Hungarians Warn U.S. Illegal Migration Can’t Be Controlled Without ‘Strong’ Border

Why is the American military protecting South Korea’s border while leaving the American border defenseless? BUILD THE WALL and back it up with an armed military. Hungary and Israel show the way.

Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó warns that illegal immigration cannot be controlled without a “strong and effective” border.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News Deputy Political Editor Amanda House, Szijjártó explained how Hungary — and specifically Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s right-wing government — has successfully cut illegal immigration down by more 99 percent.

Like President Trump, who has repeatedly asked the Republican-controlled Congress to authorize a U.S. southern border wall, Szijjártó says that success at the Hungarian border is only possible with “strong and effective infrastructure.”



“We made a very clear decision that we protect our border in a way that we have full control,” Szijjártó told Breitbart News. “And we understood that if you have a land border, multiple hundreds of kilometers long — not as long as yours with Mexico, but long enough from [a] Central European perspective — if you don’t build a safe, or let’s say, a strong and effective infrastructure, you are not able to control that fully.”

“So we built an infrastructure, a fence, we have the military there, we have the police there, and we are very, very strict on holding everybody out who want to come illegally,” Szijjártó continued.