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Here’s the problem. Police have simply billed the wrong event:

Victoria Police … said police would only charge [Lauren] Southern $67,842.50. A police spokesman said Victoria Police ‘has the right to charge any event organiser for the use of police resources’.

But police weren’t there at all to police Lauren Southern’s peaceful event.

They were outside the building to police the Left’s event – its violent protest.

So why is Southern billed for the policing costs caused by the Left?

This is simply a definitional error. I’d love to see this one go to a court – with a sensible judge.

Victorian Police have reportedly billed and $68,000 for an increased police presence, fearing their speaking event might attract violent protests… So, bill the violent protesters!


How politically partisan is the Victoria Police leadership? First it demands $68,000 protection money from Canadian alt-righters Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux to save them from the city’s notoriously violent Left:

Then, when fascist Left-wingers attack Southern and Molyneux’s speaking event, police imply both sides are to blame:

It is disappointing that we had to use significant resources to mediate between two groups with opposing views,” said Commander Tim Hansen.

Pardon? No, police were not there to “mediate between two groups with opposing views”. They were there to save people at a peaceful meeting from being violently attacked and by the activists of the Left.

Why not say so? Why imply that Southern and Molyneux shared in the blame for the violence by simply speaking? Why suggest their audience was also complicit just for wanting to peacefully listen to them?

No one asked the police to”mediate”. They were there to uphold a right to free speech that was threatened by Leftist fascists using violence, threats and intimidation to shut down speakers they disagreed with:

VIOLENT protesters clashed with police and closed down a major highway outside an alt-right commentator’s Melbourne show on Friday night.

More than 100 anti-racism protesters rallied outside La Mirage reception centre in Somerton, where Canadian YouTuber Lauren Southern began her Australian speaking tour.

One man was arrested for assaulting a police officer and four others were kicked out of the venue. The officer sustained minor injuries…

The Hume Hwy was blocked in both directions for more than two hours as the demonstration spilt on to the road in an attempt to block buses transporting people to the event.

The riot squad, mounted police, dog squad and police air wing were called in to hold back the crowd as they charged at the bus…

Members of the crowd punched and shoved each other, with people pulled over the road’s rope barriers amid the melee.

Inside the venue, a young woman, Nita Habibi, was among several protesters who attempted to storm the stage while Ms Southern, 23, spoke to the crowd of about 800.

And this is after the organisers took extraordinary and expensive steps to protect their audience – steps that other organisers of Melbourne events with conservative speakers have also had to take:

Event organisers had attempted to keep the location of the controversial show a secret by instructing ticket holders to meet at nearby Broadmeadows train station and be shuttled into the event.

And don’t buy any excuses of violence-from-both-sides that you get when some hotheads of the Right fight back or merely protest against the protest:

The far left-wing group was anticipating that far-right protesters might also attend the event — to protest against the protesters — as they did when Mr Yiannopolous spoke in Melbourne last December. However, no rival groups were observed at the train station.

Police billed the Yiannopolous event organiser $50,000 for extra police resources.

And that’s what makes the Victoria Police demand for protection money so immoral and dangerous.

Conservatives and Right-wingers do not violently attack meetings of the Left. Only the Left- particularly in Melbourne – use that violence, so only conservative meetings need police protection.

That makes the police protection money a tax on conservatives – an intimidating tax that the Leftist fascists actually plan on. Between the violence of the Left on the one hand and the police demands for protection money on the other, the Leftist fascists figure on making conservative events too dangerous or expensive to hold.

Why are the police party to this attack on free speech? Why is the Victorian Labor Government party to the shakedown for protection money and to the erosion of free speech?

I can only suppose that there is a political agenda here, especially given this:

The spokeswoman said under the Victoria Police (fees and charges) Regulations 2014, Victoria Police “has the right to charge any event organiser for the use of police resources”.

However she declined to confirm whether the union organisers of a large rally in Melbourne in April, which saw up to 100,000 supporters flock to the CBD and saw the closure of major roads and tram routes. A spokesman from the ACTU declined to comment, while Victorian Trades Hall Council did not respond to requests for comment by deadline.

The truth? Left-wing unions don’t get charged protection money from the police, but conservative and Right-wing speakers do.

Unions don’t get charged even when they deliberately and unlawfully block the streets but conservatives do when they legally and peacefully speak in a hall.

The protesters claim they are anti-fascists, but they are the fascists they condemn, and the police command is operating as their allies.

NOTE: My criticism is most certainly not of the rank-and-file police who must put their bodies on the line to stop violent and abusive protesters. It is entirely of their leaders.


A campaign to fight the police extortion of Lauren Southern is here.


Meanwhile, Melbourne journalists smear and invent slurs against Southern, seemingly to justify the Left’s violence used against her. No, she has never called herself a fascist and a racist, and absolutely rejects those labels:

Completely false

FINAL NOTE: None of the above should, of course, simply that I support what Southern or Molyneux say, any more than this note should imply that I reject everything they say. I have very serious doubts, for instance, about some of the links that Molyneux draws between race and IQ, and I have tackled him on his comments on homosexuality.

Nor do I dispute the right of people to protest.

What I do very much oppose is the use of violence and threats – and police protection money – to shut down debate. This is now a tactic being used in Melbourne to shut down many more people than Southern and Molyneux. And one day it may be used against you or the speakers you’d like to hear.

Stop this fascism now.


  1. Dear Andrew Dolt:

    Re: “Nor do I dispute the right of people to protest.”

    People have a right to protest their GOVERNMENTS.

    They do not have a right to harass other citizens
    (or their invited foreign guest speakers either).

  2. *PS: Yes, you also have a right to report a crime in progress.
    But not (beyond endorsing crime) a “thought-crime”!
    You may also heckle a criminal for past crimes, but
    you may not slander (commit fraud) in public!

  3. Here’s what’s (always!) really going on, at any and all levels of human interactions, be they individual, familial, clannish, tribal, national, state, empire and even at the global level:

    Criminality comprises and contains these 4 intertwined habitual choices aka “mental illness syndromes:”

    Psychopathy – Literally really only the Greek words for “thought killing:” planning one’s responses due to
    Paranoia – The idea that everyone’s out to get one – makes one give in to being outnumbered as inevitable;
    Masochism – The cowardly cancellation of half the threatened pain, known as fear, by Submitting to it via
    Hypocrisy – The attempt to pre-empt danger by pretending to instantly SUBMIT to all criminal extortions.

    And all of these are really only pretend aspects of the same thing: slanderously extortive “Paranoia!” but while most people have sussed out that life is full of pain-causing damage, the remembered fear of those pains (which is also another form of pain) and the sneaky and ultimately useless greed for less and hope of no pain, followed by the ultimate destruction of death – at least a third of people aren’t so stupid as to pretend to imagine that they can escape from this insulting attack on them by attacking other people who may be just as equally victimized by it as they are. Only evil people pretend that, as the whole of conscious existence or “God” has already attacked them first and will always continue to do so, they are entitled to randomly counter-attack any and all of its individual component parts (people) in response!

    Naturally, their excuse on an individual basis is to conflate such ultimately only pretended division with the whole: “So what? My crimes aren’t crimes because we (i.e: You) all do it, too!”

    What the criminal spychopath really hates, is the trick God plays on them by pretending to be divided!

    See also: Muhammad’s islam!


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