Is the fake news media the enemy of the people?

Is the “Mainstream” Media the Enemy of the People?


Trump gets grief for calling the supposedly mainstream media the enemy of the people. Coming from the POTUS, this characterization is indecorous in the extreme. But is it inaccurate? A large percentage of the population doesn’t think so. Neither does Daniel Greenfield:

The media doesn’t support national borders. It opposes any attempt to preserve the American people in some meaningful form. It aids and abets enemies of the United States. It sides with fanatical ideologies waging war on America. …

The media believes that it is fighting for the people. By the “people”, it means illegal migrants, Islamic terrorists, MS-13 gang members, Baltimore drug dealers, black nationalist separatists and everyone who hates and wants to destroy the United States and the unique national identity of the American people.

The whole piece is worth reading. It will leave you wondering what worse enemy the American people could have. Even militant Muslims are less implacable in their hostility.