‘Allahu akbar’ in Paris

2 people killed, one injured in knife attack near Paris – police

suburb attacker was on terrorist threat list, shouted ‘Allahu akbar’ – reports

2 people have been killed and two more people seriously injured in a knife attack in a Paris suburb, Reuters reports citing a police source. Security forces have reportedly “neutralized” the attack.

Police confirmed that an operation has been completed in Trappes commune, not far from Versailles.

The attacker shouted “Allahu akbar,” France Info says citing witnesses. RTL adds, citing police sources, that the suspect was inside a pavilion shouting: “Allahu akbar, if you enter I will blast you all.”

Paris Is a Sh**Hole

It isn’t just San Francisco. Moonbattery and its secondary effects, such as Islamization, can turn any beautiful city into a sewer — even Paris. Uritrottoirs are not going to fix the mess made by what Paul Joseph Watson aptly describes as suicidal altruism, progressive myopia, and cultural capitulation:

Saint-Denis won’t be the last part of Paris to be altogether lost to Western Civilization if moonbattery is not reversed.