Grrl power: Mina Dich and daughters Safaa (centre) and Rizlaine Boular
Grrl power: Mina Dich and daughters Safaa (centre) and Rizlaine Boular

Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph

What fools we were. Everybody laughed at Yassmin Abdel-Magied, but it turns out she was 100 per cent correct.

Islam truly is the most feminist religion:

One of Britain’s youngest female terror plotters has been found guilty of preparing an attack on London with the first all-woman Islamic State cell.

Safaa Boular, now 18, secretly discussed the murderous scheme with her sister and mother using coded language which had an Alice in Wonderland tea party theme.

Instead of cucumber sandwiches and cakes, her sister Rizlaine, 22, bought a large knife to bring carnage to Westminster in April last year.

Boular first began planning a grenade and gun attack on the British Museum when she was thwarted from joining her Isil husband in Syria.

True love never runs smooth.

The court heard how Boular was just 16 when she was wooed online by Coventry-born Isil fighter Naweed Hussain, 32.

The couple got married in an online ceremony and talked of donning his-and-hers suicide belts to achieve martyrdom together.

Must’ve been one hell of a wedding registry.

Police uncovered Boular’s plans to join him following an airport stop in August 2016 and confiscated her passport.

Naweed Hussain claims some prime Raqqa real estate

While on bail, Boular turned her attention to an attack on the British Museum, encouraged by Hussain in “lovey-dovey” messages.

Hussain, you silver-tongued cavalier. You really put the Semtex into sexting.

Burka-wearing Boular also scoped out the MI6 headquarters near her home, and took a selfie in front of the building, the court heard.

Hussain was lured into revealing his murderous intentions to British secret service agents posing as Isil supporters online before he was killed in a drone strike.

And here is that drone. Boular is due to be sentenced in six weeks.