Mohammedans to rule over us?


The media gag order has been lifted, but the incarceration of Tommy Robinson remains a stain on the reputation of the United Kingdom. We will not rest until Robinson is free!

Nine years ago, I had the “privilege” of being banned from entering the United Kingdom. Though the leader of a major democratically elected political party in the Netherlands, I am also an outspoken critic of Islam.

That is why I am on the death list of several Islamic organizations and have been forced to live under 24/7 police protection for almost fourteen years. And that is also the real reason why the then British government deemed me a danger to public security. The elites all over Western Europe fear the wrath of Islam.

I managed to have the ban overturned in court, but, since then, numerous other Islam critics, such as my courageous American friends Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, both of them indomitable advocates of freedom and democracy, have also been banned from entering Britain.


90% of convicted RAPE and GROOMING Gangs being Muslim, proves we have a monumental problem, but still people choose to ignore it.

Since when did race and religion become more important than our children’s welfare?

A Mohammedan in charge of immigration and policing Muslim Rape Gangs?

The Tories have imposed a Muslim Home Secretary to rule over the British people.

Having been handed the second most powerful political office in the country, Paki Muslim Sajid Javid, is now in charge of both immigration and national policing.

It means that a Paki Muslim immigrant is now ruling over the British people and controlling Britain’s borders. He has the final say on who can enter the country and who is barred entry.

Having spoken of his resentment for OUR country for apparently causing him to live in “fear” of being deported back to his native Pakistan as an illegal, Javid is about to throw Britain’s floodgates open to Third World hordes and give all illegals ‘asylum’!

Javid is also in charge of the country’s entire police force!

So now, a man of Paki heritage is in charge of hunting down and prosecuting Muslim Rape Gangs; his fellow ‘men of Pakistani heritage’.

It’s a betrayal of the British people of previously inconceivable proportions!

Javid is also being lined up and groomed to be the first Muslim Prime Minister of Britain.

This is the greatest threat to the survival of our nation that the British people have ever been forced to face.

From the Religion of Peace:

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German Muslims accuse Bavaria of double standards over crucifix order

BERLIN: Muslim groups in Germany accused the Bavarian government of double standards Friday as a new order requiring government buildings in the mainly Catholic southern region to display a crucifix went into effect.

This is clearly a “backlash” against Mohammedan protégées like Aygül Özkan who saw it as one of her first duties as a newly ‘elected’ parliamentarian to remove the cross from the public sphere.

Hungarian Govt Outlines ‘Stop Soros’ Legislation Criminalising NGOs Which Aid and Abet Illegal Migrants

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  1. Anybody that visited Tripoli, Djibouti, Damascus or Karachi back in the 1970s would have known, within 48 hours, that the Muslim culture (let others argue whether it is an ideology or a religion) was totally incompatible with Western societies. Anybody with common sense, and even a very low IQ, could have told you that, and indeed many European travelers and scholars warned about this incompatibility. Nevertheless, thousands of European politicians, civil servants, teachers and others, who had benefited from the customs, traditions and values of European society, ignored simple common sense and started romanticizing ‘the noble savage’. How they ended up selling the concepts of diversity and multiculturalism as socially ‘good things’ defies belief. We are told that the progressives, motivated by the thinkers of the Frankfurt School, were ideologically blindsided into such a fiction, suspending their incredulity for the sake of some distant and magical greater good.

    When will common sense, bolstered by experience, become wisdom? At what stage in the process of committing cultural suicide, will people wake up? Far from seeing common sense prevail, we see every week more insane attempts by European governments to justify their failures over the last thirty to forty years. Britain, which has suffered for many years the phenomenon of grooming gangs, which resulted in tens of thousands of young British girls being drugged, abused and raped by Pakistani immigrants, should have exposed these activities and ruthlessly prosecuted those responsible. But they didn’t. People in government, in the Police and in Social Services, conspired together to cover up these evils, for the sake of being ‘politically correct’, whatever that weird and perverse dictum implies. Only when activists, like Tommy Robinson, took up the issue and forced disclosure of what was happening, did the government agree to address the issues. Were they sincere? You tell me. When the trials of Pakistani rapists got under way Theresa May appointed a Pakistani as Minister of Home Affairs, the man in charge of the CPS and immigration control. What does that tell you?

    Britain is not alone in its lunacy. Immigrants have attacked, abused and raped thousands of women in Germany, Sweden and elsewhere, with their liberal and progressive governments doing their maniacal best to appease the invading foreigners by covering up these crimes. Angela Merkel will go down in history as possibly the most reviled German politician, perhaps even more so than Adolf Hitler. Hitler was evil but he loved and cherished his own, whereas Merkel loathes her nation, its culture and its flag. Like the British, the Europeans are sacrificing their freedom of speech, and that can only end up costing them freedom itself. Don’t believe me? On what grounds did President Mattarella refuse to appoint the new government in Italy? Why did the British government issue a D notice on the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson when there were absolutely no issues of national security involved? Why are Swedes not allowed to identify the criminals in their society? Why does the EU view Viktor Orbán as their biggest enemy? It looks like a pattern to me…

    My advice to people with any common sense would have been, “You can see what is happening, collect your families and migrate.” But that is not the responsible or moral thing to do. It is cowardly to run away from a situation that by your consent or indifference, you have created. Why must our children have to inherit your disasters? Why must the younger generations fight the battles that you caused? This civilizational war was unequivocally caused by a lack of common sense, a surrender to the ideals of an ideology that has been repeatedly proven to be disastrous in all countries in which it surfaced, and because we allowed our values and culture to be debased and destroyed by the forces behind globalism and the new world order. It is time to take a stand.


  2. Only the Death Penalty is Appropriate for an islamophile !
    (for Treason/Sedition/Subversion) !!!

    Only the Death Penalty is Appropriate for an islam !
    (for offences against society in being and remaining an islam) !!!

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