Police: We can’t stop people flying Hezbollah flags on London march

Police: We can’t stop people Mohammedans flying Hezbollah flags on London march.

Doesn’t look like the police can do much of anything in once great Britain these days, because they’re too busy arresting pesky “Islamophobes” who report on Paki grooming gangs.

The shiite  will hit the fan when the puppet police are turned against the patriotic populace by the political poltroons. The government’s behavior, combining ignorance, stupidity, denial, betrayal, incompetence, and cowardice will have the necessary consequence, The violence of vigilanteism will not be externally quenched, Martial law will fail. Survival law will erupt consuming the dastards of disaster. Behan was right: do not go gently into the night.

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Hizballah were instrumental in killing well over 1000 British & US troops in Iraq & Afghanistan yet they can brandish their terrorist flags in the streets of our capital city. Ban them, stop this disgusting flag from being flown here. Please sign petition.

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From the Jewish Chronicle

Police have confirmed that the flag of Iranian-backed terror group Hezbollah can be flown at next month’s Al Quds Day Parade in central London – because the organisation’s “political wing” is not proscribed by the British government.

A letter sent to MP Louise Ellman, the vice-chair of the Labour Friends of Israel, said that police would allow the controversial flag to be raised once again at the June 10 parade because parliament had “consciously chosen” to proscribe only the military wing of Hezbollah – but the group’s flag is “shared across all elements of that organisation.”

Metropolitan Police Commander Jane Conners says in the letter that both she and Commissioner Cressida Dick “share concerns” that the raising of the Hezbollah flag on London’s streets “may be construed as belonging to a terrorist organisation.” But Conners adds: “Purely holding a flag does not necessarily incite religious or racial hatred.

Reacting to the letter, Ms Ellman said:“The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that they cannot prevent the flying of the Hezbollah flag on Al-Quds Day due to the policy of this government. We must remove this false and ludicrous distinction between Hezbollah’s political and military wings from UK law, and I would urge the new home secretary to take this action immediately. If we see the machine-gun adorned flag of an antisemitic terror group on London’s streets again this June it will be due to the inaction of the government – they must act now.”

Regular readers might recall that for most of the last 8 years I have joined, in one form or another, whatever counter there has been to this appalling march. Observing the march in 2009 is how I met the gentlemen of March for England. Some years MfE, EDL, the Casuals, Iranian secular exiles and others formed a big enough group to mount a counter demonstration. Other years, when the march was held on a working day individuals did their best to persuade the police to have the flags removed but this was always refused. The circular arguement always went, ‘We have orders to permit it – you must write to your MP or the Home Office’ and the Home office replied to the individual of their MP, ‘Policing is a matter for the most senior officer on the spot; The Home Secretary does not interfere in day to day policing.” Catch 22 yes? Sadiq Khan has never been interested. And I can’t see new Home Secretary Sajid Javid rocking the multi-cultural boat. 

For the last two years several Jewish groups have also countered the march under the umbrella of Stand Against Hate, and to have music, song and dance (and numbers, courage, all the virtues) on our side for the first time in 2016 was most uplifting. 

Al Quds this year is Sunday 10th June and now that the US embassy has moved from Mayfair to south London The march will terminate in a rally by the Saudi Embassy. I know groups who are intending to join the challenge.  Hopefully numbers will be good.

The picture is one I took last year. Senior police officers of the Metropolitan Police and the City of London police, and the offending flag.

9 thoughts on “Police: We can’t stop people flying Hezbollah flags on London march”

  1. You can stop them raising the flag, but you will not because you are cowards and s#@* scared of being called a racist. GROW A PAIR FOR GOODNESS SAKE, you have no worries telling us we are not allowed to raise OUR NATIONAL FLAG because it’s offensive to the muslims that want to kick us out of our own country or bomb us because we are none believers.

    1. No but I bet they would stop anyone flying the Union Flag ?? on the streets of U.K.

  2. Khan has been repeatedly asking for the flags and the political wing of Hezbollah to be banned ever since he got his job.
    Labour’s Joan Ryan got a debate on banning Hezbollah in the House of Commons back in February.

  3. yes guys atv a footie match world cup or not do not fly the flag of st.george,,,well fkk them i will fly my fkkin boxers iff i want to,,,my flags will be on the car and on my windows…..come on tommy,,,,,,

  4. It’s a sad time in England… immigration on a mass scale…while homelessness…is rife… stabbings etc.
    Their will be civil war in this country soon…we have enough of our own lawless assholes to contend with…without taking on any more.
    England land of the free…joke.

  5. As I look on face book I sometime fear for my children and there children can our government not see what is happening in Britain today there is a secret war going on in public view
    Where police have to be nice to people telling them don’t wear your help the hero band
    Where English people are told don’t fly your Queens flag it offends us come on people open your eyes to what’s going on speak about this to your government tell them how you feel or is it already To late to try I ask myself as I cry inside for my children

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