !!!
    You know … You murdered that person(s) – eg. explosions !!!

    and if you can’t find the exact islam that did any particular instant
    … just grab the nearest islam to you (they are all guilty by association) !!!
    … all the perpetrators will be got eventually !!!
    … when there’s no more islams !!!

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