Muslim migrant beheads 1-year-old girl, Merkel bans media reporting

Mourtala Madou: Beheading the 1-Year-Olds Germans Won’t Behead


A misguided young woman who thought she was making some sort of “statement” by hooking up with a “noble savage” & her baby paid the ultimate price. German authorities tried to cover it up.


Due to information suppression, it sometimes takes months to learn the details of even the most horrific events. An illegal alien from sub-Saharan Africa who repeatedly impregnates a native German would be a heartwarming tale of multicultural harmony that the authorities would love to promote, except for the way the story of Mourtala Madou turned out:

Mourtala Madou, a 33-year-old illegal immigrant from Niger, stabbed his German ex-girlfriend, identified as Sandra P., and their one-year-old daughter, Miriam, at a Hamburg subway station. The child died at the scene; her mother died later, at the hospital. The woman’s three-year-old son witnessed the murders.

The crime here is not so much that an African savage murdered  a German woman & her baby. The real crime is the guy who got hold of the video and posted it on Youtube.

NY’s Rudy Giuliani on London’s Khan: ‘Attacking Trump While Crime Spiralling, He Should Be Ashamed’

Rudy on Khan: ‘Attacking Trump While Crime Spiralling, He Should Be Ashamed’

A Mohammedan has no shame.

Italy Migrant Arrivals Fall by 80 Percent in 2018 Under Populist Government

Update: Italy Migrant Arrivals Plummet 80% Under Populists

“Populist” is the dumbest word ever invented.

3 thoughts on “Muslim migrant beheads 1-year-old girl, Merkel bans media reporting”

  1. It’s a safe bet that the murderer was a *Muslim*; Niger is overwhelmingly Muslim, having been Islamised, over a period of centuries, by the usual Muslim methods.

    So why is the commentary here focused not on the fact that this man was *Muslim*… and his behaviour, as far as I can see, is identical with that of Muslims of any ethnicity one might care to mention … but on his being ‘African’? ‘

    An African Muslim is a savage, yes; as is an Arab Muslim, a Pakistani Muslim, a Chechen Muslim, a Bosniak Muslim, an Albanian Muslim, a Malay Muslim, a Bengali Muslim, a Persian Muslim…

    There is nothing uniquely or specifically *african* about the savagery of a mohammedan who happens to be black african by ancestry.

    Historically, ‘whites’ who converted to Islam behaved just as barbarically as any ‘cradle muslim’ of other ethnicities.

    Or do you think that a black Christian will be more savage, because black, than… a white Muslim? Will the white Muslim’s ‘whiteness’ (be s/he a convert or a ‘cradle’ Muslim from Bosnia, Albania, or the Caucasus) somehow magically prevent him or her from committing the – thoroughly-quranically-compliant and Sunnah-conforming – atrocities yhat muslim of non-white ethnicities commit?

    1. Dear bumbleboresbarmy:

      I believe that, technically, blacks are SAVAGES, as in having less intelligence (speed of thought and memory) than other human breeds; that’s “nature.”

      Muslims, on the other hand, are technically culturally indoctrinated BARBARIANS (a term actually invented to describe muslims). That’s “nurture.”

      Naturally, a black muslim is by definition both.

      Hope that cleared it all up for you!


      1. I observe, first of all, that you felt the need to rewrite my username after the manner one would expect from a child slinging insults in the playground. Insults, sir, are not arguments.

        I disagree with you: because I am a Christian. I do NOT believe that persons of black african ethnicity are inherently savage and stupid, ineducable and, basically, ‘born evil’; the Christian doctrine of human sinfulness does not state that this or that part of the human family is somehow *more* or *less* wicked/ inclined to evil than any other part; ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God; and ALL are offered redemption and can be transformed by the grace of God. *Right now* a great many black Africans are avalanching into the Christian church at a rate far greater than persons of any ‘white’ ancestry are doing…and many of them right now are dying as martyrs rather than submit to Islam (though personally I’d like to see some African Christians rediscovering the example set by the Knights of St John of Malta, and rising up to resist Jihad). Ever heard of Monica Enoch, aged 15? One of the kidnapped-by-Muslims ‘girls of Chibok’. She refused to convert to Islam; so the Boko Haram stoned her to death. *You* can despise her both for her blackness and her Christianity; write her off as subhuman garbage. BUT – *I* will reserve the right to call her my sister in faith and to honour her as a confessor and martyr of the church in Africa; as I honour, also, Saint Josephina Bakhita. I myself personally know a young black African woman, from Uganda, a migrant to Australia, who is a lovely, gracious, intelligent and *fervently Christian* person; she and her husband and children are and will be a *blessing* to Australia… whereas any number of white converts to Islam will be exactly the reverse.. a curse and a mortal peril. The Barnabas Fund newsletters, describing the sufferings of black African Christians at the hands of jihad-waging Muslims (but also their bravery in evangelising – often successfully! – Muslims), and the newsletters of the Mothers’ Union (Anglican womens’ organisation) which has a very large membership in Anglophone black Africa, tell *me* that there are many brave, godly, smart and faithful African Christians; so many of them that it is simply ridiculous to sweepingly write off that part of humanity as ‘savages’ incapable of ever being or becoming anything else.

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